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  1. I'll say this... if Rivers were 5 years younger, it'd be a no-brainer. When I factor in age & the fact that Rivers' arm strength is clearly declining, I'm leaning towards Dalton.
  2. Eli Manning had more zip on his passes than Rivers last year.
  3. Dalton still has some life left in his arm, Rivers doesn't. I'd be very curious to see Dalton in Reich's system with our OL, that could be a good combination.
  4. This is the year that we're required to hit the 89% cap floor, so I assume this is likely not a smokescreen.
  5. Steamboat_Shaun

    Shaun's Mocks 2017

    Just thought I'd play around with a couple different 1st round picks to see how it dictated rounds 2-5.
  6. When are people going to realize that the offensive line talent in last year's draft, outside of La'ell Collins, just wasn't that good? Sure we could've used a couple of picks on some mediocre o-line talent, and people would be right here, with their 20/20 hindsight, saying that they were terrible picks, and that Grigson should be fired. Instead, we took a WR. People didn't like the pick, as the Colts allegedly were already "stacked at WR." Well, fast forward to this year: Johnson is all but gone come March, it doesn't look like Duron Carter will pan out, and Griff Whalen has been
  7. Andre terms from multiple sources This goes to show how badly guys wanna be around Andrew Luck. Chargers reportedly offered Andre Johnson more money than he got with the Colts — NFL Access (@NFL_Access) March 11, 2015
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