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  1. Likes Myles has stated, my opinion is the HoF should be reserved for the cream of the crop. Not players who were consistently good to occasionally great over a long career. Rivers is a prime Hall of Very Good player in my opinion. Guys like Peyton and Brady, that's the criteria the HoF should set for itself. Consistently the absolute best at their position for an extended time. There really is no point is debating this topic though. Its all just opinions.
  2. Rivers shouldn't sniff the hall imo. No super bowl appearances, no MVPs, no all-pros, and never maintained top 5 QB status for more than a year or two. There were always QBs better than him (and more successful) during his prime that I don't think simply playing long enough to rack up the stats merits HoF consideration.
  3. Banogu is going to go the way of Basham...
  4. There was a post by someone on another site that showed RB carries in college had no effect on them in the NFL. In fact, it correlated well with career longevity because of their durability. I have to dig it up
  5. Whoever opens this thread is now dumber for having read it
  6. I know we gush over his YPC but he honestly looks really average when he runs... There's a reason he isn't the starter. He's just been really effective as a change of pace back.
  7. You keep spewing this but cmon... Barkley is a literal FREAK. He's in another league compared to Taylor.
  8. I think he meant at their respective times they came into the league
  9. But I like Mack Taylor is literally an all around better version of Mack :(.. Hands and all...
  10. Lacks choppiness from the few clips they showed but he definitely has natural hands and a huge catch radius
  11. Unknown player or proven All-Pro? I think he made a good choice....
  12. I hated the Banogu pick then and I still do. He doesn't flash anything at all. It makes it even worse that AJ Brown was taken 2 picks later
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