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  1. I love the signing for the obvious potential he brings but...anytime I see a timeline with the Colts and an injury I cringe. Based on the Colts saying mid-September Im expecting him game 5 of 2027
  2. Equally perplexing to me is why you'd; 1. open a thread about draft grades and thoughts if you dont care about draft grades and thoughts 2. comment on a thread about something you said you dont care about only to tell us you dont care about it
  3. What a fantastic commercial. Still funny all these years later.
  4. Completely agree. As I've said multiple times we like to assume improvement for our players while assuming other teams players will get worse or at a minimum not improve. We seem to think Colts player development is the key to success while completely ignoring that every team has coaches and young/developmental players too. Just once I'd like to hear someone say something like this... his history has shown Campbell has been injured so often that his ability to practice/play has been so diminished in the last 2 years that we should reasonably expect him to be a C+ player as opposed
  5. Agreed. To be fair the saying on here has been; "dont worry that the Colts did nothing in FA, Ballard will fix it in the draft." Now the saying is "dont worry about the draft Ballard will fix it during FA." I'm worried next the saying will be; "Don't worry about 2021, Ballard will fix it in 2022."
  6. I should also add in FA they added: Bills signed Emanuel Sanders and Matt Breida Cardinals added JJ Watt, AJ Green, James Connor and Malcom Bulter Ravens added Zeitler and Wakins. We had better hope none of the young players on these 3 teams get any better. Before the response it 'we have to sign our own players' tell me how the Bucs and Chiefs are adding talent and signing their own players (best in the league players in many cases both drafted and free agents). Sure the Chiefs drafted an all world QB but the Bucs didn't and they both have rosters packed wi
  7. Not aimed at you personally but you mention a point I keep hearing a lot that is very overstated IMO; the players on this roster will get better. Doesn't that apply to every team and their players? The first three games this year are Arizona, Baltimore and Buffalo. Two of those 3 teams we're better than the Colts last year. Should we assume Kyler and Isiah Simmons are finished products? Dobbins and DuVernay reached maximum potential their rookie years and wont improve this offseason? Allen, Singeltary and White will regress this season? The Colts aren't the only team wi
  8. Alright, alright, alright.
  9. Banogu played 26% of the defensive snaps in 2019. He played 10% in 2020. That may not be his fault though because he was inactive for five games. That's not an indicator of a player ascending. Its literally the opposite. But as you say how would the poster have any inclination that Banogu is done? If youre going to condescend please please please at least know what youre talking about.
  10. 100% agree. Its ok to not make a splash on big names in FA but this team is losing starters with no line-of-sight to replace them with superior talent. I'm not sure how that leads to anything other than regression.
  11. I wonder if hes going to be healthy to start the year. If the Colts and Mack know he wont be ready to go until week 8 (for example) why not stay in Indy get healthy and contribute down the stretch. Great depth for the Colts that, when healthy, can do some real damage and would be hitting his stride when we'd need him the most. I like it.
  12. I know its not your job to explain this but...I read a couple articles on this but still can't make sense of how this saved them money. This is the closest thing I've found that explains how they save cap space with move: "Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hill simply gets the $12.159 million he was supposed to earn this year. The addition of the four phony years, regardless of fake salaries, allows for the creation of $7.75 million in cap space." From PFT/Florio If hes still making the same salary how does this save them money? Can someone help me out pleas
  13. Sometimes comments are pointless and unnecessary.
  14. If a rookie Andrew Luck was available in this years 2021 draft and it would take the Colts three first round picks to move up and get him, you would say no thanks? The bulk of this thread is saying Grigson only had success because of Luck and was otherwise a terrible GM. If a great QB alone allowed a terrible/worst ever/career destroying GM like Grigson to get to the AFC title game and win 4 playoff games (i think) then wouldn't you give up literally everything for a great QB because Ballard is light years better than Grigson was?
  15. No point beating a dead horse. You can marginalize the conversation by leaning on the greatest outlier in all of sporting history and ignore all the other data but I'll not stick around for that.
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