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  1. I'm not sure what we mean by "another" pass rusher. I'm not actually sure we've got any at the moment. Sure, we've got a couple of prospects with raw potential but little output or middle of the road vets around the 30 y/o mark but nothing that would stop us drafting replacements to one of the 2nd or 3rd most important positions on the field. I don't think we can have enough players who can individually pressure the opposition quarterback either through the middle or on the edge. I'm happy to keep drafting them until we eventually get a front 4 who can make the top end quarterbacks look uncomfortable.
  2. ClaytonColt

    Kenny Moore Highlights

    Leonard is unquestionably the star of the defense given his tackle stats but I think Moore is pretty close behind him. He seems smart and tough. He's obviously a little short but give me players like that every day over a guy with the measurable but none of the intangibles. One of the few defensive players who you can trust to come up with a big play. A great find.
  3. ClaytonColt

    This years FAs

    Isn't that a bit of a misnomer. Surely the offer he eventually signs defines what his market value is? In general I do feel that we as fans focus on paying players what we feel is too much. If you're going to attract players who are free agents then you have to offer them something that the other 31 teams wouldn't. If you are to get them over the line you have to pay them towards the top end of their perceived worth. In terms of the question I would keep; Glowinski, Hunt, Inman, Mitchell and all the RFA with the exception of Travis I'd then keep Desir, Geathers and Slauson but only of their expectations were realistic. Te rest of them can go. Including Vinatieri.
  4. ClaytonColt

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    You're quite right. Reason wasn't the right word at all and by product was much more accurate way to express it. The clarification is appreciated. Given that the strength of this team is the QB and WR1 and should be the O-line over time given the resources spent on it then we should be able to get by with a group of other targets that are closer to being serviceable rather than superstars.
  5. ClaytonColt

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I'm a little perturbed that the focus generally seems to be on the offense once again. Wasn't part of the reason we invested so heavily in the offensive line so we could be productive without outstanding talent throughout the skill positions? You can't be amazing everywhere. I'm certainly not saying that we can't upgrade the WR position but it shouldn't need to be a top echelon player to do that alongside Luck, TY, the TEs and our O-line. The focus has to be on getting players who can cause issues on the other side of the ball for the top end quarterbacks.
  6. ClaytonColt

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    I'd expect them to be confident, anyone would be in their position including us. We just need to keep the underdog mentality that has got us to this point.
  7. ClaytonColt

    You have to love Big Q

    Think that's the best set of highlights that's been poster all season. Beautiful.
  8. ClaytonColt

    Texans TD

    It was close but I like the refs staying out of the game and leaving the ridiculously close calls as they are. The reviews should fix obviously erroneous calls and that one was never that clear cut.
  9. ClaytonColt

    Nelson vs Leonard

    It's Leonard for me to. Nelson has basically given us everything you could ask given his draft spot however Leonard has given us the production of a 2nd top 10 pick. He's basically moved the rebuild forward a year all by himself. Nelson has changed the identity of the offensive line but Leonard had changed the identity of the whole defense and given us the first bona fide difference maker on that side of the ball since Freeney and Sanders.
  10. ClaytonColt

    We have a shot at the division!

    With the help of one of the worst PI calls I've ever seen! Grateful for it but some of these flags are ludicrous.
  11. ClaytonColt

    Did Leonard lock up the Defensive Rookie of the Year

    I didn't form any assumption. I asked for clarification on your position. I think from your post the answer was yes. That's fine but you can't complain at people if they want to take a balanced and impartial view.
  12. ClaytonColt

    Did Leonard lock up the Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Are you saying we should just blindly back Colts players as the greatest regardless of how they compare to others?
  13. ClaytonColt

    Did Leonard lock up the Defensive Rookie of the Year

    I don't think you can knock a guy who is excelling in such an important and difficult stat just because there's another good player on his team. Both of them are playing at a very similar level though and miles ahead of the competition. When you consider one was picked 5th (I think) and one was picked in the 2nd round and considered a reach I think that's big credit to our front office.
  14. ClaytonColt

    Did Leonard lock up the Defensive Rookie of the Year

    I would think so. Only Chubb can take it from him if he gets past Kearse's sack record. Other than that there is nobody even in the conversation.
  15. ClaytonColt

    Do you think this was a good year?

    I'm a bit torn. I feel like we've done okay and have really enjoyed the emergence of Leonard, Smith and Nelson. Plus, Luck, Hilton and Ebron showing their chemistry. I can't help feeling a little bit like we've got off lightly in terms of the schedule and it's therefore giving me a little pause about how much improvement to project from here. Similarly I can't help feeling that a .500 year with a fit Andrew Luck is the very minimum we should expect. Overall I'd say it's been a decent and enjoyable year but I'm not quite ready to get carried away on how much we will automatically move forward next year.