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  1. I actually changed it to 2 DE's I think either would be fine. 2 sides of the same coin in effect, just depends on the offensive/defensive balance on those battles.
  2. I don't want to think about it
  3. Jacoby's 10 TD at this stage of the season are mightily impressive. Given the rest of his stats isn't it a little like the bruising running back who can punch them in from the 4 yard line but is less impressive when the field is opened up a bit more?
  4. I kinda feel okay with where we are. I expected a worse start than 0.500 tbh so I'm pleasantly surprised in reality. I think that a lot of the disappointment on the forum comes from people who have no middle ground. A month ago there were people who expected JB to be like Dak or Brady. People complementing our stable of offensive weapons. People comparing our defense to the 85 Bears. Now reality is striking there's a depression setting in that rather than these All-World superstars we are pretty much just middle of the road.
  5. It's only two weeks since people were thinking up "cool" nicknames for our passrushers.
  6. The thread is about JB, as it has been every week during the season. If you're talking about the defense, Mack or the drops isn't it just a bit of a diversion?
  7. Poor this week. He wasn't the only issue but he was an issue.
  8. Haven't you been calling to see more of Campbell since the start of the season?
  9. That's also very true to be fair. I just see a pro-bowler dangling there on a bad team, probably wishing to get away and we have a pick that could probably get him so it popped into my head.
  10. I'd be tempted to send it back to them for Brandon Sherff if they can't get a deal done and really make our offensive line nasty!!
  11. I haven't watched the game but based on the stats that's 100% his most impressive game.
  12. It was the first play after Derrick Henry had just put them up 14-13. 1st and 10 from our 25 Down by one point 11.30 left in the 3rd quarter Can't see any situational reason to take the checkdown there.
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