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  1. Foh this thread is meant for this exact topic
  2. Good thing theres only one player in the NFL like Derrick Henry. Sadly, we face him 2x a year..
  3. I wouldnt want to lose Dobbs. Theres a quote somewhere out there that goes "if you ask 10 NFL front offices which talent scout is the best, chances are you'll hear Ed Dobbs name the most". We gotta keep this guy
  4. The fake punt game was actually very competitive before you know....the fake punt
  5. Honest question. Did you watch all of Davis's games? Because it seems you're just comparing stats. I remember a 49er LB named Bowman who had solid stats like Davis, but on tape was a straight beast. Clogging run lanes, making heat seeking sideline tackles, always being in good pass coverage position where he didn't even get the chance to defend a pass because the throw never came etc.. My point is, stats don't tell the whole story. And tbh, I thought Leonard played extremely well, not great, this season.
  6. Man, I hated the Banogu pick and I still stand by it. I really wish we nabbed someone else. Also, Holy sheet Quincy...
  7. But Brissett was said to have the drive of Tom Brady
  8. Most of his problem is that he can't go through his progressions and fails to hit open receivers too often. That's on him, not the opposing defense
  9. Is that amongst backs with 150+ carries? Sample size definitely matters
  10. Please find proof of fans actively rooting against him. We are allowed to point out his flaws just like every other player. Jacoby is also wrapping up his 4th season in the NFL. I dont know how much time is needed to show more than marginal improvement, starter or not. But I know it usually doesn't take 4 years.
  11. Cant do worse than JBs 150 yards a game
  12. Only way it'll work is if Frank schemes WRs open 24/7 and controls JB like a robot so he can me the reads
  13. Running game wasn't shut down then. When it does get shut down, he shows his true colors... Also isn't he recovered from his injury?
  14. As a Brissett doubter even during the 5-2 start im glad we're all starting to see the type of QB play he's (in)capable of.
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