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  1. Outstanding game managing from him. Jk he balled out. I'd like to see that be the norm with him
  2. Lol. That's a wrap guys. Everyone knows 1 game is enough to define a QB...
  3. Having seen all of Jacoby's games with us and a few of Jimmy G's, its easy to spot the talent difference. I have never seen Jacoby play out of his game manager role. He always did just enough to not be a liability. Imo, he has never shown to be able to take over a game when the running game or defense lays an egg. Ever. Jimmy G, last year after he was traded (haven't watched him this year) played really well. Even if his stats didn't show it, he played like a guy who can make all the throws and win despite the team around him not playing its best at times. That's why they awarded him a fat contract. I honestly can't see Jacoby being more than a solid game manager.
  4. Brissett will now throw for 180 yards instead of 150!
  5. McLaurin is a straight stud though. He's their only decent WR and defenses know that. Even against NE he had a decent game. His routes are sharp and crisp and is a natural catcher. I would love to have McLaurin over Parris right now. I have never been a fan of project/raw players. Give me someone who solid all around and will only keep getting better.
  6. I saw that! Dammm what a beast play
  7. Bob Sanders woulda knocked that Chief into the endzone and the ball jarred loose
  8. Geathers is garbage though. Everyone else was badly missed
  9. Yes. Anyone who thinks the QB position is fine and shouldn't be targeted for improvement is delusional. Sure its not a top priority position to upgrade right now... But it will need to be done eventually... Unless we somehow assemble a LOB or 2015 Denver defense..... Which I highly doubt.
  10. Yeesh. I have never seen someone as overreactive as you. You and that Jared guy should form a club
  11. I've seen Jason Witten bust off 50+ yarders in the NFL. It isnt always about speed. Angles, tackling, and stamina play a big role too. He's a decent back who should stay where he is; behind Mack with a handful of carries sprinkled in.
  12. No. I don't get infatuation with Wilkins. His YPC is super inflated, as mentioned above, by a 55 yarder. And he looks hilariously slow while doing it
  13. "Edgerine".....foh lol
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