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  1. Parris Campbell Rock Ya-Sin, just because I would've rather had Greedy Williams/Taylor Rapp/AJ Brown Marvin Tell. He has potential with his range...him and Hooker on the field could be trouble. N'Keal Harry or Ed Oliver Greedy Williams/Taylor Rapp Shakail Taylor/Ashton Dulin B+
  2. 1. Landon Collins - perfect fit for this defense, perfect timing for the both the team and player, chance to make up for Grigs drafting Dorsett over Collins smh 2. Trey Flowers - another perfect match. Flowers has championship experience and fits the defense. nuff said 3. Tyrell Williams - perfect #2 for Hilton. Hilton/Williams/Inman/Cain would be a very solid group. 4. DeSean Jackson - he would tear up defenses with Luck throwing the ball. Hilton + Jackson on the field at the same time would open things up for the rest of the offense. 5. Le'Veon Bell - I don't think he would be a match for the money he rightfully wants and I don't think he'd be the best fit for the locker room, but it's fun to imagine Bell, Hilton and Ebron on the same team. I don't think they would be able to be stopped.
  3. nope Wilkins is okay but he's not better than Mack
  4. that's gonna be a no from me dawg...
  5. He got kicked out of Penn State for "physically assaulting" a cashier who stopped him from stealing. He was acquitted for the rape accusation at Baylor. I think it'd be worth taking a look, although he had poor draft stock even before the case.
  6. He's completely removed himself off of our radar.
  7. I forgot about Cain...and Fountain. Although I think we should still draft a WR, I'm very excited about Cain's potential.
  8. I think our backfield is solid but if there a chance we can get CJ Anderson we need to take it. He's phenomenal for his price. Mack is amazing on his own. Just needs to stay healthy. Hines needs to catch the ball and Wilkins needs to hold on to it.
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