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  1. The breakdown on here is great. Thanks or posting it. I particularly love the sentence, "he throws a never in history ball right here."
  2. My apologies. I mistook your direction.
  3. I realize this will be an unpopular opinion because it doesnt destroy Grigson but... You did watch Luck play right? Do you recall how he lacerated his kidney (in addition to the 2 you mentioned)? What do those have to do with Grigson and/or the offensive line? Im not saying Grigson was the best GM but lets not act like Luck avoided contact, threw the ball away and got down when a hit was coming.
  4. Theres more to it than that. Pick one: Buckner or Kinlaw plus the money Buckners paid which could have been another FA player for the next 4 years.
  5. Either way Ballard will (and should) be linked to Jordan Love. Colts had a need, had the pick and chose not to take him. Right or wrong its part of Ballards draft record now.
  6. Crazy idea so crazy it may be true. The Lions and Giants want out of their picks but are having trouble locking anything in (per ESPN). Ballard called them both to see the price thinking it may be less than that type of trade would normally cost. Tua to the Colts. I doubt that but I could certainly see the Colts calling to ask and that would satisfy the trade up rumor. Very seriously doubt we move up.
  7. Is that John Voight as your profile pic!? If so - very nice. If not, I dont ever want to see you again (jk...maybe).
  8. Good point. Also a way tougher comparison than Gronk. Gates is top 5 all time, maybe top 3?
  9. Mid-1990's for me. I wasn't alive for the Baltimore days and its always struck me as a little odd that the Baltimore Colts are part of the Indianapolis Colts but the Baltimore Ravens weren't part of the Browns (before the Browns came back at least). And then the Browns history remained with the Browns when they came back but the Baltimore Colts history isn't with the Ravens even though they're both in Baltimore. Is it ownership that determines that?
  10. I think the age and injuries are wildly overstated on this forum unless you also wouldn't agree to take Luck back. Cam is the same age as Luck and hes basically the exact same size. Both have lost multiple games/seasons to injury BUT... Cam has played in a SB and won an MVP.
  11. I have some inside information around this subject too... My sources say any team in the top 10 of salary cap space that didn't make the playoffs are mildly very seriously pursuing the elite free agents with a loosely aimed laser focus that will guarantee they sign them unless they dont.
  12. According to Albert Breer of SI.com, the Giants and Colts will not be among the suitors if Brady leaves the Patriots in free agency. Why would the Giants be interested in any veteran QBs in the first place? This makes no sense. Daniel Jones was really really good as a rookie. Plus they're not one veteran QB away from the postseason - they won 4 games last year. I read stuff like that and the author immediately loses credibility.
  13. Agreed. Plus you'd have 0 leverage in a trade situation when every team would know JB has been replaced and has next to no value as a Colt.
  14. I love that sentence. Good content and nice alliteration. A+
  15. Fair enough, I submit. Ill curl up under my Eli Manning bed sheets tonight knowing Im the only one who thinks hes elite. Correction, me, Archie and Olivia.
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