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  1. My favorite time of the year is when we expose the Texans.
  2. Lol at Speed starting, he’s done nothing to show that will happen soon... It has to be a personal preference because there is absolutely nothing that suggests any LB is going to play as well or better than Leonard. Okereke has played well but that’s about it.
  3. Don't be ridiculous Darius Leonard was an All-Pro his rookie year. Okereke will have a hard time matching that.
  4. Ah, gotcha. I liked Jihad Ward a lot, but it seems as if his ceiling was limited too. I have faith that Ballard will improve the DL, I felt as if we had some potential with the players we have. They just aren’t panning out. Would you care to summarize your thoughts about our current DTs?
  5. Historically Hilton has trashed the Texans, I don’t see that stopping this season. I am, however, curious which Ebron will show up. He’s proven that he can be a very dangerous WR when he catches the damn ball. Jack Doyle is cool but he has no moves. None. Zero. He makes the catch but don’t count on him for any YAC.
  6. Is it his technique? Is he just not strong enough to take on NFL lineman?
  7. I know he was only a bandaid fix to this defense but how does Margus Hunt get neutralized so easily? He’s a giant of a man
  8. Adam Jones was a top 10 pick. Are we really having trouble understanding why he was given more chances that Mr. Irrelevant? Smh
  9. Win or lose we will always be better than dumb old Texans
  10. Just wanted to say we could’ve had a complete team with Luck but Grigson ruined that. You can have a superstar QB and complete the team around them, you just have to be smart and not trade a 1st for players like Trent Richardson, draft players like Dorsett over Landon Collins or sign over the hill free agents like Andre Johnson and Trent Cole.
  11. He’s easily one of my favorite players and has my favorite celly
  12. dammit hopefully he heals quickly
  13. There were three defenders in the area of his target, lol Yes it was a sick throw but it should've been intercepted or batted away at the least.
  14. I liked him a lot coming out of all college but it seem like he's always giving up plays...the TD from Mahomes was in his direction and he literally got caught guarding nobody like a Madden corner
  15. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. Didn’t see it coming, and even tho players got hurt on both sides we still won. Gotta love it.
  16. lol I don't see any reason to attack me we are down our ballhawk in Hooker and the '18 All Pro and DROY in Leonard, meaning Mahomes can do exactly what he did in the playoffs. Maybe Brissett and the offense can keep up but I don't see it. Chances are, we are going to get destroyed. It's not that end of the world.
  17. I'll never forgive Pillsay and Grigson for ruining the Colts
  18. The most arbitrary stat ever, but cool
  19. It will never be Chad Kelly time
  20. I disagree about Brissett. He’s shown flashes, he’s escaped a few sacks and ran for some first downs already. He also has only had one boneheaded INT so far. As great as Luck was, he was good for a couple wth throws a game. Its ok to react after a game. But I think a lot of people here need to remember that’s all it is. At 2-2 we fought for every game, even without TY/Hooker/Leonard and that says something. We just need to hope that our guys get healthy sooner than later and ride the rest of the season out.
  21. THIS When Derek Carr threw that pass it looked like it was either going out of bounds, an INT waiting to happen or at the very least an in-completion. Of course Tyrell caught it and Quincy did nothing but flail around like a wacky flailing tube man...
  22. Our defense is terrible without Leonard. Thinking an all pro linebacker isn’t one of our top defensive players is malarkey
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