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  1. I think Walker is bang average. Nothing wrong with that, every team needs role players. I like his closing speed, his recognition and his intangibles but there's lots of things which could be improved upon. Sadly I don't see anything from which Okereke jumps out to say he's an upgrade. It's slightly disappointing for a 3rd round pick to have that sort of profile but I suppose the front office have a ton of credit so should be trusted that the traits they've seen will benefit is.
  2. I might be in a vast minority here but I'm not that enamored with either either Walker or Okereke from their tape so far. They both seem very run of the mill. Either can improve from where they are but I'm not that bothered about which one take snaps, or even if someone unexpected overtakes both of them.
  3. I'm genuinely surprised by the high grades. I can see why people are excited by Campbell and Ya-Sin has good traits but outside of those two picks they're all projects aren't they? Even our second choice looks to be a player without a set position. From 10 picks, including 4 in the first 100, I think I'd probably expect a lot more to be giving a high B or an A.
  4. I feel like it's a bit negative but I have to say C+ I liked the Ya-Sin and Campbell picks, those two should fit. I also liked the character and athletic profile we focused on once again. Outside of those two picks though it's hard to be definite about anybody. There seems to be a lot of projects and projections with players either bring asked to move roles or relying on pretty significant upside being discovered. Outside of the two "big" picks I wouldn't be surprised if any of the other new guys ended up on the practice squad for the year. I did like that we focused on the defensive side of the ball though. I think we can throw out any pure BPA arguments going forward. Ballard definitely had preconceived ideas about which spots he wanted to improve.
  5. What is not to like about a hard nosed corner who looks to have decent hands and can track a powerful WR. I love this pick and hope it signifies a more aggressive mentality and system on the outside.
  6. He's probably the WR who best fit exactly what we need for our system and to compliment the existing pieces. Delighted to learn that hes viewed as a leader and a stand up locker room guy as well. Ticks a lot of boxes. Nice work.
  7. I love his stats, I like his combine, he comes across as a great guy when he talks. I just can't find much tape on him that is truly impressive. The talk of a move to a "chess piece" linebacker/pass rusher hybrid makes this an intriguing pick though.
  8. Theres a lot of hand wringing about the length of these contracts but both of them are realistically only 3 year deals. Mosley might have got a couple of million more than I thought but like all free agents the success or failure of the signings will be judged purely on how they play, not necessarily whether the team paid a million or two too much. Theres no trophies given out for having the most money in the bank.
  9. Nice signing. Couple of concerns such as age, injury and scheme change but that's offset by the relatively short term matter of the deal. I'm worried about the rollover now. With Funchess and Houston signed on decent contracts I'm not sure we'll be able to afford Nelson in 2022 any more.
  10. Nope. Not saying that they're wasting their time at all. Technique is massively important but nailing technique in drills doesn't automatically correlate to production on the field. I'm saying that I hope the practice of the base components translates to production, where it matters, on the field. To continue with your analogy, if I saw a wide receiver standing still and catching using a jugs machine I would also wonder whether the completion of that base activity would transfer to production when the padding is on, routes are being run and bodies are flying.
  11. Yeah, I don't often see a player stand completely still and move their hands really fast. I'm guessing there are people who can do that but still can't get past a 330lbs Offensive Lineman?
  12. I don't know how much what he's doing there translates to production on the field or how much credit he should get for simply working to improve on his job, I'd kinda be expecting the players to be doing that as a bare minimum. Suppose it's nice to get updates.
  13. I don't mind Amos but I'm not sure Amos and Collins are comparable in terms of ability. Collins has twice as many tackles, twice as many sacks, more than twice as many interceptions, nearly twice as many passes broken up, Pro Bowls, All Pros award, etc, etc. To say that Amos should set Collins contract or should be the benchmark is madness. Kam Chancellor at $12m a year is probably a better starting point for Collins' market.
  14. Surely whatever the market pays for him is the going rate by definition? It's not really an $84m contract either, that's just the headline figure. He's likely to be cut after the 3rd or 4th years regardless of how he plays. Washington aren't really committing to giving him that full amount. I'd be surprised if the Redskins win a playoff game as well. I doubt any safety would make that much difference when you have Colt McCoy as a quarterback.
  15. I like Ferguson but those results are incredibly bad. Was he drunk?
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