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  1. Hopefully we don't up a game short of the playoffs. If we do the LAC games comes up big, but it's nice to see AV back in from.
  2. The Jaguars played at Houston. So they've only won away game just like us.
  3. FRW

    Adam Vinatieri?

    That is a great point. I'm 68 and have fly fished for years. Last year I missed my annual trip to MI. Just got back from this year trip this weekend. While there I quickly learned that I can no longer wade, even in less than knee deep water. Why, the knees are no longer stable enough to walk against the current. Almost fell twice even with a walking stick. This happened during the one year I missed. In 2017 I had no issues. You could be on to something. Obviously you have to plant your off foot and expect it to remain stable. Whether it's slippery turf or less than secure knee joint the result is the same.
  4. Flacco won a SB. Marino didn't. Trent Dilfer won one. Neither Jim Kelly or Warren Moon did. Rivers will be fitted for a gold jacket someday, and any SB he's been to he bought a ticket for. Enough with the elite QB needed to win SB crap. Teams win Super Bowls. This isn't basketball where one great player (see LeBron or MJ) can carry you. Tom Brady wouldn't have any rings if he'd spent his much shorter career in Cleveland or Cincinnati.
  5. If we go 10-6 and win the South, both of which I am predicting. And we win a playoff game JB's first year, I think he stays the starter regardless of what AL decides. I don't think the front office would screw him over like that. If AL had taken the year off to rehab with the stated intent to return then I think they hand him the keys back. However, and this is the big difference, he didn't do that did he? No he retired, he's gone and there is no expectation he'll return. If he decides to and people think he's got value, then I think we haul in a lot of draft picks in a trade. As for the original question, right now I'd say to early to decide, but I'm leaning towards us. Why? Simple QB's are worth more in the league than WRs. Add to that the fact that as of right now Dorsett seems to be a 4-5 receiver for NE and JB is a starting QB for a potential playoff team. Those facts push the meter way to our side but this year will be the telling season. Dorsett will never be more than an average receiver with great speed. JB has the potential to be so much more.
  6. If you read the details it says this is a new contract. He is getting paid 30M over two years, 20M guaranteed. Forget the 2M he was supposed to make this year it is history.
  7. For $10K I'd say 8 wins, but for a round of drinks I just bet my two sisters 10 and the AFC South crown. Of course I don't drink so I'm not sure what the final decision was on what I get when we go to watch the home playoff game.
  8. I agree we should let him play some games. I know everyone on this site is a huge football junkie and waiting for the season to begin is excruciating, especially this year with all the uncertainty. However, and this goes for the Kelly hype and Brissett, let's play some games and get some real life data to work with before we start making deals. If Jacoby starts the season well and by early November the teams winning, and he's a large part of it, I imagine someone's agent will get a call. And if everybody is in an agreeable mood, I'm guessing Jacoby will have a very Merry Christmas.
  9. It's my understanding he has to be on an active roster in order to serve his suspension.
  10. Don't know about franchise savior, but he is our starting QB next Sunday and for the foreseeable future. There is no white knight riding it to take his place. And Kelly has proven nothing playing with or against first team competition. Deal with it or find other ways to spend your Sunday afternoons.
  11. It would be nice if JB became a franchise QB, but I don't think it's necessary. If he is solid and has a good team around him we can win a lot of games. Flacco won a SB and he's no franchise QB. Didn't Kap take SF to a SB and again he's no franchise guy. I'm taking a wait and see on JB. I think he has the skills to be competent and if Ballard has or is building a team around him that may be all he needs to be. Let's let him play a few games before we throw him overboard.
  12. Not getting the love for Kelly. Yes he looked good again tonight, but it was still against a lot of players who'll be sacking groceries on Monday. Why don't we wait until he actually plays against a first team defense before we measure him for his gold jacket? I hope JB doesn't read this site. Talk about dismissing a guy as a nothing burger. Half the people on this site feel anyone from the QB at Carmel HS to whoever is a senior in college playing in any division is better. If I was him and I was reading this tripe I'd go out, win the division, maybe a playoff game or two, then go find a team whose fan appreciate me.
  13. Love the McDonalds one. We didn't have anyone on the offensive line in Andrews first 5 years with those skills. Talk about playing through the whistle.
  14. I've been watching the Colts since they moved here. I've suffered through it all. I won't miss any of the games this year and will be rooting for JB to succeed. If he doesn't then I guess we'll see who we can find to replace him. I don't expect us to have another generational QB in my lifetime (I'm pushing 70), but maybe with a better overall team we don't need one. We're going to find out pretty quickly.
  15. I'd take Sudfeld in a heart beat, but I thought someone said he was on IR with ankle issue. He was solid at IU (and I'm a Purdue guy) and I thought at the time he had NFL potential as at least a competent No 2.
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