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  1. Mitch Connors

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Im not criticizing Ballard or the people that fully believe in him. Im saying the narrative is slightly off. All good/great teams sign free agents we just dont pay as close attention because its not the Colts. Belicheck Patriots; Moss, Revis, Welker, Dillon, Galloway, Vrabel, Harrison, Amondeola, Cooks, McCourty, etc, etc. The Broncos won free agency and a superbowl with a certain QB. They also added; Welker, Vasquez, DRC & Terrance Knighton the next season. How about the year the Seahawks won the SB? Cliff Avril, Micheal Bennet and Percy Harvin. 3 of the biggest FA signings that year. Pick a team/year and Ill find the huge FA's or trades they made before they won something.
  2. Mitch Connors

    Current Salary Cap Status

    There are two things to consider about a drafted player meeting the success criteria thats being set forth in this debate; 1. Can they play in the NFL? 2. If 1 is met do they resign with the team that drafted them? If a player meets both of those criteria the next hurdle is signing them to a second contract. On average theres a 71% chance to resign a 1st round pick, 42% a 2nd round pick, 19% for 3rd and its gets worse from there. That really high 1st round number tells you that odds of signing those players in FA is very small because they stay with their team. That also says a team had better maximize their 2-7 round picks because odds are they wont last more than 4 years on that team. This article talks about how statistically most draft picks dont work out.
  3. Mitch Connors

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Free agency is based on the premise that what you've done in the past can be replicated in the future under slightly different circumstances. The draft is taking something thats never been done and seeing if you can project the future based on a past that is drastically different. FA is saying this car has run really well on highways for 5 years and 50,000 miles. I bet it will run just as well or better for the next 5 years on city streets. The draft is saying this car looks good in mocks and test track runs and Ill bet we can change a few things with the engine and transmission and make it run like a dream in the city. Both are gambles.
  4. Mitch Connors

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Not to be argumentative and I'm only asking you because I see you take up for Ballard a lot... Do you (or anyone) think there are GM's that say; "We're not interested in the draft and developing our own players. Only free agency for this team."? Nobody drafts a player and says, crap this guys a bust but we took him cause we had to even though we dont care about the draft because we're 100% free agency. They dont say that because they all believe they're going to draft their future team but it never works out that way. Drafting is and always will be a crapshoot guessing game. The day that changes is the day free agency wont be required to build a contending team.
  5. Mitch Connors

    Is Jordan Wilkins Overlooked?

    No teams are worried and game planning to stop a guy that may or may not touch the ball. Look at his effectiveness in the games he started when Mack was hurt and see how that changes when Mack is the focus. Wilkins benefits from not starting games and that would change (obviously) if/when he did start. He benefits from Mack taking the early reps and wearing teams down. He benefits from Mack by not being a focus defensively and the results show that.
  6. Mitch Connors

    John Simon [Merge]

    Really happy for him. He made a couple huge plays and has a SB ring now. Even though he may have contributed here that move feels like a win/win now.
  7. Mitch Connors

    What can we learn from the pats??

    The "invisible hand" is really aiding those deep passes.
  8. I was just telling my wife that I would gladly trade the 2006 Super Bowl win for a QB Pro Bowl skills challenge victory by Jim Sorgi (Peyton was playing and couldn't go). So weird to hear anyone say a SB would be better than a PB skills challenge. Guess Im in the minority on this one...
  9. Mitch Connors

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Lets stop this notion right here. Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers to EVER play the game. Im certainly willing to here how hes not a fit in the locker room, contract value isnt worth it and off-field issues but the narrative that he inst THAT good is 1000000% wrong. For reference Marvin Harrison is widely considered to be in the top 10 (top 5 by many) WRs of all time. Here are the comparisons through 9 years of their careers.
  10. Mitch Connors

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    WR seems to be so hit or miss in the draft this is one spot Id definitely try to get an established player in free agency. We dont need a game breaker for $16 mil a year (we have Hilton for that) but we could do much much worse than guys like Tate, Cobb or Williams from the Chargers.
  11. Mitch Connors

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    Let me be CLEAR to the NFL Football World!!!!! I cannot express how happy I am that I no longer watch weather reports dreading the thought of the Colts playing outside.
  12. Mitch Connors

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    Im probably just a cynic but until hes proves otherwise Mahomes is the new Wastson who is the new Wentz who is the new Prescott who is the new Carr. All of those QBs were the best QB to come along in forever because they had an electric start (and that's just the past 5 seasons). Let me see Mahomes do something for more than 16 games and Ill believe it.
  13. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Fair enough, I misread that post - my bad. Haha, Id love to see Goodells reaction when he found out a member of the Saints coaching staff was paying players in cash.
  14. Mitch Connors

    3 games to go!

    Such an odd thing to argue on a forum. The point is he LITERALLY WHEELED in cash to prove a point and motivate his team. If you and everyone else knows how playoff games are paid then youd know the payout and understand his message without the need for me to clarify his meaning.
  15. Mitch Connors


    Couldn't agree more. Their defense is successful when they can pass rush with no fear of you running because they have a 14 point lead. Rack up the sacks and protect the shaky run defense. The Chiefs score more 1st quarter points than any team in the league and its by a lot. Super super hard to stop them early but, I agree, that is the difference. Chiefs 9.2 points 1st quarter. The Rams are #2 with 6.6 points.