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  1. I think he comes back. Hilton was never going to be all that productive with Rivers as his QB, he doesn't have the arm strength or velocity to take advantage of Hilton's skillset. I'd bring him back, sign someone else and maybe hope that Campbell can stay healthy. He's been very injury riddled but can be useful IF and only IF he can stay healthy for a whole season.
  2. I was thinking about Stafford too. I like the good parts about him but I'm just not sure if we could depend on him to win big games. It seems like throughout his Lion career he hasn't really done much in big moments, even with players like Megatron. I know his teams weren't always the best but I'd hate for him to come here and throw away games. Luck laid an absolute egg against the Chiefs, I admit that. Still, I have faith that Luck was capable of having better games against them, especially with having a team of this caliber around him.
  3. Rivers was trash yesterday. Yeah his statline is cool but if you were watching the game, you saw that he routinely threw passes behind WRs and overthrew Pittman in the endzone. His arm is done, I flat out DO NOT want him back next season. JT was a disappointment, then again I don't know why Hines is still underplayed. Hines should be taking the screen passes and checking down, JT is our grinder between the tackles. JT had a couple bad drops but Hines should have been there to begin with. Reich coached a bad game. Going for it on 4th down like it's Madden and blowing TOs
  4. Didn't like it at first, thought about it some. I like what it adds to our defense, This will make the game easier for everyone else, including Leonard. Our offense still leaves much to be desired but this has solidified our DL.
  5. Nope. Stop posting nonsense. Pagano has admitted that Luck is more responsible for wins than himself during his tenure. That's the bottom line.
  6. You cant spin away from the fact that Pagano has gone on record to say Luck was more so responsible for the Colts success under him. How much more plainer can that be said?
  7. You’re literally arguing against Paganos own words.
  8. Pagano himself disagrees with your post. Pagano sucked at in game adjustments, motivation and game planning. I wouldn't say he is the worst coach ever but he provided minimal value to the team, although Grigson significantly hampered his ceiling with this team.
  9. Yes and no. The losses versus Houston and Tenn were very bad, our health played a very big part in that. We would have gotten massacred against anybody in the playoffs had we made it. Now if Brissett played well consistently I’d say we had a chance to go on a run like the Titans, but with him stinking the place up and our secondary being decimated, along with losing Turay, allows me to believe otherwise.
  10. Where’s that guy who said Leonard was overrated and couldn’t cover the pass
  11. I believe our coaching staff would be the difference here. Cam and RG3 both suffered from bad coaching. Andrew Luck is the biggest example of a coaching staff failing a player that I have ever seen. He didn’t really pay the price of running too much as much as he did of running for his life. Our current coaching staff is light years ahead of the Grigson/Pagano days, I think they are capable of maximizing the talent of whoever is at QB.
  12. Chargers, Steelers, Texans, Dolphins, Titans we should’ve beat all those teams. We didn’t deserve to make the playoffs this year, not with Brissetts second half performance
  13. He isn’t living up to his potential, that’s for sure. The team overall isn’t good tho. The secondary is a mess partly because the front seven gets minimal pressure.
  14. Watson Foles Tannenhill/Brissett/Minshew/Mariota
  15. Get Brissett outta here man. Hes just not good.
  16. I hope he comes back. We still aren’t good without him.
  17. Never should’ve let him walk in the first place.
  18. I almost forgot we beat KC. That’s how bad we have been since. I could definitely see the Garrard led Jags producing a season like we are. That team wasn’t great, played up and down to their opponents.
  19. Yeah his time in Indy is done. Every time I see him on the screen, he’s giving up a touchdown while being in good position. I don’t know why he’s so bad.
  20. I, yet again, have been disappointed with Quincy Wilson. I see why he hasn’t been playing.
  21. This just reminded me of Kemoko Turay smh. Our defense should be great next season
  22. we aint making the playoffs not with this sorry * offense
  23. I have a feeling that's the part that most posters here disagreed with, and I understand why. Grigson to Colts fans is like Voldemort to Harry Potter.
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