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  1. Mitch Connors

    Anyone realize this?

    Thats the big question for me. Im extremely happy with the draft but I dont know the cap enough to know what happens when we leave money on the table at year end. For example, if we finish 26 million under the cap in 2018 what does that mean for 2019? If we simply lose that money then its an opportunity cost loss that could have been managed better. If it rolls over then Ballard played this 100% perfectly (in my opinion).
  2. Mitch Connors

    Anyone realize this?

    TOTAL CONTRACT SIGNING BONUS Quenton Nelson $24,228,952 $15,691,456 The article explains how those numbers are pulled.
  3. Mitch Connors

    The NYGs

    For comparison: Brett Favre was 36 years old the year the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers. The Packers had one losing season in the 3 years with Favre before and after they drafted Rodgers. Rodgers sat for 3 seasons behind Favre and hes now the best QB in the league. Eli Manning is 36 years old. The Giants have had one winning season in the last 4. Based on records the Giants team now is much worse than the Packers team then. The 2005 Packers needed a QB much less than the 2017 Giants but they drafted one anyways.
  4. Mitch Connors

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    .14 seconds different is almost exactly 1 yard over 40 yards. Notice the space difference between Mariota and Watson at .14 seconds difference.
  5. Mitch Connors

    Culture Change

    That line was sarcasm... The reality is this franchise has been to 5 AFC Championship games and Chuck was the coach that got to one of those. Im not certain how anybody feels compelled to say he was a failure because its not accurate according to the results.
  6. Mitch Connors

    Culture Change

    ....and got this team to an AFC Championship game after 3 years of demonstrated improvement. Worst coach ever.
  7. Mitch Connors

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Honest questions about Guard value... Is the guards arent traditional high picks stigma because all tackles can play guard, but very few guards can play tackle? If not, and the positions are different enough that interchangeability isnt a major factor then couldn't it be argued that guards are for running and tackles are for passing? I seldom see teams that are running the ball off tackle as the defensive speed is too hard to overcome on the edges when your first 6 steps are sideline to sideline. Everyone runs up the middle though (some more effectively than others) which points to guard play in my mind. Im not an OL expert but Id like to understand a bit more from those on here that do know these things. I loved the pick of Nelson but I dont know enough to understand the onfield impact why others maybe dont as much.
  8. Mitch Connors

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    Luck has 5100 passing yards assuming nobody else on the team catches a pass .... I like your style.
  9. Mitch Connors

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    Last years Colts beat the Texans twice and lost to the Titans by 4 points while leading in the 4th. Assuming Luck comes back (taking on faith I know) nobody in the division is adding a player anywhere near Lucks caliber. Id be shocked if the Colts dont finish 3-3 or better this year.
  10. Not to be argumentative but Trent Richardson had one of the highest RB pre-draft ratings in history from nearly all major publications and that didnt turn out well at all. He was viewed as the best RB prospect since Peterson and a cant miss franchise changing back. McShay had/has them as the 2nd/3rd best RB prospect of all time - coincidentally enough Barkley is tied with Richardsons rating. Also, while there are several 1st round backs that are great I can find just as many that are as good or better that were drafted in later rounds using much much less draft capital (Bell, Hunt, McCoy, Howard). I also grant that this isnt a truly fair comparison because theres way more 2-7 round picks than 1st round.
  11. Mitch Connors

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    You're saying there are no salary cap implications if Luck is released in the next year or two because insurance will shield the cap from that?
  12. Mitch Connors

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    Wow you seem unreasonably upset about his opinion. Couple questions for you since youre obviously in Ballards head.... 1. What are the salary cap ramifications if Luck cannot play and has to be released this year or next? (I get that's speculation but you're confident enough in Ballards thinking to chastise a forum member then you should know his thoughts here too) 2. Ballard is "building though the draft" but has made offers to high end free agents that didn't agree to the Colts terms and didn't sign here. Correct? And he signed some big name players - Eric Ebron being one. correct? <---seems like more than just building through the draft but you're Ballard and were not.