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  1. Geathers gets injured because of his aggressive playing style, Hooker gets injured because when a giant man falls into your knee, bad things are going to happen. Neither is "fragile" IMO.
  2. Luck had his own doctors & specialists outside of the organization that he worked with, & the NFL has a very strict protocol for concussions that players must go through until they're symptom free. I get that it's hip to throw the Colts trainers under the bus, but it doesn't seem like either of these 2 incidents have anything to do with the medical staff in Indy.
  3. I got it for 50% off right before the season started, it's been worth it.
  4. Same with Willis over Geathers, which I fully expect after this last game. I've even seen some people say they'd like to see Odum over Hooker, but that's just crazy to me.
  5. At this point I think most expect Okereke to displace Walker in that starting spot after the way he played against KC, which is fine, because we could do a lot worse than Walker as a depth backup LB.
  6. I agree. They look very good right now, but the best players of their opponents have been out basically each week, & that continues tonight with Barkley & Engram being sidelined.
  7. Looked at the combined record of the teams the Pats have played thus far. The best team they played was the Bills & they barely got out of that one with the win, that team is very beatable IMO.
  8. As enjoyable as this win was, it's kind of a bummer that a byproduct of it is that the Patriots are now in the driver's seat for the #1 seed.
  9. After losing Turay I'd definitely have to think about it, but I don't see Denver moving him. Their fans would revolt.
  10. LOL, don't even waste your breath man. Haven't you heard, JBs TDs are meaningless, the product of smoke & mirrors, a fugazi. If he throws 4 more on Sunday, those will be a mirage as well.
  11. I'm right there with ya. I've never seen a fanbase lie down in the fetal position when faced with the slightest bit of adversity like our fans are this week. No wonder people call us soft.
  12. I came across some interesting analytical data that puts Brissett into some elite company... at the very least it's food for thought.
  13. Oh I totally agree, I thought they abandoned the run way too early in that game.
  14. Yep, this was definitely the plan going into the playoff game, but we got down 14-0 really fast & Reich abandoned the run game altogether. This year KC is giving up like 6ypc on the ground, so if we can't run on them, that's a problem.
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