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  1. Does that go both ways? If Zeke is wrong for wanting something different than his contract do you believe the teams should be forced to keep a player for the duration of a contract - no matter what? You can't have it both ways. If you want player contracts to be honored because "he signed a contract" then the teams need to honor the contracts and make them 100% guaranteed. No more cutting due to performance inside of a contract.
  2. The real bummer is missing Luck (obviously) the other major downer is thats going to force us to cut another player from this squad that we wouldn't if we didn't need to carry 3 QB's. If you were hoping to keep 6 WR's (for example) thats not happening if Luck cant play.
  3. I recognize the levity but lets not forget the game yesterday was played by two NFL teams with NFL players trying their hardest to succeed individually and inside the team framework and one team looked better than the other. Its not fair to say this game/preseason doesn't matter for anything other than evaluation and then ignore the fact that the Bills team was doing the same thing (evaluating their players) and they looked like the better team. What does that say about player preparation, quality of depth, talent, experience, etc? Thats up for each person to decide but I dont think its fair to discount people who put more stock in that than you or others do.
  4. In the end the only thing that matters in this league is wins and ultimately playoff wins. If wins arent the measuring stick than what is? You'd rather lose with "better players/roster", than win with "worse players/roster"? Not me, Ill take the wins 100% of the time.
  5. Which part did we miss? 1. Getting to an AFC Championship game? 2. No losing seasons in 5 years? 3. Three years of playoffs, winning more games each year (WC, division, AFC title game)? 4. Taking over a team with the #1 overall pick (the worst team in the league)? 5. Turning over almost the entire roster and winning 11 games in year 1? 6. By all accounts stuck with a coach he wasn't allowed to fire even though he ran the most predictable offense in the league (ill find the article if you want to read it)? I get it. Everyone loves Ballard and I like what hes done so far but lets not act like Grigson burned Indy to the ground.
  6. Says a ton about Leonard that he was willing to listen and was receptive to the feedback. Not everyone can take that, especially after the season he had last year.
  7. This guy.... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DaviDo01.htm He was amazing for a couple years and then got hurt. I forgot that he changed his name until I googled him and it returned this link.
  8. I argued with Cowherd on air once too. It was the Reggie Bush / Mario Williams draft conversation when Cowherd was saying Bush would be the next Barry Sanders. I said the Texans should draft Williams because they already had Davis at RB who had 1200, 1300 and 1800 yards the previous three seasons and pass rush is way too hard to find. Of course he ridiculed me as is his way. I still feel like I won that 2-3 minute debate even though Davis got hurt that year and never played again.
  9. Id trade the Colts RBs for the Chargers RBs in a heartbeat. Gordon > Mack Ekeler > Hines Jackson = Wilkins
  10. I dont know 95% of the players drafted last week which means I dont know enough to truly tell if we did bad, OK or great. It does make me feel great when people who do know 95% of the players drafted say we killed it.
  11. High demand for our pick would mean a lot of talent teams are after. Id prefer we'd start adding that talent to our team now instead of waiting to add it next year.
  12. Doesn't referencing Leonard actually not support the decision to trade down/out? The Colts could have certainly turned the Leonard draft pick into another 2nd and 3rd round last year too but they chose Leonard instead. Id rather have Leonard than another 2nd round pick this year. As obvious as that is to say (given hindsight) it seems so many are stuck on passing on something you know today for something you know dramatically less about next year. As equally as silly - if we passed on Leonard to trade the pick - he wouldnt be on the team.
  13. Ill be very disappointed if we trade 34. Itd hard for me to accept last nights trade when I'm told the 2nd round talent is ridiculously good only to trade away that ridiculously good 2nd round talent. We'd essentially swap this years 1st round pick for a different 1st round pick next year. That still equals 2 1st round picks in 2 years if we trade tonight or if we don't. That's not a win. That's losing a year of play from a difference maker. Sure we gather another 2nd round pick next year but that draft isnt loaded in the 2nd round like this one (so Im told). Thats not a win either.
  14. Remember a few years back when ESPN would put the cameras on the kids talking on the phone to the team drafting them and then celebrating with their families before the picks were announced? They've stopped doing that since but that was the worst draft to watch ever.
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