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  1. Theres a lot of hand wringing about the length of these contracts but both of them are realistically only 3 year deals. Mosley might have got a couple of million more than I thought but like all free agents the success or failure of the signings will be judged purely on how they play, not necessarily whether the team paid a million or two too much. Theres no trophies given out for having the most money in the bank.
  2. Nice signing. Couple of concerns such as age, injury and scheme change but that's offset by the relatively short term matter of the deal. I'm worried about the rollover now. With Funchess and Houston signed on decent contracts I'm not sure we'll be able to afford Nelson in 2022 any more.
  3. Nope. Not saying that they're wasting their time at all. Technique is massively important but nailing technique in drills doesn't automatically correlate to production on the field. I'm saying that I hope the practice of the base components translates to production, where it matters, on the field. To continue with your analogy, if I saw a wide receiver standing still and catching using a jugs machine I would also wonder whether the completion of that base activity would transfer to production when the padding is on, routes are being run and bodies are flying.
  4. Yeah, I don't often see a player stand completely still and move their hands really fast. I'm guessing there are people who can do that but still can't get past a 330lbs Offensive Lineman?
  5. I don't know how much what he's doing there translates to production on the field or how much credit he should get for simply working to improve on his job, I'd kinda be expecting the players to be doing that as a bare minimum. Suppose it's nice to get updates.
  6. I don't mind Amos but I'm not sure Amos and Collins are comparable in terms of ability. Collins has twice as many tackles, twice as many sacks, more than twice as many interceptions, nearly twice as many passes broken up, Pro Bowls, All Pros award, etc, etc. To say that Amos should set Collins contract or should be the benchmark is madness. Kam Chancellor at $12m a year is probably a better starting point for Collins' market.
  7. Surely whatever the market pays for him is the going rate by definition? It's not really an $84m contract either, that's just the headline figure. He's likely to be cut after the 3rd or 4th years regardless of how he plays. Washington aren't really committing to giving him that full amount. I'd be surprised if the Redskins win a playoff game as well. I doubt any safety would make that much difference when you have Colt McCoy as a quarterback.
  8. I like Ferguson but those results are incredibly bad. Was he drunk?
  9. I don't disagree but then it comes down to expectations, starting points and how you measure success. If we'd signed them both and improved by 3 wins I'm guessing that would have counted as success. It's why the starting points if the teams who have the cap space available needs to be considered. Which successful teams were you thinking of who don't sign high dollar free agents by the way?
  10. May I ask which teams you are thinking of? I think in general there's a bit of a misunderstanding between causation and correlation when it comes to this. Most high price free agents go to bad teams. Teams that are already good don't generally have the cap space to "win" free agency wheras the bad teams are using every avenue necessary to improve. When we're talking about the numbers of successes to failures we need to be mindful of the teams starting points. No matter how good they are Mosley and Bell aren't going to turn the Jets into the Patriots. However if the improve from a 4 won team to a 7 win team is that considered success or failure?
  11. Miles Boykin and Kelvin Harmon seem like the sort of guys who fit into the Ballard vision. Really like both of them.
  12. I get that free agency is seen as a risk but the draft is also a risk. There are no sure things building through the draft either and one or two poor (or even average) draft classes can put you back as far as a couple of poor free agents if you're truly committed to not supplementing top talent from outside. We had a better year last year in terms of record but we might be overplaying how we can extrapolate the improvement. It is surely easier to go from a poor term to an above average one when you're picking at 3 and already have a top QB (you "just" need to find average players to go alongside the QB - which I'm not saying he did by the way but just expanding the theoretical idea) than it is to go from an above average to top class team. You need a larger core of better players to get over that final hump. We can't keep focusing on our previous free agents. They were poor signings but we've equally made poor draft picks. Lets not pretend that free agency is the dumb, risky path which is doomed to failure whereas the draft is the smart, risk free utopia where you just pick 2 or 3 All Pros every year until the roster is nailed. There is always a blend. We can't, and shouldn't, ignore the impact that carefully selected top class free agents have made throughout the league.
  13. Nope. I was asking questions for clarification.
  14. I didn't put words in your mouth. Both of those sentences were questions.
  15. You have people disagreeing with it and wishing he would take a different course with the situation at his disposal.
  16. So once a GM has stated his intention any disagreements about that plan is ignorance? Insults should be off the table but surely we don't need to all blindly agree with the plan just because it's been stated?
  17. But it isn't ignorance. Everyone knows what Ballard has said, nobody is ignoring it.
  18. Just because the guy is clear in his approach doesn't mean everyone has to agree with it. The methodology can still be discussed. Everyone know that what is written on here has no effect on Ballard but it's a forum to express personal opinions not simply to follow blindly whatever the GM does.
  19. I think Lawrence makes a huge difference to our defense. Keeps Leonard clean and attracts double teams to free up the outside guys. I have this image of him going up against Nelson every day and them making each other better. Also a big fan of Ferguson as well. He's a pass rusher moulded in the image of our defense. Power and effort to get the job done. The question marks that excluded them from the combine are minor but may be blessings in disguise if they both fall into our range.
  20. Yep and then the figures on which the end calculation is based are then taken from the higher figure.
  21. I did look. Only 2 centres make more than $10.5m. Just because Kelly is better than Boehm doesn't mean he should be the best paid centre, especially when we still have the 5th year option. I think they might not bring Doyle back as well but the $58m quoted in that article for our key resigning is madness.
  22. No need to tie Kelly up for more than $10m either on the option or long term. If we take all of the other 4 for a combined €48m when 3 of them are 30+ then it will make a mockery of the draft and develop ethos.
  23. Kelly gets £10m automatically doesn't he? So that $12m each for Castanzo, a 31 year old edge rusher who gets 6 sacks a season and two tight ends who would both then be the highest paid players at their position.
  24. If we sign Castonzo, Sheard, Ebron, Doyle and Kelly for a combined $58m Ballard wants firing on the spot!
  25. Appreciated all of your response but just found this bit interesting. I completely agree with your analysis of those 5 being $20m more expensive as a group next year. I personally doubt Sheard gets resigned though and certainly not at $14m for a pretty solid 31 year old 6 sack guy. I hope that Turay, Lewis and whoever else we draft this year have made Sheard expendable at that time and cost. So we extend the other 4 and lose Sheard. Considering the overall salary cap probably goes up by $8-$10m again we're likely to be in an even better situation rather than worse if the status quo is kept. Completely agree that Ballard is going to be selective. I'm just hoping that he's not being overly tight when it comes to the right guys. I have doubts based on how it's played out for the 2 years so far but the results he got out of Ebron and Autry definitely wins him the benefit of the doubt. Just hope he can repeat it.
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