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  1. NewEra

    If the Oline is one of our strengths...

    Also, while I want Nelson to play nasty with a chip in his shoulder. I do t want him pulling crap that could cost us penalties
  2. NewEra

    If the Oline is one of our strengths...

    The videos I e seen they were not all sitting the the face. Back, shoulder, body is what I've seen. You're making it seem like he intentionally was running around * pkayers
  3. NewEra

    Ballard: What if hypothetical

    I see the vision and I Love it. Built from the line out. Build through the draft. Snag some pieces via FA when the time is right for them to actually make a difference. Have been waiting for this for years.
  4. NewEra

    If the Oline is one of our strengths...

    People are taking the * a little far. He's really just sitting on them so they don't get up and get back into the play. Looks like yes bagging but I don't think that's the intent. Let's pump the brakes on the bad sportsmanship....we have been soft for a reason. I'm not soft, I do t want to watch a team that is soft. I want players who are nasty and show it on the field. That is always what football is about. Forcing your will on the opposing team. Not that soft butt participation trophy crap
  5. NewEra

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Big pharma are the ones throwing the biggest fit. I'm not for the weed but the medicinal sources cannot be ignored. The stuff is amazing. Without the thc
  6. NewEra

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Justice system is a joke. Come here "illegally" and get rewarded with benefits.....
  7. NewEra

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Luck is back baby!! I see a light in this dim and dark world. Btw, I'd like to give Wells a good throat punching for garbage like that.
  8. NewEra

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    2-14?!? Bahahahahaha
  9. NewEra

    DE Chris McCain Update

    It's a misdemeanor.....they get suspended for that crap? Might as well throw jay walking in there. I don't know what the case is but a misdemeanor is nothing.
  10. NewEra

    The Reich Stuff

    Good to see we're moving in the Reich direction
  11. NewEra

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    I tried to edit my post but couldn't figure out. I can tell you're not a serious lifter with your protein shakes comment. It's all good bro. I'm just letting you know the body can only do so much. Especially as you age. There's always going to be a way to get that extra edge.
  12. NewEra

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Lol do you even lift?
  13. NewEra

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Granted you can get to a certain level without taking stuff. But even 80-90 percent of those guys who claim to be clean are juicing. It's more on the recovery and strength aspect. Power lifters actually take more cardcore crap. To each their own but they act like everybody is not taking something and that's not true at all.
  14. NewEra

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    As a competitive lifter/powerlifter im calling nonsense....
  15. NewEra

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Sauce boss. Sadly I'm sure more people do than don't. The trick is not to get busted