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  1. Rivers did what Rivers always does. Looking at that performance it looks like the talk about it being down to poor O-Line play in SD was wishful thinking. I was surprised by the defense though. Expected a lot more from the front 7 in particular.
  2. Literally the same posts last year, everyone got giddy. Very little happened on the field.
  3. To keep social distancing in a stadium the capacity would need to be much smaller than 25% surely? People behind and in front of you not just at the side. And that's even ignoring the logistics of crowding as you get in, come out and how people move around the stadium for bathrooms and concessions. Think it's a logistical nightmare!
  4. I honestly can't remember the last off season we had where our unproven wide receivers weren't hyped to the max. I can't remember the last time the hype proved to be justified either. Maybe this year but I'm definitely in wait and see mifr rather than making any predictions.
  5. Yes. Obviously. JB has always been, and will always be, a back up QB. Theres no shame in that at all, it's a job 99% of the population would love. The only confusion to that statement is simply that quite a lot of people so desperately wanted the Colts to be successful that they pumped sunshine on JB and made him out to be something that he had never shown.
  6. I love this guys attitude and demeanor. I just can't figure out a spot for him to play. Not athletic and penetrating enough for a pass rusher and nowhere near big enough as a run stuffer. I just don't see a future but he's definitely a guy you wish well for.
  7. I think we're putting a lot of faith in this being over quickly. There are 7 coronavirus in the same family as covid-19. Four cause the common cold, plus MERS and SARS. We have no cure for any of them. We've had HIV (another virus obviously) for nearly 60 years and spent half a trillion dollars on it. No vaccine. I know we have to be positive but given those two medical outlooks why would this be over in time for the football season?
  8. I'm in the UK and they're definitely pumping the breaks on remdesivir a little bit. One study showed slight improvement. Long, long way to go like I said. That's fine on game day but what if 8 players test positive? Play 53 against 45? What happens in trainings unless they're tested every single morning?
  9. The drugs they're talking about are promising but very early stage. Long way to go. Even if player bubble wrap themselves it doesn't really mean anything. They're still going outside, working in close proximity with their own team mates and others. I know they can get tested regularly but if one of them tests positive on a Sunday do they call off the game because it's likely the other players have been exposed. What happens to the next weeks games? If they test positive on a Monday have they spread it to the other team who have now travelled back? So much ne
  10. I don't really understand how they could have the huge crowds without massively accelerating the spread. Let alone the complications if a team actually has an outbreak within the squad. I may be being a bit negative but I just can't see team sports being played to full houses any time soon.
  11. Defensive end and tight end. I get the people who are saying O-Line depth but to me every team wants that. There are barely enough good offensive linemen to have 5 per team let alone wanting 6 and 7 that could comfortably start.
  12. What a fall from grace! This time last year he was an MVP candidate, now people are annoyed he's going to be our QB2. For the record I'm fine with him being our primary backup next year unless Kelly or Eason do something shocking in pre season.
  13. I think it looks a very solid draft. But don't we have this every year where the outlook on the draft immediately after is uber positive? If you look back to the same time last year there will have been people gushing about Rock, Okereke, Banogu and especially Campbell? Shall we just wait and see a little bit?
  14. Well he certainly doesn't play that fast from watching his tape! All good in that case, as a 6th round picks nobody can have any real complaints. He just looked pretty far away from the long armed, athletic types that I've come to associate with a lot of Ballards picks.
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