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  1. Kerrigan would be a significant upgrade to Houston IMO. These last few years in Washington, Kerrigan hasn't gotten much playing time because of how young and good their line is. He seems to have a lot left in the tank, certainly enough for a typical 1 year Ballard deal.
  2. Definitely an interesting pick at TE. Lacks great size but his speed and effort is clearly there. I'd imagine he'll double as our full back and add another check down option with RAC ability for Wentz.
  3. The way the draft is going I tend to agree with you. I'm hoping Ballard has the inside track on Fisher but I guess we'll see!
  4. I certainly understand the Ingram intrigue but I'd have to go with Kerrigan here. His body has a lot more left in the tank than Ingram and his body is as healthy as can be due to Washington's dominant young d-line. Kerrigan could certainly give us 1-2 years of above average play!
  5. I think that Tell and Rodgers add considerable depth already. Rodgers performed extremely well when given the chance to play and the hope is that Tell can make a major leap.
  6. It has truly been bad luck for them both! If I had to choose one to become a major contributor I believe Turay has the best chance. He was on the cusp before injury and should see a lot of playing time with how our DE situation is. Campbell is great with the ball in his hands but it's hard for me to believe he won't suffer another injury this season.
  7. This years DE prospects are certainly questionable at best so I would still lean towards Ballard trading back(as always) and grabbing a T. There are still a few decent DE's that can perform at a high level on the market. I am Virginia/Washington based and a player I'd love the Colts to bring in is Ryan Kerrigan. He's a little up there in age but is still a stud and seems to check all of Ballard's boxes including cheapness!
  8. I think it makes more sense for the Jets to wait. Now that #3 is gone the desperation for other teams will set in.
  9. This is good news for Jets fans. If they decide to stick with Darnold they can get a trove to speedup their rebuild.
  10. I am ecstatic to have Mack and Taylor in the backfield! Having the Mack Truck and Tractor Taylor back definitely puts us on par with Cleveland's backfield and adding in Hines should put us ahead.
  11. Hakeem Nicks if he's healthy enough to be productive. Other than that we need an improvement at center, Mcafee could probably suffice....
  12. I honestly wouldn't mind finding a replacement for Redding also! I love the signing of Jones and while Redding still has a lot in the tank I think a replacement in the works is necessary. Maybe a pickup through the draft?
  13. I think that Chris Clemons at FS is an interesting possibility but I thought he resigned with Miami? If so who should we pursue? As much as I love Golden Tate he could never really become the receiver to replace Reggie Wayne. While Nicks is injury prone, he's the only one I can see stepping up if we signed him. We're still missing out on our offensive line though and a center is much needed. It's unlikely we'll get Mack, are there any rumors or other centers for us??
  14. I'd agree around 19-20 mil left. Byrd is scheduled for a visit to New Orleans so we'll see where that goes. Besides Byrd who is left at FS for us now the Bethea went to the niners?
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