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  1. I'd rather just hunt what I eat. I don't care for sport hunting.
  2. If there's never true transparency and communication nothing will ever change sadly.
  3. I just don't see us taking a step back. More depth and better players will help to keep guys healthy. Front lines can make a weaker secondary look good. We should have a nice trickle down effect.
  4. Tell me he's not. I call it how it is. I don't pull punches for anyone. you called me racist trash. Funny thing is I can't stand whites like yourself as much as the ignorant black ones. I don't care for biased ignorance from any color.
  5. There's a reason politics shouldn't be brought into the forum. Save that crap for social media. I come here to get away from the ignorance....
  6. He would get the max anyways if he's never been convicted of a crime. There's a thing called mitigating and aggravating circumstances. Might be in the middle. Sorry, wouldn't....
  7. Being a cop in prison period will be no picnic. You want to see real racism, go to prison. A cop at that....he's screwed
  8. To op, leave the Flyod crap out of it. I wouldn't bring Colin in not because he's a black power racist trash. But cause he sucks at football.
  9. It's not racism. It's police brutality, period. It doesn't matter what color the person under the knee is. It should not be tolerated and people need to be held accountable
  10. You have to know the law. They can not prove or convict him of murder 1 cause you can't prove intent on murder. You can prove the cop is a worthless *, police brutality. He had to be charged accordingly if you want a conviction.
  11. Did you just call me racist trash? Lol you have no clue who I am and very ignorant of the law system. You sir are what's wrong with America.
  12. All that black power crap, racist. All police brutality and corruption should be called out and dealt with. Towards all colors. Cause guess what, they kill white people too. I can't stand the hypocrisy
  13. Of you want to be a it racist then calls out all racism. Many blacks are racist against whites. So save your crap
  14. Offenses feared Lewis. Leonard is a play maker but he doesn't instill fear.
  15. How nice is it to finally ha e a o-line that we can smash the ball down their throats?!? Love it! Road graders, control the line control the game, battle of the trenches
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