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  1. Do you think they care? There's hardly any GM or HC gig in the entire NFL that's more secure than Ballards and Reichs at the moment. So I don't think they make any decisions due to keep their jobs. (Which is a good thing imo.) Yeah, fans will complain, but 31 of 32 team's fans do complain after every season. Then comes free agency, then draft time, and everyone will be exited about the new season. ;) I'm not saying the Colts will suck. I'm just saying that neither Ballard nor Reich cares about "explaining" if it happens. Their full focus on building a team for the upcoming 5-6-8-10 years. and if it comes with some rollercoaster, so be it - assuming it pays off eventually.
  2. The level of pass protection should not drop, it's about the running game. Of course, if they'll struggle running the ball, it will limit the playcalling, and as a whole, it will affect the offense. This is when I always remind everyone, that Ballard and Reich are building this team for the long term. They want to win, and want to win now of course, but if there's something that might have positive effect in the long term, they'll always pull the trigger, even if it'll cause headaches in the short term.
  3. That's partially true, but primarily not because Strausser or Mudd. Whoever is it, the OL "technique" is 99,9% the same. Mudd has 1-2 unique elements how the teaches it, but every coaches have unique ways they are teaching the (almost) same thing. However, it's possible that this oline will struggle a bit in the beginning, because - and this is the real change from last year - they are changing to zone blocking. Last year they used some ZB, but mostly it was kind of a mixture of power and zone blocking. I believe that was the main, real reason behind the change. They wanted to change to ZB, that's what Philly uses (I believe Reich is trying to implement the Philly oline here. He has the talent here to do it.) Anyway, a scheme change might take a while for these guys get used to. In the other hand, if they manage to make the switch successfully, then this oline can be a joy to watch. The ZB scheme requires players with good lateral movement, and for this specific reason, ZB lines usually have smaller, more agile men. What's unique in Nelson, Kelly and Glowinsky, is that they are huge poweful guys - especially Nelson -, all of them are great pullers, but still all of them have very quick feet and good lateral movement. Imagine a ZB oline which has the quick movement, but also pulls like a truck. That's what this oline can look like once they get in comfort mode in the new scheme. It may take a while (a few games, maybe even a half season), but then....
  4. I somewhat agree. Somewhat. The Colts had Peyton Manning, that's why it didn't matter - that much - who is carrying the ball. However, the way the Cowboys built, Zeke is one of the few showrunners there. Jones earns a s**tload of money because he has Zeke on his team, and also, wins games because Zeke is there. Just watch those 6 games he missed and compare them to those he played in. Prescott can't carry that team alone, he needs Zeke. (That wasn't the case for Bell and the Steelers neither.) On the other hand, I agree that the game has changed so the RB position become less and less valuable. And because there's a hard cap, teams - rightfully and logically - prefer to save money on RB's and spend the money on other positions. Still when it comes to a player, who's done a lot more than he's got payed for, I tend to be on the player's side, because if teams can release players any time regardless of how long their contracts are, if their production drops, or the team is in cap trouble, then why it's whining, if a player wants more money if he's overperformed his contract? It's how it's supposed to happen. I want a raise, you want a raise, everyone wants a raise, if they're doing more than what they're payed for.
  5. This forum is hilarious guys. Just 2, maybe 3 days ago "we" (as a forum, I'm not citing individuals) burried the whole season 'cause Luck is injury prone, can't stay healthy, can't heal fast enough, he is still hurt, if 4 months weren't enough, 3 weeks won't help s**t, and so on and so on. Now, we see a short footage in which Luck does some drills, that Deion Cain has been doing ever since probably february. And Cain still had to rehab for 4-6 months more to be able to get to NFL ready. If he's ready at all. I mean 100% ready. But that doesn't matter, because we saw the man jumping for a few seconds, and now, the whole forum exhales and blame the naysayers. I'm NOT saying Luck won't play, neither saying he will, as Holder said, I know s**t. I am just enjoying this forum as it is.
  6. Agree. Except maybe Philly, no NFL team has solid depth behind their starters at OL. And it's not just because are not enough quality OL-men out there. That's a reason too, but no one spends big money on a position, where backups never see the field if the starters are healthy. OL is like QB, if they're healthy, they play 100% snaps. Teams never sign a franchise caliber QB as backup, and never sign a good tackle as backup. When Jawuan James costs 13mills per year, Ryan Jensen costs 10.5 mill, it's too expensive. Teams either sign backups for 1-2-3 mills - and for that money you can get what you get - or experiment with young guys who are cheap, but most of the time, not ready. Or at least not as ready as the starters. Regarding injuries, if we take possible injuries into account, then the most glaring hole will always be QB. For every team. And, replacing an elite player is never seamless, it's always a much bigger dropoff than replacing an OK starter. Hooker is an example. He is the best player of the secondary, of course it would be more difficult to replace him, than Desir or Moore or Geathers. And it's true, regardless of depth. WR is a deep position for the Colts, but still, if T.Y. goes down, that's a big problem. No one would've said safety was a glaring hole for the Chargers yesterday. Derwin James got injured, and now? There's a glaring hole there. It's inevitable, when a player like James is missing. So, in my opinion, there is no "glaring hole" any more on this roster. There were glaring holes in 2017, and in some extent, in 2018, but not in 2019. This roster is quite deep at every positions (except maybe RB), where being "deep" is possible at all. (Imo OL is not such a position). But there's still lack of talent - or should I rather say lack of elite-ish production, 'cause talent might be already there, but still developing - at numerous positions. IDL, edge, S, and I consider CB such a position too. We have great depth there, but partially because we do not have a Ramsey/Gilmore/Peterson who we have to replace if injured. Once we will have such an elite player, then a rookie like Ya-Sin probably won't replace him as easily as he would replace someone like Desir.
  7. The Chargers started the season by loosing their first game at home, then they got hot, got to the playoffs, and beat the Lamarr Jackson led Ravens, then fell apart once they met reality in the Patriots. The Saints got off to a hot streak, played well but once they met the reality againts the Dallas defense, they never looked the same, their offense took a huge step back for the remainder of the season. The Rams seemed to be a great team through most of the season, until they lost Gurley. From that point, they merely lucked themselves thru the Saints by the biggest officiating mistake of the century, to meet the reality against the Patriots scoring only 3 points. Neither team seem improved ever since, 'cause the Saints lost to the Vikings, the Chargers lost to the Cardinals, and the Rams lost to the Raiders in preseason week 1. Honestly, I don't understand why all those silly analysts put these teams - along with the Colts - amongst the top 5-6 teams for 2019, 'cause I have seen nothing this year in TC from these teams, that should justify that opinion. Sidenote: The Browns on the other hand, look great. They might go 4:0 in the preseason, which would be a great indication that they will have a great season. Oh, wait....
  8. You mean the oline? That was the case last year either (Castonzo missing, a lot of puzzling with the starters, etc.) I would not draw conclusions about the OL based on TC though. If there's a unit - as a unit - who a) needs the most time to get themselves together, b) affected by game planning and play calling the most, it's the OL (and QB). So even if they'll start the season somewhat struggling, they can pretty much get themselves together by game 3 or 4, if they stay healthy. It's a talented unit. I have seen numerous "bad" Patriots olines in september, but I can't remember any bad Patriots olines from november-to-january. If Mudd still has his mojo - why wouldn't he? OL is not much different than 10-15 years ago -, hewill take care of them. As Scharneccia does it in Boston.
  9. When Jared is not around, Chloe takes over the overreaction duties.
  10. So its 50/50. Like a presidental election. We have rational, knowledge-based, emotion-free opinion on both.
  11. Irsay is an excellent owner, but he should learn to shut the f* up. That's my take on this new story.
  12. When Luck was healthy, the Colts always finished in the top 10 (twice in the top 5) in points per game, except in Luck's rookie year. Despite atrocious olines, ever changing OC's, and their sometimes outdated offensive systems. Do you really think that with the help of Reich and his up to date, QB friendly system, Luck won't be able to lead this offense in to the top10 if one OL gets hurt? C'mon, you can't seriously believe that. If Luck can stay healthy, the Colts will easily be a top10 scoring offense. Probably a top5 or top3. The schedule does not matter. Last year's schedule was a lot easier, but not the defenses. They played plenty of very good defensive teams last year. So point averages will be up there, the "only" question is consistency and big games. Will they be more consistent than last year - so games like the Jaguars game won't happen? And will they be able to deliver against top contenders in the playoffs, so a meltdown like vs the Chiefs won't happen?
  13. Seeing him first time in Colts uniform, he reminded me to Tremaine Edmunds of last year draft, who went to the Bills in the first round. An athletic freak, whos still learning football, many times he doesn't know yet what he supposed to do on the field, but the ceiling is sky high. Once he learns / if he learns how to play the position, he can be generationally good at MLB. Of course that is a big if. But it well worth a 5th round pick to find it out. Until then, we have a very good young MLB in Walker. Ballard took care of the MLB position very well by not spending much.
  14. Yeah, but there's no season when somehow, for some unknown reason the NFL still can't catch up with the time. Here in Europe, we have NFL Gamepass International. I can use it on my phone, my tablet, but I still can't use it on my smart android TV. The app is not available in the appstore for TV-s. I can sideload the app, and last year it worked actually, although the UI wasn't very large screen friendly. This year though, the app refuses to open (latest version). It says it's under maintenance. C'mon NFL, we internationals pay $200 for you. Put a little more effort in it, and make it available on TV-s for us as well. (I can chromecast it from my phone/tablet, or open the web version in a browser, so there are workarounds, but still. I pay more for the gamepass than I pay to my cable provider for god knows how many channels, including HBO, etc. It should to work by using the app. Sorry guys for the rant, I'm a but upset.)
  15. My 53 matches yours, with these changes: WR: -Fountain TE: +Ross Travis (this might change to Hentges, but i have to see him first in a pres.game) OL: -Barton, +Garcia DL: +Ward LB: -Franklin I think the decision about last few spots will be hugely influenced by whom Ballard think can clear waivers (so he can be put in PS) and whom he thinks will be claimed if waived. That is the reason why I removed Fountain and didn't include Pascal, I think both have fair chances to clear waivers. At least way better than Cain. Same reason regarding Franklin, Tell and .. the 6th round rookie DE, I can't recall his name right now.
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