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  1. It's a gentle process that happens over time and it seems to flow through every element of the organisation....from the fans upwards. You only have to look at the post game thread at how many people think this is a good/great season and are happy to slap the team on the back for the mildest of achievements. Give it 4 months and there will be people creaming themselves because we've picked 6 or 7 more guys with high RAS scores and long arms, we've basically got a rookie quarterback returning and we finished 9 and 8 but I don't see anything to get giddy about. We're a team that crumbles in the big moments and lacks talent in key areas. We're happy being mediocre and will make excuses in the face of any criticism. I can't help thinking that we get what we deserve.
  2. Delayed gratification. Don't worry guys. It will pay off in the end.
  3. Might as well put this in the 'general NFL' section for another fortnight or so when the real "bargains" are up for grabs.
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