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  1. If you're a poster saying how dumb it is to consider Darnold because hes terrible, broken, etc, you need to ask yourself what exactly are you doing on this forum and in this thread? But since you're here and throwing your vast knowledge around will you link the times you were up-in-arms last year because the Colts didn't get washed-up/broken/terrible Ryan Tannehill last year? That sounds a lot like Darnold right now doesn't it? But you already knew that. And please quote me some college rhetoric while you conveniently ignore the college resumes of other guys that dont fit your na
  2. Not to be argumentative but I dont know that that's true, just look at the Titans. After last night its hard to say they're not the best team in the AFC and they're doing it without a franchise QB. Do you honestly think if the Colts signed Tannehill last year the Colts would be getting the same production from him? I honestly dont believe that anymore. That's all coaching IMO and, for me, the luster is quickly wearing off of Frank
  3. Thinking the exact same thing. Everyone on the planet knew there was a better option than Vinny last year but they stuck with him anyway. Theres no better option for Rivers.
  4. I guarantee nobody on this forum is a real NFL football expert. I guarantee nobody on this forum has true inside information. I guarantee nobody on this forum has coached or played in the NFL. I guarantee what is said on this forum is just an opinion and it'd be nice if we all accept the point of this forum is just that - to share opinions and be respectful about it.
  5. I agree with a lot of this. Mo was the hottest TE in the game for a couple weeks and, for whatever reason, this coaching staff KNOWS Burton is 1000 times better than Mo so they've shelved the hottest TE in the league for what? (1 target for Mo, 6 for Burton). Not only is this disappointing as a fan but this, IMO, is just another example of this staff showing a true meritocracy doesn't exist on this team. Just ask Vinny about that.
  6. Just heard Kevin Bowen say Blackmon has 5 pass breakups in 2.5 games. Hooker had 3 in 16 games.
  7. I agree and wanted to mention the commentary on the game yesterday about Rigo after the touchback... Rich Gannon - "Thats the first touchback hes had since September of 2019" Gumbel (without a second pause) "Cut him" First time in a long time a commentator made me laugh out loud.
  8. My point isn't that Herbert or Love is perfect for the Colts my point is at some point QB needs to be addressed - its literally inevitable. Ballard had the prime opportunity to address it this year with reasonable draft capital and he didn't (getting to 5 from 13 is way cheaper then from 23 or 26). Not addressing QB this year is, in fact, addressing the QB position. No matter how valuable DT is to this team it will never be on the level as QB. In my mind, Ballard chose DT over QB and time will tell if that was right or wrong. One other thing, how many QBs work out in general? I t
  9. I agree and Id add that not addressing QB is the same (or worse) as making a bad pick at the position. Herbert and Love were in play but Ballard chose to address the DT position instead. The team needed a QB, there were QBs to be had and he passed. As those guys continue to develop and start to play its a reflection on Ballard imo.
  10. Who do you see moving in to fill the Parris Campbell void? Fountain, Dulin, Patmon or someone not currently on the roster?
  11. I hate to be argumentative but theres only one number that matters for any team, any GM, any coach - ever. Wins. No other metric counts. Id take a team with more wins over a team with more talent 100% of the time. EDIT-duplicate posts
  12. I agree in principal but points are a worse indicator than yards (IMO) unless the rankings are done fantasy football style. For example the Seahawks "defense" gave up 30 points last night but the reality is 7 of those points came from a pick 6 thrown by Wilson. The Seahawks defense wasn't even on the field but their defensive ranking took a hit. That's WAY more misrepresentative than a team giving up few yards but points (due to turnovers, ala Colts).
  13. I think thats sort of the point - even pedestrian WR's (no true #1) wrecked this zone defense. What happens when Thielen shows up next week? If the zone can't stop Chark from getting wide open for TD's what hope is there to stop Thielen with the same zone coverage? At least a little more press coverage and/or man coverage might disrupt timing and throwing lanes on quick throws allowing the pass rush to activate. Even if we factor in the 4 sacks as incomplete passes, Minshew was still 19/24 (80%) which is still WAY above acceptable completion percentage. This team will need about 12
  14. I think its worth mentioning that the first quarter/first half game plan didn't include much of Taylor - by design. With that in mind, it stands to reason that when Mack was injured Taylor was called on in a capacity that the Colts didn't plan for and/or maybe didn't prepare him for.
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