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  1. I hope he comes back. We still aren’t good without him.
  2. Never should’ve let him walk in the first place.
  3. I almost forgot we beat KC. That’s how bad we have been since. I could definitely see the Garrard led Jags producing a season like we are. That team wasn’t great, played up and down to their opponents.
  4. Yeah his time in Indy is done. Every time I see him on the screen, he’s giving up a touchdown while being in good position. I don’t know why he’s so bad.
  5. I, yet again, have been disappointed with Quincy Wilson. I see why he hasn’t been playing.
  6. This just reminded me of Kemoko Turay smh. Our defense should be great next season
  7. we aint making the playoffs not with this sorry * offense
  8. I have a feeling that's the part that most posters here disagreed with, and I understand why. Grigson to Colts fans is like Voldemort to Harry Potter.
  9. I disagree. Saying it was Grigson level was an exaggeration but so far, signing Funch has been a bust.
  10. You absolutely can be a bust because you haven't played. This doesn't mean it's Funchess' fault, injuries are just bad luck. But the Colts most certainly did not get a return on investing in him, meaning he was a bust. Even if he played, it wasn't certain he was going to work out...which is why he signed a cheap deal in the first place.
  11. I think he goes on IR effectively making him a free agent bust for us
  12. I disagree. Even if Ebron didn’t get targeted, his presence demanded a double team. Funchess is a big target but was an underachiever with Newton.
  13. It’s going to be harder to get production out of our receivers without Ebron on the field. Hilton should still do damage but he’s gotta get back up to speed. I’m very disgusted with our passing game this year...somehow the one year our running game is respectable we can’t even run play action or get any chunk plays....smh
  14. Man, I really like Ebron even with his frustrating drops. He’s the second best receiver after Hilton here. I wish him luck on his recovery, hopefully we resign him.
  15. It hit his hands and he dropped it. I've seen Hopkins catch worse passes. Hines also had a very bad drop.
  16. Yet Fuller was catching everything yesterday.
  17. Tell that to Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller.
  18. Except it hit his hands, and like anyone who played football themselves would tell you, if it hits your hands you can catch it. Feel free to be an * somewhere else.
  19. More nonsense...you just want to pile on Brissett unreasonably. He threw bad passes and our receivers were dropping them. They can both be true.
  20. When did I give the QB a pass? Maybe you should learn to read.
  21. The pass wasn’t perfect but it hit Ebron in the hands. He dropped it.
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