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  1. Yeah I had to really work on my technique to get up there. I have constant inflammation in my rear felt now from flat. I focus on more incline now. Admittingly flat bench is more pride and ego. Can't go wrong with dumbbells though. Love them.
  2. Hey that's not to shabby. I've also been working out off and on for 20 years. Have competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting. I look like a white, shaved head, tattooed Bob Sanders heh. I'm 5'8 with shoes and 205 pretty lean
  3. Wow, that's really impressive. Just on the balance alone.
  4. Nah, my bench is 425. Hit 315x16 as a burn out. Damn good for a punter though. Dude can bench more than post other positions who you'd think needed to be strong
  5. That was posted in Jan. It was in response to the cruising through the year and turned it on in the playoffs talk. Which worked in all honesty. Made it to the SB See post above
  6. If we added Tillery to that line we'd be some long arm ball batting fools
  7. The percentages you're talking about is competitive bodybuilder low. 10% is actually pretty shredded. Sub 5 you might only get that low for the week of comp. not healthy to be below that.
  8. NewEra

    Talks with Geathers this week

    It's good at least that he can go to other teams to see their value for him. Then he can resign with colts
  9. NewEra

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    I'd tag him for the rest of his life if he tried to leave lol
  10. NewEra

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    Sniffing around SOME corners does not mean sniffing around for corners...
  11. NewEra

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    Song sucks....should of done it to Boats N Hoes lol
  12. Hark!! That's who it was lol. I remembered you posting it.