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  1. I'll say this... if Rivers were 5 years younger, it'd be a no-brainer. When I factor in age & the fact that Rivers' arm strength is clearly declining, I'm leaning towards Dalton.
  2. Eli Manning had more zip on his passes than Rivers last year.
  3. Dalton still has some life left in his arm, Rivers doesn't. I'd be very curious to see Dalton in Reich's system with our OL, that could be a good combination.
  4. Last year Kelly got cut by the Colts, cleared waivers, & then ended up back with the Colts on the practice squad. That sort of thing doesn't just happen with good QBs in a QB driven NFL.
  5. I'll be so happy when I never have to hear Chad Kelly's name again.
  6. This is the year that we're required to hit the 89% cap floor, so I assume this is likely not a smokescreen.
  7. Playing 8 home games indoors with an elite OL probably sounds appealing to a guy his age, so I could see him viewing it as an option, but it's so difficult to imagine him not retiring in NE.
  8. Not exactly breaking news since DL is a huge need & Harris will be a highly coveted FA, but if Allbright's saying he hears we're interested, I buy it.
  9. I thought about that at first, but I follow that Brett Crabtree guy, he's definitely not the trollin' type.
  10. Obviously can't say one way or the other, but it's picking up steam for sure.
  11. No idea how any of that works, but at least a few are saying they saw him.
  12. Okereke & Ya-Sin made PFFs all-rookie team this year, & I have to think Willis would've too but beating out Thornhill & Savage is a lot to ask. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-pff-2019-all-rookie-team
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