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  1. He's a beast, a road grader, a bulldozer....love watching him Trump Wall people right out of the play
  2. Not his fault Luck retired. Not his fault on all the injuries. But player that were just misses. Those were his picks
  3. He may be my favorite Colt. Not cocky, not flash. Just goes out and does his job with extreme enthusiasm.
  4. Honestly who even fricken knows now days. But to the title, no. You would not be drug tested while retired. You no longer work for said company. in all honesty I wondered how doctor prescribed Testosterone or drugs worked. I know guys who are on HRT at 25. Or the prescribe other "steroids" for various reasons medically. Steroids are not the problem. Steroid abuse is. Abuse of anything is a problem. You can die from drinking to much water.
  5. Misery loves company.....
  6. Not to be a jerk but I was hoping he retired last year. He didn't look to hot at the end of the season. What is he trying to prove at this point? That he can play to 50?
  7. Well that was pretty easy for them to march right down the field and win
  8. I like that, that's really good
  9. You don't have to shop to get an offer. So who really knows. I just hope if he ever did sell they would stay in Indy.
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