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  1. I mean, he's not Rappaport or Schefter, but for Colts related content, he's a pretty good source. He corrected his tweet & called that Dec 16 MNF like 6 hours before the official schedule release.
  2. As long as they don't start 1-5 it won't be a problem.
  3. That account has over 3,000 followers, & he corrected his tweet...
  4. Halloween night in New Orleans is a way bigger deal IMO.
  5. I'm ready for like a 3-hour long behind-the-scenes movie. That video last week was such a tease!
  6. You might be right, but there were only a handful of teams that had the combination of cap space & draft picks to make that deal happen. Considering that info is from a Cowboys insider, along with the whole Matt Eberflus factor, I find it pretty easy to believe that there was probably at least a low-ball offer of some sort on behalf of the Colts.
  7. I'm guessing this is what Benjamin Albright was referring to when he said the Colts were "exploring certain corners of the league about a potential trade." "Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer was the first to say he heard that two AFC teams had interest in Lawrence; Fisher says that one of those teams was the Chiefs, and the other was the Indianapolis Colts." Story here...
  8. Chappell's saying the regular season schedule will be out next week.
  9. There is no evidence to look at with the Manning stuff, but there's video of Robert Kraft... apples to oranges comparison.
  10. I can't see either the Jets or the Redskins getting over the playoff hump as a result of those 2 signings. Barring some crazy unforeseen circumstances, the Pats will easily win the East, & the Cowboys & Eagles will both keep the Redskins out of it, IMO.
  11. Young teams get better, old teams get worse. If we keep drafting & developing at the level we saw last year, we have nothing to worry about.
  12. I could see his traits being overvalued if we were in need of a true WR1, but as a complimentary piece to TY Hilton in our offense, I think his traits would translate well.
  13. I really like everything I've seen of Butler, the combination of speed, size, & athleticism makes him my favorite WR prospect in this draft. I'd be surprised to see the Colts take him though as I'd guess that they probably think they already have similar skillsets between Devin Funchess & Deon Cain.
  14. No one's against constructive criticism (I don't really get the 2nd round tender on Rogers), but having all 11 starters back on an incredibly young unit that's only going to get better isn't a bad thing, no matter how you slice it. That's not to say that we can't make an upgrade or 2 amongst the starters, but having everyone back is huge IMO.
  15. I've seen a ton of mocks that have the Colts taking Taylor Rapp in the 2nd, which I'd be fine with. Let that SS group of Geathers, Farley, & -insert potential rookie name here- scrap & compete for the starting job, that's how it should be.
  16. I never view what the Redskins are willing to shell out for free agents to be the "going rate" considering that they almost overpay for someone & put themselves in salary cap hell pretty much every single year. Market value for a good strong safety would be more in line with what Adrian Amos got from Green Bay.
  17. $84mil for a box safety that has coverage issues isn't "the going rate." There's zero chance that Landon Collins lives up to that contract, & I'll be surprised if the Redskins win a single playoff game over the duration of that deal.
  18. This would be a sneaky good signing... he gets after all the mobile QBs in this vid, & we have a couple of those in our division.
  19. From what I understand Funchess is a fantastic downfield blocker, & while conventional wisdom suggests that a guy his size would be on the outside, it wouldn't surprise me to see them move him around & get him some snaps in the slot where he'd be a huge mismatch.
  20. If the Colts were to draft Hockensen I wonder if Doyle's roster spot is jeopardized? He's had his struggles with injuries, is 29, & they'd save $5mil in 2019 by cutting him.
  21. I've seen more than a handful of mocks that have TJ Hockensen dropping & the Colts grabbing him at 26. I know that'd be a headscratcher for a lot of fans, but that guy is a carbon copy of Gronk, & he'd immediately be the best TE on the Colts roster.
  22. Agree. I have a feeling the Colts will end up with 11 or 12 picks in this upcoming draft when all is said & done.
  23. Wow... that does make a lot of sense, seems silly to make Giants fans endure another year of Eli though.
  24. No offense, but as someone who was born & raised in Indiana, & lived there until I was 22, I'd take my chances with the earthquake.
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