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  1. Its starting to appear that the Texans have accepted the fact Watson is gone or they truly dont care what he thinks - which is why hes ready to move on in the first place. I've gone from this isn't going to happen to I think hes gone from Houston. According to numerous reports Watson specifically requested Bieniemy and Saleh be interviewed after the Texans asked his input. The fact that they have done neither says a lot. It explains why Watson is furious - why ask his opinion if youre going to disregard it? It says the Texans dont care what he thinks or they'd have brought th
  2. I know its not the plan next year with Eason but the value of a rookie contract QB is apparent simply by looking at what you posted. We'd save roughly $24 million next season that could be used to sign super high priced free agent anywhere else if we could play/pay Eason instead of Rivers. I wonder how much, if at all, that factors into a decision like the Colts face next season? That, among other things, is why I truly hope we draft a future QB very very soon.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why? We very effectively moved Smith from guard to tackle and he's, in theory, a much less talented player than Nelson.
  4. I just want to say THANK YOU for all of the data you provide on the forum - I appreciate it. I can say with certainty I wouldn't see 90% of this stuff if you didn't post it.
  5. We should have taken the FG. This makes 3 times in like 4 games we've done this and it hasn't worked out once. Speaking of that, I still would like someone to explain the analytics to me. I understand it involves using previous data to predict a future outcome but its particularly confusing for me because we're essentially using generic analytics to make a specific determination for this team. If its not general how can anyone, other than Frank ever say "this is what the analytics say to do here"? Is it fair to say the go for it % would have been the exact same if the Bills w
  6. Maybe I dont quite understand but...arent Rhodes and Kelly All-Pro too? Theyre on the second team. Does that not count? Genuinely dont know. EDIT - just saw the title change. ignore. Thanks
  7. Lets look at this objectively... I dont think anyone can dismiss that 2 Colts team shows up each week and have all year- a first and second half team. Why? 1. The players are loafing, out of shape or simply dont care enough to play hard for 60 minutes. 2. The players are not executing for a half. 3. The coaches are not preparing the team effectively and/or not making proper adjustments during the game. One of those is coaching directly and the other two are a direct byproduct of coaching. I doubt many, if any people, think #1 is happening. So how exa
  8. At the risk of being argumentative...the Colts play offense too. This season the Colts score 28 points per game vs the Bills who average 31. Its not like the Colts average 14 points and the Bills average 82. I would say if Josh Allen doesn't throw for 4+ TD's the Bills may find themselves in serious trouble. The Colts on the other hand have won with the ground game, won with the defense and won with the passing game.
  9. Don't recall which Bills game it was this year but during the broadcast they talked about how the Bills coaching staff adjusted Allen's throwing motion in the offseason. He used to be all shoulder and now he's using his hips and feet more/better which has changed his game entirely. In one season his completion percentage has increased by 11% because of it (58% to 69%)! Sprinkle in the elusiveness and outright running ability and its easy to see why hes an MVP candidate this year. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/how-digital-mapping-helped-improve-bills-qb-josh-allens-mecha
  10. I imagine the NFL will make them play even if its with 25 players out. Moving this game would lead to unfair schedule challenges unless they moved all the games and I dont see that happening. This is the reason there's no Monday & Thursday night football in week 17 - it either gives a team more or less rest heading into the playoffs and that would happen here with a delayed game.
  11. I wish I could recall the players name (I can search for the article) but a recently retired player was talking about the Lions teams that went winless and if they were tanking... he said there is no player and never will be a player that tanks regardless of what a coach or GM wants because a players only true currency is his film and they'll never put something out there that makes them look bad (and cost them money/future jobs) to help a franchise get a better pick. He also said for a team to tank they'd need to be bad enough to get a high pick which will quite possibly come with a new GM an
  12. Seeing a lot of Packers fans around this forum. Do you think that's an age thing, because they're close in proximity to Indiana, on TV a lot, or something else? Also, I think I may be a hater because I dont actively root FOR anybody else but I actively root AGAINST the Steelers, Cowboys and Patriots.
  13. Browns and then Bills. Itd be nice to see a team win that hasnt won a SuperBowl before.
  14. Agreed. They have a rookie QB, lost their best defender before the season and finished 7-9. A good portion of those 9 losses are to playoff teams too. What did they expect 11-5?
  15. I guess I dont understand why everyone is acting like the Bills are unstoppable and the Colts are terrible. I get that Josh Allen is great this year but (as we should all know) teams are more than just QBs. Colts have 5 loses: Jags (season over), Titans (playoffs), Browns (playoffs), Steelers (playoffs) and Ravens (playoffs). Even if you think the Colts suck they've only lost to good teams (minus Jags week 1). Heck 6 of the teams left in the league the Colts either beat or hung with. The Bills have played vs 3 top 10 offenses this year and they lost to 2 of them (Titan
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