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  1. It's amazing what our offense can do when we go downfield!
  2. I'm not sure where you got this post was supporting players simply because the Colts drafted them. I think it's pretty clear we've had whiffs and great hits. Concerning Turay and Lewis, scheme and secondary play plays a big part when it comes to pass rush. Before the Baltimore game, our defense was still ranked in the top half of the league even after an insanely brutal schedule. Turay and Lewis but Lewis in particular is an excellent defender and is the type great defenses have rotating in and out. Again, until our LB's can cover or our safeties stop getting burnt our pass rush will be mediocre.
  3. There are numerous teams in the NFL that completely bomb picks year after year. Ballard has certainly whiffed on a few, Hooker, Quincy, and Banogu are the only 3 that we can definitively say were bad though if Campbell gets hurt again he may be on the list. Turay and Lewis are coming into their own(Lewis especially) and Rock has turned into our best CB. As a whole, Ballard is very good at drafting. Our biggest issues come down to defensive scheme in that our LB's seem unable to cover and offensively we typically aren't the most creative. Have some faith!
  4. Colts 24, Rams 17. We match up much better with the Rams than we did against Seattle. Whip Kupp and Woods are excellent receivers they don't blow the top open like Lockett and Metcalf. Our secondary didn't seem to have the speed for them and our safeties jumped the shorter routes too often against Seattle. The Rams looked great week 1 but I expect a dog fight. I'm also really hoping our RB's don't lead the team in catches this game.
  5. Tough question, both are loaded with talent but seem to always be injured. Lewis is more versatile and seems to be a leader in the locker room. If Paye and Dayo are considered the future, I can see Ballard letting Turay walk and us keeping Lewis if he can stay healthy.
  6. Maybe they're preparing to lock Fisher up if he shows he's recovered from injury within the first few starts. Longshot and risky but likely much cheaper to do early than end of season. Orrrrrr I'm completely wrong and shall be mocked for life.
  7. Great list overall, these are always hard to do and I love reading them. It breaks my heart to see TY as average but age seems to he catching him. My only 2 changes/disagreements would be that I think Okereke is a "good" starter. If we're tiering known players from poor to elite I wouldn't put him 3 tiers below the best. You've got the Leonard, Wagner, Warner class(non pass rushers), with the tier below them being other big name guys. Putting Okereke 2 more below that seems a bit extreme! I also think Muhammad is sneaky good and would be an average starter but won't claim to have a solid argument for that other than the eye test. Nice job!
  8. There is no way Foles will ever be brought into the organization while Wentz is here. They are trying to build Wentz back up not have him seeing the ghost of Philly past.
  9. I'm really excited about the depth we have this year everywhere except LB and CB. It's a but concerning to see Bobby as the only listed MLB. Our DL looks extremely stout and someone I'm looking to take a huge step this year is Tyquan Lewis. I don't expect him to give up that LE spot easily.
  10. I apologize if this has already been discussed but I was checking the other topics and haven't seen much on him. From what I've been reading, he's having a very good camp and has a chance to backup Blackmon. Thoughts? We seem to have a lot of competition this year for depth roles at safety, if only I could say the same for corner!
  11. I wouldn't. He suffered a pretty wicked injury that has taken him a long time to come back from. With the talent he has shown, they are going to bring him back very very slowly.
  12. When I first saw this topic I thought I was finally getting my due as a legendary Colts fan. Maybe next year!
  13. Cut Big Grover Stewart? He has done nothing but improve each year and Ballard emphasizes d-line depth/talent. I like most of your list but don't see this part happening.
  14. Kerrigan would be a significant upgrade to Houston IMO. These last few years in Washington, Kerrigan hasn't gotten much playing time because of how young and good their line is. He seems to have a lot left in the tank, certainly enough for a typical 1 year Ballard deal.
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