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  1. And no touch all the same speed
  2. I agree 3rd and one and you pass twice I hated those calls. It's like in.pme breath he says we need to run and the next one he goes away from it
  3. Losing luck made such a big impact I agree .
  4. I agree on the injuries but too predictable on offense
  5. Stop the run and make the colts beat you through the air . Last two games that is what has happened. If I never see that run wide play again it will be too soon. We lost yards every time we run it . Always puts us second and long . Frank is showing he is still learning . Got to adjust in this league to stay successful.
  6. Too many injuries . Too much to overcome
  7. Judt tank the rest of the season . It will help in the long run . Jacoby needs to go .
  8. Judt tank the rest of the season . It will help in the long run . Jacoby needs to go .
  9. Forget it we are done this year.
  10. That is what we need in the off season. Sorry but brissett is not the answer . Adam has got to go .and please get some receivers
  11. I think we are done . Please get rid of Rodgers and get some decent receivers next year
  12. Man it just keeps getting worse every week . Will someone step up this week please ?
  13. Smh tight end is a top position player for the ravens kinda like ty is for us . You cannot win with guys like Rodgers etc . My gosh he is not a quality reciever. Look at philly same boat
  14. Have we played one game yet with everyone yet on offense ?
  15. In the hunt is.not good enough. Ok let's see what the ravens would be like without lamar. Their tight end and ingram .
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