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  1. Mitch Connors

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Lets stop this notion right here. Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers to EVER play the game. Im certainly willing to here how hes not a fit in the locker room, contract value isnt worth it and off-field issues but the narrative that he inst THAT good is 1000000% wrong. For reference Marvin Harrison is widely considered to be in the top 10 (top 5 by many) WRs of all time. Here are the comparisons through 9 years of their careers.
  2. Mitch Connors

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    WR seems to be so hit or miss in the draft this is one spot Id definitely try to get an established player in free agency. We dont need a game breaker for $16 mil a year (we have Hilton for that) but we could do much much worse than guys like Tate, Cobb or Williams from the Chargers.
  3. Mitch Connors

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    Let me be CLEAR to the NFL Football World!!!!! I cannot express how happy I am that I no longer watch weather reports dreading the thought of the Colts playing outside.
  4. Mitch Connors

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    Im probably just a cynic but until hes proves otherwise Mahomes is the new Wastson who is the new Wentz who is the new Prescott who is the new Carr. All of those QBs were the best QB to come along in forever because they had an electric start (and that's just the past 5 seasons). Let me see Mahomes do something for more than 16 games and Ill believe it.
  5. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Fair enough, I misread that post - my bad. Haha, Id love to see Goodells reaction when he found out a member of the Saints coaching staff was paying players in cash.
  6. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Such an odd thing to argue on a forum. The point is he LITERALLY WHEELED in cash to prove a point and motivate his team. If you and everyone else knows how playoff games are paid then youd know the payout and understand his message without the need for me to clarify his meaning.
  7. Mitch Connors


    Couldn't agree more. Their defense is successful when they can pass rush with no fear of you running because they have a 14 point lead. Rack up the sacks and protect the shaky run defense. The Chiefs score more 1st quarter points than any team in the league and its by a lot. Super super hard to stop them early but, I agree, that is the difference. Chiefs 9.2 points 1st quarter. The Rams are #2 with 6.6 points.
  8. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Thats from the league. Each player gets a per game payout (these numbers are from 3 years ago); These are the (cumulative) per-player payouts this year. Wild-Card Round—Division Winner: $25,000 Wild-Card Team: $23,000 Divisional Round: $25,000 Conference Championship: $46,000 Super Bowl Winner: $102,000 Super Bowl Loser: $51,000 Theres the story link.
  9. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Sean Peyton wheeled $225,000 in cash into the Saints locker room with the Lombardi trophy sitting on top and said; "You want this? Win 3 f***ing games." Pretty awesome if you ask me. $225,000 is the purse each winning player gets if their team wins the SB.
  10. Mitch Connors

    Oh boy according to Colt's fans!

    "Their raw numbers (The Chiefs Pass Defense) look bad because Kansas City has been way ahead of its opponents for a huge chunk of 2018. Opposing quarterbacks facing the Chiefs have thrown 230 passes on drives that began with their teams possessing no more than a 5 percent chance of winning. No other team in the league faced 200 such attempts this season. This is essentially garbage time, and in meaningless situations, the Chiefs really shouldn't care about what their pass defense is doing." ^^^ Thats from an ESPN article the other day. The Chiefs pass rush success is inflated because they face more passing downs than any other team. On the other hand their terrible pass defense is overstated because they face more passing situations than any other team. BUT their run defense being as bad as it is presents a real opportunity - they're run against less than any team and they're still that terrible (#27 overall). Mack will decide this game IMO.
  11. Mitch Connors

    When do oline men reach their peak?

    Take this for what its worth but I recall this article from a few years back... "There are instances of offensive tackles continuing to play at a high level in their mid 30s, but they are few and far between. Most elite offensive tackles start to decline at roughly the age of 32 if they haven’t already."
  12. Mitch Connors

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    Ok man, Im not going to explain how expectation/pressure works. Are you familiar with the words Overachieving and Underachieving?
  13. Mitch Connors

    What we need do to beat the chiefs

    That was an exception for Leonard but it still happened and Hill is MUCH more dynamic than both of those players.
  14. Mitch Connors

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    If the Chiefs win do you think anyone will say the Colts should have won this game? If the Colts win do you think anyone will say the Chiefs should have won this game? There's a very clear difference in expectations for these teams and that expectation creates pressure.
  15. Mitch Connors

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    Love that movie!!