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  1. Yup. I keep thinking Mack is a franchise type RB but he certainly isn't used like one. He barely plays 3rd downs. He almost never catches passes (see current NFL RB's all over the league) Hes not in to close halves or any 2 minute style offense. Hes never in on the last drives. Hes essentially used as a 2 down back. Ive seen Hines carry the ball enough to know hes not in the same universe of ability as Mack is. Makes no sense at all.
  2. The Texans have lost more than the Colts just this year. They lost their 1st round pick Howard before the season started. They lost Lamar Miller before the season. They lost Fuller for several games this year. Clowney is gone. They lost JJ Watt for the season. Every one of those players is a starter on the Colts with the exception of possibly Howard and that we cant say for sure. Other than TY and Desir we haven't lost a player that would start for the Texans.
  3. Fair enough, I submit. Ill curl up under my Eli Manning bed sheets tonight knowing Im the only one who thinks hes elite. Correction, me, Archie and Olivia.
  4. I recognize the levity but arent you a big advocate of statistics? He's an elite passer statistically (look at yards/tds per year played vs others). He's elite from a Super Bowl wins perspective (how many QBs have more than 1). You're relying on the good old fashioned eye-test to tell me the above 2 things dont matter? Edit-grammar
  5. I think we're going to disagree on this one. If the overall win/loss record is knock against him doesn't that make the 2 Super Bowl wins even better? He is clearly good enough to QB a Super Bowl team - he has 2 rings - so its hard for me to believe hes also the reason they didn't win more games/Super Bowls. He has 2 Super Bowl MVP awards. He has 2 Super Bowl wins. Hes ranked 8th in passing yards. Hes ranked 8th in passing TDs. Show me anyone in NFL history that has anywhere near that resume that isnt elite.
  6. I agree in principal but the Super Bowl results say elite QB's win rings not franchise QB's. Im nowhere near convinced yet JB is elite or can be. In the Pats dynasty era (roughly the current rules) there have been 3 non-elite QB's that won a ring; Brad Johnson Joe Flacco Nick Foles *Yes Eli Manning is elite; 2 SB wins & top 8 in passing yards all time.
  7. If we're counting losses I will be honestly very surprised if the Colts beat the Saints in NO. If that happens we need the Texans to lose 3 of their remaining 5 games.
  8. Thank you for researching and posting all of this data. Its very information and honestly fun to read - thank you!
  9. Interestingly only one team (Giants) is in the top 10 on total passing attempts and top 10 in drops. Volume isnt an indicator of drops. The Colts are #6 (#1 being the worst) in percentage of total passes dropped at 3.3%. EDIT - I would have thought the % was much higher than that.
  10. Vinny is currently the 38th ranked kicker with a 72% success rate (4% below 37 BTW) among 40 players that have attempted a kick this year. By simple definition of their being only 32 teams there are literally several kickers available that are having a better statistical year than he is.
  11. Define fan. Sounds like this debate is divided into fans of the Colts team vs fans of players. Most that want Vinny gone want to replace a failing player in favor of the Colts team. If thats not you, fine, but that doesnt make other fans pathetic.
  12. Frank says we have total faith in our kicker AND the locker room is a factor then why did you bring in kickers this week to try out? If a tryout made 100/100 kicks including 10/10 from 60 yards then the locker room and faith in your current kicker no longer matter? Thats why, IMO, the tryouts were to pacify fans/players and they had no intention of making a change.
  13. 100% agree. Bring in kickers that you have no intention of signing no matter what so you can say "we had every intention of holding him accountable but nobody was better." They could have tried out Justin Tucker yesterday and they 100000% wouldn't have signed him and cut Vinny.
  14. My gosh...I almost always agree with you but this one has me scratching my head. You're arguing against points I'm not making. Did you read my posts or assume Im in the start Kelly camp? Is Hoyer better than Kelly right now? You dont know that and neither does anyone else but lets say yes. WHY IS KELLY ON THE TEAM THEN? We dont need 3 QBs for 9 weeks (barring last week) when this team is riddled with injuries. Is Kelly better than Hoyer right now? You dont know that and neither does anyone else but lets say yes. WHY IS HOYER ON THE TEAM THEN? We dont need 3 QBs for 9 weeks (barring last week) when this team is riddled with injuries. Im of the mind that since nobody here knows the answer to those 2 questions get rid of Hoyer and fill that spot with DT, WR, OL that may contribute in the future. We know what Hoyer is and its not good enough (ask every teams hes played on). As far as roster building goes, how many teams carry 3 QB's even on the practice squad? Less than half and the bulk of those are, like the Colts, due to injuries. This is a team that doesnt have the luxury of carrying 3 QBs.
  15. You missed the point, i think, because I wasn't clear. This has nothing to do with Chad Kelly playing, its about Hoyer and the roster. If Hoyer is the plan for a long term backup why is Chad Kelly on this team? I understand last week with injuries but why the other 8 weeks? In this scenario Kelly will never play so cut him for another roster spot. If Hoyer is here for a year (assume Kelly is the backup after) why would you even have Hoyer at all? The Colts would be saying Hoyer will be here 1 year even though we know Kelly is better which is why hes the future backup. In order to say that you'd have to know Kelly is better now. If Kelly is better than why bring in Hoyer? If this was a stopgap for weeks 1-2 why not keep Walker and then waive him week 3? I cant make sense of what the Colts are trying to do here.
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