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  1. NewEra

    Referees from yesterday should be fired

    It's becoming as bad as the NBA. I stopped watching that years ago when LeFlop starting getting all the calls. Him and the Miami Feet ruined it for me
  2. NewEra

    Will Leonard get Player of the Month honors?

    He's playing like a maniac ;)
  3. Yeah I could figure that one out either. Even the commentators were saying oh that's a first down. Then I look and it's 4th and inches?!? Lol wth man
  4. NewEra

    How fun has this season been!

    Frustrating because we have been playing well to be 3-0. But a lot of fun because how they're playing and knowing that they're such a young team with a boat load of potential.
  5. NewEra

    Referees from yesterday should be fired

    If anything it should have been illegal contact. Not fricken PI. I was * at a lot of the stupid nonsense calls.
  6. NewEra

    Let’s Look at Positives (Week 3)

    I thought he meant playoff wins. But honestly the sky is the limit if they can clean up the mistakes. We have a lot of talent
  7. NewEra

    Let’s Look at Positives (Week 3)

    Our offense has shown glimmers but it has yet to put it together. I think the weather didn't do us any favors. While the defense has looked good they got scorched in the run game. Maybe scorched is harsh. Most of the big runs that popped off they had the guy either short or negative yards and just didn't bring him down. Young team, weather could have played a part also. all in all I knew it was going to come down to us. Our mistakes and penalties. We made to many to overcome and was still right there able to win. This is team of it clicks like a well oiled machine will be stupid good.
  8. NewEra

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I concur, keep the oentalties down and bone head plays this defense is a force for sure. I think the offense will continue to get better with time. I wouldn't be shocked if Lucks shoulder is bothering him from last 3 games. Hopefully it will be get better with time. Scary thing is we've still had a chance to be 3-0. We have some serious potential
  9. NewEra

    Please these other post is like Mob mentality

    Wouldn't have guessed that. Maybe that's why the about of looney toons heh.
  10. NewEra

    Please these other post is like Mob mentality

    I wonder if other teams have their fate share of whacked out out of touch with reality fans as well?!?
  11. NewEra

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    You don't say? It might have something to do with his shoulder, missing over a year and just flat out lucky he was able to ever play again. While I'm sure we all wished and wanted him to come back and be the Luck he always was we don't know how long that will take or if he'll ever be that guy again. Also, pretty sure that eagles defense is pretty good. I mean, all me crazy....
  12. Guards? I think we're good there. Our middle 3 has been playing pretty stout. It's the edges that's been suspect.
  13. NewEra

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    His already have his sample lol. Dude is wrecking people. Impressive for being 6'8. You'd think guys would be able to get under his pads for leverage but he's been playing lights out. yeah some of those big runs were 50 getting rain over like a runaway train heh. He's not horrible. Just maybe not his strong suit
  14. NewEra

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    I also think it mentioned them having the best home record over last few years....
  15. NewEra

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    Playing well above my expectations. He's beasting it up out there. I thought Walker was playing pretty good. Then I watch him get ran over like a Mack truck heh.