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  2. colt18

    Marlon Mack Highlights

    Mack is really going to be something special. I think Hines and Wilkins compliment each other nicely, Wilkins just needs to quit putting the ball on the ground. I still think we beat KC if we utilized our backs correctly, i.e. screens, tosses, swing passes. The pass rush was negating the WRs but NE showed exactly how to deal with that. Mack would've torched that defense.
  3. colt18

    Luck Era

    Idk, Baker Mayfield did some next level stuff last season not saying he's going to be as good as Peyton but he's got some game in him.
  4. I think lost in the midst of our divisional round hype, was the health of the secondary. Fairley went down, Mitchell got hurt, we eventually lost Hooker....It's amazing that Mahomes didn't absolutely kill us deep. We paid for it dearly for it over the middle, however.
  5. Agreed. I always believed Bethea/Sanders had the potential to be one of the GOAT safety tandems. Unfortunately, you know Sanders was often hurt himself. Bethea always did his job, a very good player.
  6. Bethea was awesome during his time here, I hate that we let him go
  7. colt18

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    Our team is going to be very improved next season, I'm not worried
  8. yeah but then in second half Leonard and Moore were all over the place making plays. Where was the offense?
  9. The first drive ended on a big drop by Ebron on third down. It seemed like every drive after that ended because Luck's passes kept getting batted down. WHY DIDN'T WE RUN THE BALL OR THROW SCREENS? WHERE WAS THE NO HUDDLE? If the pass rush keeps impacting the pass game, why wouldn't you slow them down with a screen play? Why didn't Hines get more plays? Why did we abandon the north/south run game and keep failing to go horizontal? I realize this is Reich's first year but jfc. He's made terrific playcalls from the 6th game until now. The craziest thing is the defense made plays despite giving up 4th and short repeatedly. All we had to do was run the ball and stifle the pass rush. What a terrible effort from the entire offense.
  10. I blame this loss on Reich. The gameplan was terrible, all around. Why did we abandon the run game so early? Why didn't we run screens to negate the pass rush? WHERE THE HELL DID EBRON GO? ugh
  11. colt18

    What players should the Colts resign?

    definitely Jihad Ward
  12. colt18

    Pagano to Bears

    He was a below average coach. An average head coach can do more than simply motivate the team.
  13. colt18

    Hooker OUT

  14. colt18

    Pagano to Bears

    I'm not arguing with Lucky as much as I'm pointing out the flaws in supporting Pagano. Please stop quoting me.
  15. colt18

    Pagano to Bears

    He was such a great motivator that he was able to motivate his teams into starting slow....?