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  1. I've never heard anyone say Greg Toler was good ever
  2. Toler was not fine, lol. He was mediocre at best. Of course QBs are going to target the weaker link....remember when he gave up 3 TDs against Dallas? He was not good. Landry made a couple good hits, missed a lot more, got hit with injuries and PED suspensions. Both seasons. The secondary was solid, not very good due our front 7 being mediocre. Don't even get me started on Arthur Jones.
  3. colt18

    Upcoming Philly thoughts and concerns

    I feel good about this game. The defense came together last week and I think they will have chances to be opportunistic against a returning Wentz. I don't know how our OL is going to handle their front 7, however. I have faith in Luck but he's going to need protection if we are going to have any chances at beating the reigning champs.
  4. Nope, nope, nope. Mathis and Vontae were the only legit defenders on those teams. Toler was routinely abused when he was on the field, Landry consistently went for- and missed -big hits, Bethea and Butler were solid. That secondary was far from the best in the league at the time, I don't know what Colts team you were watching.
  5. colt18

    17 unanswered points is unacceptable

    There were a bunch of bad mistakes by both sides of the team. That horsecollar tackle and DPI were both terrible mistakes and bad timing on both players part, though. If those two are avoided we very likely come out with the win, but don't forget that Green caught a long TD and Luck did throw a pick. The team just has to continue to grow, I feel like this was a very promising game aside from the ending.
  6. colt18

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Just a bad break for Doyle, but that would've been a first down had he held on. Lost of early season mistakes. Let's just hope the team continues to improve.
  7. colt18

    Most Points in first half since we drafted Luck

    Wow @crazycolt1 you know how I know Frank Reich is better than Chuch Pagano already?
  8. colt18

    Biggest surprise of roster cuts

    I'm surprised and not happy that we released Simon. Even if Ballard thought Simon wasn't going to fit the defensive scheme or last the entire 16 games, he could've still let him play a few games and trade him. He was clearly effective in this scheme and could be productive somewhere else, our defense needs playmakers in the worst of ways. All I can do is shake my head and hope Ballard knows what he is doing.
  9. colt18

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    I've read reports that Kenny Moore is starting over Quincy Wilson? Wonder if that's more on Wilson being bad or if Moore is just balling out
  10. colt18

    [Rapoport] Colts sign S Shamarko Thomas

    which is very stupid IMO
  11. colt18

    [Rapoport] Colts sign S Shamarko Thomas

    That's cool but Geathers has shown to be injury prone and is still recovering from a neck injury....I don't think it would hurt to play Reid until Geathers is 100% back, or even find a way to rotate all three of Geathers, Reid and Hooker.
  12. colt18

    [Rapoport] Colts sign S Shamarko Thomas

    Why not sign Eric Reid instead? Why sign a bargain bin, depth S when there's literally a starting caliber S out there in Reid...smh Ballard
  13. I forgot all about Justin Tryon, Jacob Lacey and Jerraud Powers. Tryon and Powers were actually good, Lacey was okay but he pretty much lost that playoff game against the Jets for us.
  14. colt18

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    We led the league in sacks allowed, Brissett got sacked 52 times. I don't want whatever he's smoking.
  15. colt18

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    eh, I'd place more blame on Irsay/Grigson/Pagano for that. Ballard has pretty much been on damage control since he got the job.