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  1. Didn't like it at first, thought about it some. I like what it adds to our defense, This will make the game easier for everyone else, including Leonard. Our offense still leaves much to be desired but this has solidified our DL.
  2. Nope. Stop posting nonsense. Pagano has admitted that Luck is more responsible for wins than himself during his tenure. That's the bottom line.
  3. You cant spin away from the fact that Pagano has gone on record to say Luck was more so responsible for the Colts success under him. How much more plainer can that be said?
  4. You’re literally arguing against Paganos own words.
  5. Pagano himself disagrees with your post. Pagano sucked at in game adjustments, motivation and game planning. I wouldn't say he is the worst coach ever but he provided minimal value to the team, although Grigson significantly hampered his ceiling with this team.
  6. Yes and no. The losses versus Houston and Tenn were very bad, our health played a very big part in that. We would have gotten massacred against anybody in the playoffs had we made it. Now if Brissett played well consistently I’d say we had a chance to go on a run like the Titans, but with him stinking the place up and our secondary being decimated, along with losing Turay, allows me to believe otherwise.
  7. Where’s that guy who said Leonard was overrated and couldn’t cover the pass
  8. Get Brissett outta here man. Hes just not good.
  9. I hope he comes back. We still aren’t good without him.
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