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  1. I think the age and injuries are wildly overstated on this forum unless you also wouldn't agree to take Luck back. Cam is the same age as Luck and hes basically the exact same size. Both have lost multiple games/seasons to injury BUT... Cam has played in a SB and won an MVP.
  2. I have some inside information around this subject too... My sources say any team in the top 10 of salary cap space that didn't make the playoffs are mildly very seriously pursuing the elite free agents with a loosely aimed laser focus that will guarantee they sign them unless they dont.
  3. According to Albert Breer of SI.com, the Giants and Colts will not be among the suitors if Brady leaves the Patriots in free agency. Why would the Giants be interested in any veteran QBs in the first place? This makes no sense. Daniel Jones was really really good as a rookie. Plus they're not one veteran QB away from the postseason - they won 4 games last year. I read stuff like that and the author immediately loses credibility.
  4. Agreed. Plus you'd have 0 leverage in a trade situation when every team would know JB has been replaced and has next to no value as a Colt.
  5. Im thankful the refs/NFL seemed to figure it out in the postseason. I dont recall any terrible calls in any playoff games this season and that was a VERY nice change from how this season started. Hoping that carries into next season as well.
  6. The Luck excuse is officially over. Ballard knows Luck is not part of this team. He has a top 15 pick. He has cap space (in part due to Luck leaving). Relevant to the topic, the 49ers knew they needed a QB so they got one via trade. If Ballard CHOOSES to ignore a QB in the draft, trade and/or free agency the results are on him and have nothing to do with Luck.
  7. What possible reason would he have to sign with the Colts over the Pats? I love the Colts and hate the Pats but lets be honest- The Patriots have a better coach, better defense, better offense, they won more games in 2019 and they made the playoffs. The Colts have a better run game.
  8. Admittedly I know nothing about sound mixing but I get the feeling they dont either. During a two person conversation person 1's volume is at 10 while person 2's volume is at 1. You turn it up to hear person 2 and then have a brain aneurysm when person 1 starts talking again at volume 5,000. Pretty good content but I had to give it up and switched to the official Colts cast and/or KB.
  9. Tannehills regular season passing yards per game puts him just about the same average as Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson in yards per game (about 250 per game). Hes also ahead of both in average passing TDs per game (about 2). He threw for 4 less passing TDs on the year but did it in 5 less games. Give Tannehill his average for the season and he finishes 3rd in passing TDs (32) and around 11th-12th in yards.
  10. Ok college player experts help me out... If he didtn have this injury is he a franchise QB? Im not a big college fan but Alabama QB's scare me. I cant think of one thats translated to the NFL. If Tua never had the injury does he translate?
  11. IMO very few players talent transcends their situation (Julio Jones, Barry Sanders, LT, etc) its the situation that determines the result. For example, Chris Chambers was, in my opinion, very very good but that's not necessarily reflected anywhere. He had a few great seasons with Gus Ferotte throwing him the ball. What would that look like if he were drafted here with Peyton throwing him the ball for 13 years? Sure DK looks great - with Wilson throwing him ball. Sure Mack looks great running the ball - with this O line. Are those different results with different situations? 100% yes.
  12. I dont follow a ton of college and you clearly know way more about college players than me so these are honest questions... Didn't Campbell set OSU records in receptions, yards and TD's his final year (I recall that from the broadcast)? The bulk of that production at OSU came from the slot? I thought he would be more of a Julian Edelman type that plays all over, gets involved deep, in the screen game and in the run game.
  13. I must have missed it but where is all the Carr talk coming from? Did Gruden say hes available (wouldn't surprise me with him)? If were talking about acquiring a QB under contract Id be on the phone with the Lions asking what it would take to get Stafford (assuming hes healthy). Hes 31 years old (about the same age as Luck) and could play a long time here. Hes an elite passer. We can absorb the cap hit. The Lions won 3 games this year and may be ready to start over.
  14. I think a lot of people didn't watch the game. Look at the first down breakouts and tell me Tannehill didn't have a huge impact; 1st Downs 15 Passing 1st downs 11 Rushing 1st downs 3 1st downs from penalties 1
  15. Agreed. This seems to me like a comment on HOW GOOD the locker room is. I will play here and nowhere else is a pretty powerful statement on the state of this team/locker room.
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