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  1. Not so sure about the first round but I would love Curtis Weaver if he's there at 34. This his excellent initial burst from LE would be a big help to our D.
  2. Not particularly defending him but isn't it also worth noting that he inherited a 1st rounder on the line as well? We didn't need a left tackle for the whole of Grigson's tenure. By the end of his spell we could quite easily have finished up with a line that went... 1st rounder 2nd rounder 1st rounder 3rd rounder Premier free agent Which is more resource than most teams spend on a line. It's not that he didn't focus on it. A combination of serious injuries coupled with a few misses really let us down.
  3. Yes. I feel like it's one of those positions where you can never have enough talent. Keep swinging and you either end up with a stable of guys who can rotate eventually or you end up with a star.
  4. I'm not sure about Love, prefer Herbert, however in relations to the question I would only want us to pick a QB if we're willing to trade up for them. Waiting a 13 is so conservative and passive that you'd have to wonder if they truly believe in their pick. We know what our need is, we know we have the ammunition to move up. If we think one of the QBs in the draft is "our guy" be aggressive and make sure!
  5. It's like people don't understand variance If we played the Chiefs 15 times they'd probably win 14 and we'd win once. Just because the once happened to occur this time around it doesn't mean anything more that shocks sometimes happen.
  6. Can't think of a player outside of the obvious (and crucial) couple who would even make an impact on our draft position.
  7. This really made me laugh? Where is 10buck2? Or do you mean Timbuktu?
  8. I agree that our biggest need is QB but I'm almost coming to peace with us not getting one. I think the big 4 will all have gone by 13 and I think we're to conservative and passive to move up. Outside of those guys there lower level QBs that I could make a case for but they all seem to have significant flaws which make me think they aren't the one for us.
  9. Surely this plan falls down as soon as you read the first sentence of the opening post?
  10. I don't think its semantics and I completely take your point. I just think theres an ethos in the NFL that I find a bit old school where you build through the draft and then use free agency to get yourself "over the hump" with a key players or two but I don't see it that way myself. I think you have to be in a continual process of trying to improve by whatever route you can. Don't just limit yourself to the draft but embrace every avenue. It's even more key nowadays where the window is getting smaller due to early retirements and other off field activities which have shortened the career of some star NFL players. You probably only have 7 or 8 years during which a squad is built, to me there's no point taking 4 years to try and build slowly and then the remaining 3 while you're trying to cram everything in before your initial draftees start declining. Its continual.
  11. I think too much is made of whether you're in "win now" mode or "rebuilding" you should always try to be getting the players in place to improve and win. The season after the 49ers lost Kap (which was equally as unexpected as losing Luck) they traded for Garappolo. There was no period of starting again and rebuilding, it was just another move in a process of trying to get better.
  12. - The 49ers have prioritized their defense through the draft - Swung hard from some key free agents - Made brave trades when opportunity arose - We prioritized our O-Line in the draft - Avoided 'overpaying' for free agents and focused on the second tier - Were conservative in trades Which strategy was right? I suppose the records speak for themselves?
  13. I'm starting to love Kinlaw in the first rather. If we could get Rawkwon Davis in the second as well I'd think we'd be solving a lot of our issues overnight. Obviously the QB situation is the elephant in the room but if we're not forcing a pick at that position then I would be absolutely delighted to have those two manning the interior after our first 2 picks.
  14. If Herbert isn't available at 13 I'm 99% certain that my guy right there. Maybe even if Herbert still is?
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