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  1. I doubt this is indicative of Wilson's job being in jeopardy. They probably just want see how Ya-Sin & Tell III hold up vs first team WRs in the event of a veteran starter going down with an injury.
  2. NO ONE is concerned about Luck playing in any of these preseason games, the reps that he's missing by not practicing are far more significant.
  3. He has 2 years left on his rookie deal, & he's holding out. On top of that he has some silly legal issue nearly every offseason. That's totally unnecessary drama.
  4. Yep, they'll be watching Andrew Luck tape well into Saturday night under the assumption that he's going to play, & if he doesn't, I doubt their gameplan will change that much.
  5. There's a daily practice report of who participates & who doesn't, once preparation for week 1 gets underway, there won't be any secret as to whether Luck plays or not. If he's a participant, even if limited, he'll play.
  6. I haven't heard any mention of surgery at all, so I'd be careful throwing that word around LOL.
  7. If Luck's practicing in the week leading up to the Chargers game, we'll know that he's starting. That's not something that they can really keep a secret. If he's not practicing, well, we know what the answer for that means too.
  8. Just reading between the lines it almost feels like they're preparing for him to be sidelined. I mean what can really happen between now & the August 26 deadline that they've set that would make them feel comfortable with throwing him out there vs a great defense on the road?
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