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  1. Maybe our second in the second or a third rounder.
  2. Maybe too early, but the kid is a monster. Would love to see him somewhere in the mix.
  3. FRW

    Kris Richard???

    The comment posters on the link seem to disagree about how good Richard's is. Most do not think highly of him.
  4. Here is my rebuttal. I'm sure Frank Reich is a wonderful man and cares deeply for his players, he is also a quiet contemplative man. That is what you want in a religious leader. But if I need a leader to go into battle with I want someone with fire, someone that has been in the trench, someone whom is hard nosed and who will expect to play as hard as he did. I want a leader who will have my back when I'm right and kick me in the backside when I deserve it. I don't want my coach to be my friend. I want someone I can respect, but who will call me out when I'm doing my job. Someone who storms the sidelines. Works the officials. And takes the fight to the opponents. I want Patton, not the Pope. We saw two examples this year from Frank that make my point. One of course was Vinny. He cost us games and should have been gone by mid season, but wasn't because he was being treated differently by our coach because he had earned it. You earn it by doing your job everyday, not by living on past accomplishments. And then there was CK who was put on the team as a favor to a friend with no expectations of ever playing. He was just costing the team money and a roster spot. Football is a business. It's brutal on and off the field, and you need leaders who can make the hard decisions without letting emotions and personalities come into play. Frank has not shown he has the demeanor to do that. And fo
  5. I think the Vinny think had more to do with it that people admit. He obviously was killing us. We can attribute at least three losses directly to his ineptness. That of course makes us 10-6 team. Other players see that. They take notice that if your name is Vinatieri you're getting a pass for lousy performance. You say the right things in interviews, but that's just for public consumption. I've played team sports and if the coaches son gets special treatment it effects the locker room. People knew we were losing games because of him, but nothing was done. Reich even said everybody gets treated equally some just more equally. Animal Farm anyone? I think the affect was subtle, but football's a brutal game. People get hurt and play through it. But are you going to give 110% when you know one guy who should be gone may negate all your effort? Ebron was pretty obvious about how he felt, but I bet others harbored similar thoughts. In addition to that as I said in a different post, teams take on the personalities of their coaches. Vrabel was a hard nosed, blue collar, gritty player at LB and I think the Titans are showing some of that. Henry of course runs over people, but also the D last night was lighting guys up. We have a quiet preacher for a coach who I imagine never raises his voice in the locker room. We need some toughness. We'v got good players, but I've seen very little of that almost a penalty type aggressiveness from our D, or the talking smack cockiness from the offense that I saw from TN last night. They believe they can beat anyone, are putting it all on the line and making teams prove them wrong. That comes from you coach. So far in their last five games no one has proven them wrong. That is what wins championships.
  6. Well we couldn't when it counted. I seem to remember we gave up a double digit lead in the fourth quarter that killed our play off chances, AT HOME.
  7. If the Titans are the worst playoff team ever then what does that make Baltimore? As I see it they have a QB problem. Jackson can get yards with his feet, but he's not a very accomplished passer. What I see from TN is they have the personality of their coach, tough, hard nosed, blue collar, like Vrabel was as a LB (our coach is a preacher by the way). And they were obviously a QB away from being a contender.
  8. We ended up 7-9. We lost one game, LAC, because we couldn't make FGs or PATs. We lost to Pittsburgh because our starting QB got knocked out of the game while driving for a TD to go up double digits and our backup came in and immediately threw a pick six. Then as the clock wound down our kicker again couldn't make a chip shot FG to win the game. We lost to Miami because our kicker missed a PAT and our backup QB (not JB) couldn't get a first down in the red zone at the end of the game. We lost our second game to TN because again our kicker couldn't make FGs and our special teams couldn't provide protection which allowed a block FG returned for a TD and TN to come back from a double digit deficit. Speaking of which our defense gave up three double digit leads in the late third quarter/fourth quarter. Beat LAC in regulation, beat Pittsburgh and Miami with our starting QB and a decent kicker, and hold on to one of our three double digit leads and instead of being 7-9 we are 11-5, AFC South champs and still playing. I know the popular wisdom here is that JB is dog poop and shouldn't be allowed back in the complex, and that ANY QB is better just by not being him. And for the record I have my doubts about JB and think he has a lot of work to do to become an effective QB week in and week out, but the hate you see on this site for this guy is embarrassing and honestly a little suspect. The JB haters can always spin anything to prove how worthless he is, but he led a game tying drive at LA only to have the kicking game fail us. He was winning when he left the Pittsburgh game, didn't even play against Miami and had a solid TD to Int. ratio for the season. And then there was that highlight film Houdini move and pass against Denver that saved that game. Lastly would have we been better if AL doesn't retire? Sure, but would our kicking woes have cost a couple of games even with Andrew on the field? Very possibly. Regardless he isn't coming back, hopefully neither is Hoyer, and no CK is not destined for the hall of fame or taking us to the SB. We may see a better QB next year under center. It may be a new face, it may be an improved JB. I'll trust the management to make that decision, but without a decent kicking game and a defense that can close out games, it may not matter much. On a more positive note. If last night was Tom Brady's last game it couldn't have ended better for Colts fans. Losing in Foxboro, to a team that we beat, by throwing an interception on what might be the last possession and last pass of his career. Maybe there is a God.
  9. The best QB's of the last generation. Why not see if Brett Favre will come out of retirement. The guy is a system QB. Not saying he isn't good, but put him on a team other than the Patriots and I'm guessing he has maybe one ring and is not considered an all time great. But most importantly he's done. Anybody who watched Johnny Unitas or Joe Montana's slow deaths at the end of their careers knows what I'm talking about.
  10. We lose to LAC because Vinny can't find the are BETWEEN the uprights. JB doesn't finish or play in losses to Pitts and Miami. We have three crucial dropped passes, a blown route and one terrible blown coverage against Houston. But hey JB is a crappy QB with a 6-5 record, one game out of first in the division. Vinny makes a PAT after and JB plays against Pitts and Miami and we are 8-3 even with the dropped passes. But let's get rid of him and go on a never ending QB hunt. That's the ticket to NFL greatness<sarc>.
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