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  1. Was Jalen Collins the kid we picked up who had a buttload of talent but kept getting in trouble?
  2. I suppose BB guns are still guns ;)
  3. Exactly, I know Pagano used the term but iron literally does sharpen iron, so does one man sharpen another. Either you rise to the challenge or get left by the wayside. Competition makes everyone better.
  4. His hands, speed and physical abilities are ridiculous. Could be another Marcus Pollard for us.
  5. I'm sorry but they don't compare at all. When healthy and playing Bob was the best of not one of the best safeties in the game. Not only could he stop the bus in his tracks but he was lighting fast and was a serious threat roaming the field. He had unbelievable talent but just couldn't stay on the field. His play is what safeties should dream of. Bob, Ed Reed and Troy P were ridiculous and hasn't been close for any other since they left.
  6. Sadly that is true. But I've also seen first hand false accusations. They should be held accountable
  7. With media, internet and social media sadly it's guilty until proven innocent. Which even if innocent your name has been dragged through the mud.
  8. Hey hey, nothing beats lifting weights all the time
  9. He said wants......once
  10. Usually addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue. Which all can be over come wants the issue is worked on
  11. He says championship but I'm guessing his actions say paycheck. Colts have a number they're thinking of if that's even in the table.
  12. I'm not sure how the nfl operates on testing. But I know guys who are pro lifters who get testing and take steroids. One loophole is if you legally are on say a HRT you can take test. But test for these guys as young as they are is kinda dumb. Then I remember this little fake willys so you could pass a pee test lol. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that crap lol.
  13. Yes I am aware. I also am aware that they are responsible for what goes in their body. I'm sure that PED list is huge. I was referring to people like to assume "steroids" on everything. But if people want to take something they're going to take it. They're always coming up with new products and ways around tests. Just like they're coming up with new ways to test.
  14. There's also many many things you can take and get hot for PED's that are completely legal. Although all the amazing stuff that actually works the government like to keep coming in and banning them like pro hormones. But to can get same results from SARMS
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