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  1. I've heard a lot of fans say what today's NFL is or isn't. What you should or shouldn't pick. To literally all be wrong. You still need to be able to run the ball, and stop the run. Period
  2. Lol I like the way you think. I also use some smelling salts for powerlifting. A shot of Skull Smash will bring the rage out in you lol Can you imagine Lawrence and Nelson going at it at practice? That would be awesome to watch
  3. Lol amen to that. You don't pick a guard that high in the draft. Drafts a guard. This guys doesn't fit, that guys doesn't fit. Drafts that guy. Lol, it's great comedy. And I'm all about Lawrence just like I was about Nelson. He does fit. He does bring pash rush. He will help shut the run down and keep our guys able to roam and make plays. Now if he only had that mean streak Nelson does.
  4. People are underestimating Lawrence pass rush. I read an article where they compared him with two other big guys who got drafted in the first round and Lawrence numbers were better. He just wasn't asked that at Clemson and still had a lot of hits on the qb. I would rather have Lawrence who can shut the run down, keep our lbers clean and still blow up the middle. Verses a guy who only brings pass rush
  5. I wouldn't, Ballard says build from the lines out. I don't see him drafting a skilled position if there's a good linemen there
  6. I just don't see him much more than a back up. Like Valpo said I think some values way over value him
  7. Summons and Lawrence would be my ultimate scenario. Heck I wouldn't even mind Tillery & Lawrence depending on where his heart is. Simmons would be best case scenario cause we don't desperately need him this year. We have some UT's that could get it done beside Lawrence. Then next year....look out
  8. I'm completely enthusiastic. We actually have a GM who knows to build from the lines out. Who's patience, sees a vision and doesn't risk the future for an impulsive call.
  9. Agreed! None of those are failure situations Or nightmare situations
  10. Well being I actually want to draft Lawrence just like I wanted Nelson with our 3rd pick last year I'm totally cool. I do t need the flash and dash when o know what works and the ripples these guys cause for the rest of the team.
  11. Hope he can stay healthy. In the trenches you're talking a super fast Prius getting hit by a dump truck.
  12. Yes but they were times he got trucked by the RB, taken out by the blocker on that light frame. I was hoping more that he wasn't trying to play lighter than he was last year What's wrong with speed and size?
  13. What the heck is Leonard talking about dropping a little weight?!? Dude was already really small for a LBer. If anything I thought they'd want him to put on a little muscle
  14. Lawrence 24 Simmons 32 Tillery 40 still talking about Simmons as a top 10 player had he not get injured. If we could somehow snag Lawrence & Simmons.....I cant even ;)
  15. I read some not so flattering reports on him. About locker room talk, not being all in with football, ect. Will look it up again
  16. The incident was also back in 2016. Which he had been in zero issues since. Let's cut the guy a little slack. I mean, he's no ray Lewis or Marvin Harrison at least
  17. Reading on him he sounds really impressive.
  18. I was reading up on him and nfl comparison was Suh. Now that's very intriguing
  19. I would literally run down the street screaming for joy if we could snag Simmons and Lawrence. Or Lawrence and Tillery. I just don't see Lawrence getting past NE. Looks like he could be the second coming of Wilfork. I'm not 100% sold. I've read that they haven't seen much improvement from junior I senior year. So hope that's not a case of peaked out. Where on the other hand Tillery has seen constant improvement. Love Tillery size as well. He can still add some weight to that 6'6 frame
  20. Dexter Lawrence....that's my wish at least. Instantly changes the d-lime like Nelson did for the offense
  21. I think people get caught up on Lawerence's size. He is very quick and explosive for 342. He blows up the pocket and puts a ton of pressure on the QB. He's a brick wall in the run game. That completely translates to our defense. He will also keep our LBers clean to let them excel at what they do.
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