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  1. Using rewind I actually timed his releases in the TN game. Removing the spikes under pressure, they averaged 3 seconds with a couple in the 4-5 second range. You can't expect an OL to hold up that long as a matter of course. As for the mechanics, i.e., the top and bottom halves not in sync, and not planting and relying on arm strength, isn't that supposedly one of JE's issue?
  2. Campbell appears to be 2 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier. Not a big difference size wise and they both ran a 4.3 and change at the combine. On the other hand Dorsett is about the same heights as TY and 5 lbs. heavier and had a better 40's time. Just saying he's available. We took a look at Isiah Wilson, a college wrestler and two no name WR recently. Wouldn't you at least kick the tires? He gives you a deep threat and would probably come cheap.
  3. Philip Dorsett is available. Isn't Campbell and Dorsett kind of mirror images of each other?
  4. Can't do that. Getting beaten by our formed backup QB would be a huge embarrassment. The organization will do everything to avoid that. If we have to wheel out people in wheelchairs, we'll do that before we tank Sunday. Maybe another team, but not Miami.
  5. Don't know if it's Wentz or the scheme, but the guy holds the ball forever. I did the rewind to count seconds on every hit and in every case he held the ball for more than 3 seconds. Once he held it for 5. You can't expect any OL to keep a good DL out of the backfield for that long. I think Rivers, last years statue, got rid of the ball in under two. Give the OL a two second window and they become all pro. I agree with the earlier comment about acquiring people with history and then expecting them to not play up or down to that history. Wentz has been injury prone much of his pro career. To expect him to come here and have a different outcome is insane. If we lose to Miami, which will be a huge embarrassment considering who'll be under center, then we should put Eason out there and sink or swim for the rest of the season. Let Wentz heal. If Eason is not the answer we need to know. If he isn't then we'll get a great pick and we shouldn't give that away in return for a gimpy, oft injured QB that can't give us 100%, 100% of the time. A high number one should net you a SB caliber QB.
  6. I'm not sure why we are even looking at Fischer at this point. Leno is a solid LT who unexpectedly become available. He has no injury issues, is younger, was released because of cap space not a failure to perform and has history with our coaching staff. There is no reason to believe Fischer will return to his pre injury level of play and some doubt he'll be ready for the start of the season. Again, as with Dayo, we're hearing a lot of 'Ifs' about Fischer. Let's just take Leno, sign him to a 3-4 year contract and move on. The guy had a PFF rating of 80+ over the last half or so of last season if I read it right. Better than AC. How many Achilles' do we want to wait on rehabbing this year? This seems like a no brainer. It would give us solid, if not pro bowl, level play for a few years while we look for a long term solution.
  7. Since we don't have a LT will probably need three of four QBs this season.
  8. I feel so much better now knowing we've drafted our all pro LT of the future.
  9. " Below-average height and bulk for the TE position. Lacks true blocking ability and will have to be hidden on assignments. — Inadequate play strength to sustain in the run game and will have issues vs. physical defenders getting hands on him in the passing game. — Limited route tree that will need continued polish if he's going to be a true matchup TE." Seems like a typical pick for this draft. A work out warrior with little on field production that needs to be coached up, a player trying to comeback from a career ending injury and now a so so undersized TE with a limited route tree and drop issues. Any 6 ft/250 lbs. division III developmental LTs available? I don't think the AFC needs to be worried about the Colts getting better this year. I think we should have a pool as to when Wentz gets knocked out by a blind side hit. I thought when we canned Grigson these types of draft went with him. Ballard seems to be an every other year GM. One good draft followed by a stinker. We had one glaring need this year, LT. It was a draft loaded with LT prospects and we whiffed on all of them. If you can't protect your QB then you don't win championships. Grigson proved that. Even if you make the argument that all the OT would have had growing pains our picks so far are no better. Well maybe we can find an aging LT in FA. I know Grigson was an expert at that. Of course our franchise QB of the future us now retired due to injury, but it will be different thus time Wentz is mobile. Oops so was Luck.
  10. Awful lot of, 'If he wasn't injured he'd been a first rounder' crap on here. The fact is he is injured. Severely injured. A torn Achilles is often career ending. So to rationalize this pick by alluding to where he would have gone if healthy is worthless because he's not healthy. He may not even play next year. If we had taken him in the 5th or 6th round or as UDFA then that argument is valid, but we didn't. We took him in the second. That changes everything. Hooker and Turay had talent, but were often injured in college. Hooker is gone and Turay is hanging on by his surgically repaired ankle, and neither ever completed a full year or reached their full potential. So we are replacing an oft injured Turay with a guy who will enter the building unable to perform because of injury. Hey makes sense to me. You could just as easily say if Luck hadn't had dealt with all his injuries we would have been set at QB. Or if AC hadn't retired we wouldn't need a LT. As Dandy Don's grandfather used to say, 'If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a wonderful Christmas.'
  11. Okay, we take a workout warrior DE that doesn't show on the field in the first round and then again pass on a LT to take another DE who is recovering from a torn Achilles who may not play next year in the second. Wentz may be on the phone to Philly asking to come back. These are the types of picks we skewered Grigson for. Maybe we can find a project LT in the 5th-6th round or a UDFA.
  12. I haven't heard this much rationalizing in years. We've gone from which of these top LT prospects should we take in the first round to we didn't really need a LT, and anyway they weren't as good as advertised. If we learned nothing else from the Grigson/Luck fiasco we should have at least learned you can't build an OL with other people's aging/injured cast offs. How soon we forget. We traded to bring in a rehab project at QB, who everyone agrees needs protection, and then don't get the most important part of the that protection puzzle. I hope Eason is ready. Oh and who did we draft? A workout warrior with a touching personal story whose number don't match his production on the field. And a guy coming off an often career ending injury who may not even play this year. Wow impressive. I guess the guy with the three concussions who already quit football once was already taken.
  13. Okay, we take a workout warrior DE that doesn't show on the field in the first round and then again pass on a LT to take another DE who is recovering from a torn Achilles who may not play next year in the second. Wentz may be on the phone to Philly asking to come back. These are the types of picks we skewered Grigson for. Maybe we can find a project LT in the 5th-6th round or a UDFA.
  14. Watched the video and saw nothing. He was seldom a factor in any play shown. Was easily pushed up field, and often looked lost. Don't know about his measurables, but if that was supposed to be a highlight film I put him at a 3rd-4th rounder not #21 for a team in need of their LT of the future. This looks like another Werner pick to me. Not one of Ballard's best. Big time project at best when we need a first day guy at LT.
  15. Don't get it. All the LTs we were hoping might fall to us did and we pick a developmental pass rusher who needs to be coached up and may be ready to really shine NEXT year. The one thing we really needed was a blind side protector and had a great selection and passed on all of them. Hope Carson still gas some wheels because he's going to be running for his life. I guess we learned nothing from the Luck years.
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