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  1. I saw that tape as well. Was very put off by it. The raw physical ability is there with him, but that tape showed a concerning lack of hustle and effort. He also has no technique whatsoever. I wouldn't be surprised if his impact and tenure here mirrors Bashams.
  2. I also wonder where TKs been...
  3. Reggie tore his ACL with no contact. Just depends the way the leg/knee buckles.
  4. What about the 2nd half of the season?
  5. Idk man I saw like a 20 minute video of Banogu's plays against Texas? Or some college team I forgot. But he looked like butt. No hustle, went in one direction every time even though the play unfolded in another direction, let his blocker basically hold him as long as he wanted. I even saw a few plays where he pretended to extend his arms out for a tackle on a RB but it was flat out obvious he wanted no part of it... I really do not like the Banogu pick. Gonna be another Basham situation. This is just my opinion though. My body is ready for the backlash.
  6. Calmack

    Ben Banogu

    Mid 2nd round picks are pretty valuable though...
  7. One thing bothers me. Why didn't they target him on go routes? With his speed...... They didn't even try.. Odd
  8. Or Harmon.. or Butler.. or Isabella. Just a WR, please.
  9. I'll point out that I get my projections from the NFL draft website. He was projected a 2nd or 3rd rounder there.
  10. Ok. I'll be the easy target for some here. Is that supposed to be reassuring? Turay was phased out for a bigger and more physical Tyquan Lewis in the second half of the season. Even before then, he was a one trick pony who got some nice pressures here and there. I honestly would not want another Turay..
  11. NFL draft site. And no, Leonard was projected 2nd or 3rd.
  12. Isn't he a little small to play DE in 4-3? I know Freeney and Mathis did it but they were bonafide stars. He doesn't seem to fit at LB or DE in our scheme imo
  13. Honestly, i'll agree. wth Ballard. I still trust in the binder but damm. He was projected to go 4th or 5th round.
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