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  1. Calmack

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    His hands are football magnets. I love it. He's rendered our case of dropsies from the receivers a non issue.
  2. Calmack

    Anything To Say About Frank Reich?

    I've seen a couple audibles from him. A notable one was the Mack 20 yardish TD reception against the Bills. Perfect audible. Usually when he says "kill" and taps his helmet and the players move slighly, it's an audible. Either that or Andrew and Reich * the with D to confuse them ha.
  3. Calmack

    Notes On #12

    After today Mahomes should be up by 9-10 TDs on Brees again.
  4. Calmack


    Darnold must be otherworldly if he's in the DPOY consideration.
  5. Calmack

    Notes On #12

    He hasn't earned anything yet. There's at least 1 player having a better year than him on an equally good team.
  6. Calmack

    Notes On #12

    MVP isnt about paying your dues and then finally getting one. Its about who's the best that specific year. There's a reason Brees hasn't won an MVP. Sure he probably deserves one, but each of those years there was somone better.
  7. Calmack

    Notes On #12

    I actually dislike Brees. Awesome player and individual. But that SB and his short passes that murdered us that game made me forever dislike him (as a player). I want Mahomes to get the MVP.
  8. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    Please explain. A 4th or 5th rounder will be comparable to Bell? Or am I understanding you wrong. I'm not deying he's going to sign for more than he's worth. What Im saying is we have so much cap, and have to use a certain amount, that he wouldnt be a bad target in the offseason.
  9. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    How much damage will his monstrous contract cause us? Consider our cap space and who we need to re-sign. People like you act like he will have a 35 mil cap hit each year..
  10. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    He will be overpriced yeah. No doubt on that. But we will have a boatload of cap space. If he can do what Mack can't (which is break tackles, be a consistent receiving weapon, and find the whole every time) then I don't care what he'll cost. Hines and Wilkins are good role players. Give them a featured role and I doubt they'd be nearly as effective as they have been. You have no idea now much cap space we have. And we have to use a certain amount of it anyways.
  11. Calmack

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    That must be a long time ago becuase I have no idea who that is!
  12. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    Ok? Bell behind this line would render them nearly obsolete and that would be just fine. They're good role players no doubt though.
  13. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    Im talking about Bell and Mack. No idea how the others factor in. Its not like if we acquire Bell, Hines and Wilkins simply disappear. In fact, they'll be his teammates. Instant upgrade for our RB group.
  14. Calmack

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    I love Mack, but he's the most average RB I've seen. Everything done ok, nothing specular. Bell is an upgrade in my opinion.
  15. Calmack

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    That INT was hilarious. Gabbert is so bad.