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  1. Calmack

    TE Group

    I'd love some TJ Hockenson up in here.
  2. Calmack

    Significance of #32

    Or Cassius Vaughn I believe
  3. Calmack

    Marcus Johnson

  4. Calmack

    Anthony Walker had surgery on his hand

    Maybe he'll actually catch tip drill balls now
  5. Calmack

    John Simon [Merge]

    And Allen. And Simon. Happy for them though.
  6. Calmack

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    Out of curiosity, what did you see that makes you think he's a capable ball player? Based off his time with us, not in college. Because I literally saw nothing from him, but that's just me.
  7. Calmack

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    I wouldnt agree. Cain, Fountain, Adams, and Frankin had little to no contribution this year aside from a few tackles from Adams and Franklin. Also the star rank label players have is for highschool. Everything changes once they go to college. Ed Reed was a 2 or 3 star recruit while Ronald Powell was a 5 star recruit (ever heard of him?). As for Cain, lots of players show out in practices and preseason and amount to nothing (ex. Griff Whalen). Don't get me wrong, id love for Cain to be a solid contributor. I just wouldnt be surprised if he does nothing.
  8. Calmack

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    He was a late round pick. They almost always are "misses" if you expect any sort of solid contribution. Also, I hold the opinion that it's better to take projects at the end of the draft instead of mediocre players with decent college production.
  9. Calmack

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    Whats with the backlash on his name? OP is calling him what most call him. Daurice even has Reece as his name on his Twitter... But besides that, I highly doubt his roster spot is safe. If he doesn't show SIGNIFICANT improvement and we add competition that perform better, he'll be cut.
  10. Calmack

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    Ebron already plays with LBers mainly covering him... His position gets covered by a LBer or safety or both. Happened this season and will happen again next season.
  11. Calmack

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    I doubt it will be better than this year. I am willing to bet he won't have a better year than the one he just did. He managed 750 yards and 13 receiving TDs by being force fed targets because the only other threat was Hilton. Those TD numbers are aweosme, but I don't see them being replicated. Having other capable pass catchers will not lead to an increase in targets for Ebron. His efficiency with 110(?) targets was 750 yards and 13 TDs. Don't expect as many targets this time around if we get another playmaker.
  12. Calmack

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Isn't Gurley the highest paid? Apparently his franchise tag would make him the highest paid this year, though his sit-out basically voided that money (please correct if wrong). In terms of guaranteed money he's behind Gurley, Johnson I believe, and maybe a few others.
  13. Calmack

    Luck Era

    Probably one.
  14. Calmack

    Peyton Manning had the power

  15. Calmack

    Peyton Manning had the power

    Would be nice to point out where in the 10 min video he talks about PM. Nonetheless, I found it. Starts at the 5:24 mark.