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  1. Jb has to be able to throw people open period . The good ones can do this jb cant .
  2. Let me go look lol I seen it somewhere. Knowing me I got so mad I didnt check the whole article
  3. Colts news today is what I typed in and found this
  4. Why do we say we are going to improve the roster and yet sign guys like this back?. He needs to go along with others in the receiving core. I ha e seen enough of these type players.
  5. I mean to me he is always a step late in Coverage or too far down the field making a tackle. I like the guy out of Michigan state . I cannot thi k if his name smh . Thoughts ?maybe its just me
  6. I still think there are things going on behind the scenes in colts brass . Letting Jacoby finish this thing out is strange to me. We all know he is regressing not getting better I am still not so sure luck isnt just taking a year off. Playing your backup makes sense to me if this is the case. Otherwise is it not time to evaluate some other guys? This money thing is just strange for me to understand paying millions you dnt have to thoughts?.
  7. For some reason I think there is a good chance there were conversations behind closed doors we dont know. The money thing seems strange to me .
  8. Not the answer at QB He has regressed as each game passes. He should be getting better
  9. I agree 3rd and one and you pass twice I hated those calls. It's like in.pme breath he says we need to run and the next one he goes away from it
  10. Losing luck made such a big impact I agree .
  11. I agree on the injuries but too predictable on offense
  12. Stop the run and make the colts beat you through the air . Last two games that is what has happened. If I never see that run wide play again it will be too soon. We lost yards every time we run it . Always puts us second and long . Frank is showing he is still learning . Got to adjust in this league to stay successful.
  13. Too many injuries . Too much to overcome
  14. Judt tank the rest of the season . It will help in the long run . Jacoby needs to go .
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