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  1. I'm starting to think we're just going to roll with what we have. Can't see them signing any of the remaining free agents given the question marks that surround them all. Having to sacrifice a bit of talent at left tackle is probably a repercussion of having 2 players at "secondary" positions that are worth top end money and another relatively high pick who has performed excellently. Suppose we can't have a line where 4 of the members are high picks and expensive. Just unfortunate that it's the most crucial position that is possibly going to be weakened.
  2. I don't want to give it a great per deal, I think they're pretty useless straight away. But I liked the doubling down on the D line men early - I was just pretty confused by the next 3 picks. We seemed to go for people with unremarkable talent and also unremarkable traits, like were specifically trying to get run of the mill players or special team contributers. That's not to say they're wrong - any of those guys could have a Blackman type season - but from the outside looking in there's not really much to get excited about in terms of potential.
  3. I thought the Bills did a really good job given their drat position. Them and the Brown's were the standouts to me.
  4. There's still a couple of players out there that could help us on day three. Trey Smith who is has obviously played guard but could make a switch and Tommy Doyle who is probably a similar type of project as Stephen Brown who everyone seemed to love earlier in yhe draft. Obviously both are projects rather than day one starter's (and Smith has some medical concerns) but if we could pick one up they could still assist us.
  5. I like this pick and love Paye's place in this team. Just seems likes a Colts kinda guy and you can't help but pull for him. Hope he causes absolute chaos!
  6. Edge would be my preference but actually having a player there who is worthy of that pick seems unlikely. Paye is the only one I'm absolutely confident in and after that it's seems like a lot of players with question marks. We're looking for an edge to basically lead that position group so the bar is enormously high. We already have a number of rotational "second tier" type players. On the offensive line our new pick could realistically be the 4th best player on our line and still be perfectly serviceable. If we leave our defense with basically Leonard &
  7. Completely agree. The biggest issue.....if Houston is still our primary focus.....is that even resigning him barely elevates it. Young blood is needed and it has to be miles better than the previous attempts we've made to improve it.
  8. I'm not sure of "favourite" is the right word but Spencer Brown is the most intriguing to me. He's the biggest boom or bust offensive lineman I can remember in recent times. Massive, nasty, apparently insanely athletic, benches 500lbs, good teammate......but played right tackle at a lower level of competition and had a mixed Senior Bowl. In a draft where a lot of the tackles have some question marks due to the curtailed collage season and relative limited playing time I'm interested to see where Brown goes and what he becomes.
  9. It's a fair point but what about the "draft and retain" similarities. Hendrickson getting $15m a year or Grover getting $10. The ridiculousness is pretty close.
  10. Causation or correlation though? Bad teams will have the most salary cap in general so the free agents that chase the $ will likely tie themselves to those teams.
  11. We're too passive in free agency for my taste but it does seem to be a mindset amongst Colts fans to focus almost exclusively on drafting and resigning so perhaps its more of a "Colts" thing rather than a "Ballard" thing. To me, focusing purely on the draft is difficult when the "lifespan" of a player career is so short and there's so many key positions in today's NFL. By the time you've got to a stage where you've filled all the holes the players at from the start of that process are past their peak, expensive or even retiring. Secondly you need to maximise on the use
  12. And then next season there will be a different reason we're only spending three quarters of the available cap. It seems like it's just what the Colts do at the moment.
  13. Yes and within the 4 drafts I spoke of they are the only players who are affecting anything to do with the cap. On the context of the discussion topic I thought it was relatively clear.
  14. I was talking about the 4 players on the post I quoted that were being used as reasons why we couldn't be a bit more aggressive in free agency. That's why I quoted that post. None of the others we need to worry about resigning in the near future. Some of the ones you listed we don't need to worry about signing at all. In general though the Leonard/Nelson contracts have been used as reasons why we've been told that we can only focus on second tier free agents for about 3 years despite us having amongst the highest amount of cap space. I could understand then almost exclu
  15. Not sure about Hines affecting our cap to be honest but we've heard this excuse for basically 2 off-seasons now and it's starting not to wash. We've hit on 2 stars and an above average player in about 4 drafts. Surely that doesn't preclude you from going after any significant free agents for 3 seasons when you have amongst the most cap room in the league. Yes, be mindful of the cap but we're not even close. It's a very weird strand of our fan base that seems to revel in the Colts being cheap rather than actually trying to be successful. I don't get it.
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