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  1. what do you all think, take the ball score 7 and take about 8 min doing it ????? Make them play from behind , Thoughts ?????
  2. love the shoe

    Any news on our injured?

  3. love the shoe

    Any news on our injured?

    I live in va , and all I have is the net to check on stuff with, I know this isn't a real topic but to the fans in Indy any news on our injured and who may play this week ???? I am going crazy here , thanks
  4. love the shoe

    Rather the Texans win South?

    uhm lets get in first and then let the chips fall where they fall , I don't care who we play just to be playing is icing on the cake
  5. Lets face it after the one and five start if anyone would have told us we would have a shot at the playoffs we all would have laughed , all I am saying is win or lose all you can ask for as a fan is a chance at the playoffs which we have , Win or lose I am so excited about this team , way ahead of schedule . I think we stop the run and make the qb have to beat us . I really would love to see us make it in , what a year it would be even if we lose in the playoffs , been a fan since the 60s and all I can say is bright things are ahead , I am just hoping we can get Kelly back and Eric also so we can at least play the game with our best win or lose . ok Frank just do what we been doing and all will be well GO COLTS
  6. love the shoe

    This game just shows we have some major needs to address

    well reading some of these posts just kills me , its like they didn't know who this team really is , fans are fickle
  7. When a team cannot put any points on the board , it just shows you have major needs to address, that is all , I mean I do not like the fact people are saying we miss Doyle , one guy should not make that much difference unless he is a qb in this league .This just shows our team isn't where it needs to be talent wise just yet . I hate saying this but good teams win when they lose players , I am fine where we this team is right now , it is fun being mentioned in the hunt this year , and we still are . If we get knocked out it is still a win win situation for us , we just draft higher , I think we are still two years away from the afc title game and that is ok too, Frank is a rookie also , so I give him some slack , just remember Pagano and that mess when you start complaining about Frank , all is well in Colts land moving forward guys and gals
  8. Mack is not the answer at running back he stays hurt too much Mack is not the answer at running back he stays hurt too much
  9. love the shoe

    You're the GM

    We need a number 1 receiver period I dnt see ty as a number one , a number two maybe but not a one ,a number one is a Reggie type in my opinion m sure handed go to guy
  10. love the shoe

    What do we have on the spacecraft that's good?

    I agree but how did we keep these guys in the first place is the question ?
  11. love the shoe

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    remember Cain got hurt
  12. love the shoe

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    you pay for what you get , you cant get something for nothing or you will have another Rodgers on your hands
  13. love the shoe

    The 3 year plan

    wow that is a lot but I see several that wnt be back
  14. love the shoe

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    I think that is his plan, see what you have and remember we all were not sure about how Luck would turn out right?
  15. love the shoe

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    don't forget the cap space we have next year , I think he signs several key fa's