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  1. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    Great insight and back and forth today. Zeke is for sure a stud. Hopefully the Colts can slow him down (no easy task for sure) and make Dak win the game.
  2. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    We can agree to disagree on the Cowboys as a team debate but I will add one last stat in regards to your comment; 8 man fronts faced: Zeke sees them on 26.12 % Lamar Miller sees them on 23.16%. I do think that speaks to Zeke's effectiveness as well. Zeke is certainly legit.
  3. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    Here are the offensive rankings of the teams Dallas has beaten: 11, 17, 9, 25, 12, 30, 27, 28, 21, 15, 28, 2, 21 BTW; 2 of those top 11 teams were Cowboy loses (Carolina and Seattle) and that #12 ranked offense - the Texans also a Dallas loss.
  4. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    If YPC are so important, who has a higher YPC - Zeke or Miller? Also Watson has 410 yards rushing where Prescott has 303. Its not the QBs, its not they yards per game, its not the yards per carry between the "feature back". Why is Dallas better on the groud?
  5. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas Houston gets more yards on the ground per game but most don't know that because Dallas has Zeke and he gets 89% of the yards (minus QB yards) where Miller gets 66% of the Texans yards. Texans uses more backs than just Miller where Dallas uses Zeke almost exclusively. The #2 back on the Texans has 467 yards, the #2 on Dallas has 85. This is the exact situation in Atlanta the past few years with Coleman and Freeman. They split carries so nobody knows how effective they each are just like the Texans.
  6. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    That's a fair point and I forgot the timing of that game- thanks for the call out. I think most of my doubt comes from the medias love for all things Cowboys, which has historically been overblown. I suppose Ill believe it when I see it.
  7. Mitch Connors

    Beating Dallas

    Clearly I'm in the minority but I think Dallas is the most overrated team in the league. They beat 1 good team in the Saints and that comes with an * because it was a home Thursday night game. Their defense has faced two teams in the top 10 on offense (Saints on Thursday) and the Panthers. Their passing offense is #25 in the league and that includes Cooper. Their passing game is worse than the Texans. Their run game is very good but its actually less effective than the Texans run offense and that includes QB yards because Watson and Prescott have very similar running stats.
  8. Im genuinely not trying to come at you so I hope you don’t take it that way but we’re so far apart on this one. mack has had 4 games where’s he’s been given 15 carries or more: 15 carries / 85 yards / 5.7 avg 16 carries / 61 yards / 3.8 avg 25 carries / 132 yards / 5.3 avg 19 carries / 126 yards / 6.6 avg Give him the ball and he produces on average per carry, he produces on volume carries and he produces on tape. Injuries are are a concern I’ll give you that.
  9. Here is the annual cap hit per player over the next 3 seasons. Remember that salary you're spending goes beyond the 120 million next year. You believe that massive money outlay is spent the most effective on that position with those players given all the data available?
  10. YPC is overrated? Whats the measure to use then? Opportunity is the most important stat and Gurley has twice as much with the Rams as Mack does with the Colts. You also think the Colts will get Bell (or Gurley in this hypothetical) and completely change their offensive approach because of it? The Colts rush the ball 24 times per game (#22 in the NFL) while the Rams rush the ball 29 (#7). What measure are you using other than YPC (which is a stat of attempts/yards) to show that would happen?
  11. Im not suggesting Mack on the Colts is as good as Gurley on the Rams and Id never trade Mack for Gurley - not one time. The difference in production for Gurley on this team wouldnt be worth the cost we'd have to pay for Gurley vs what Mack delivers at his current pay. If the Colts gave Mack as many touches as Gurley and the results were the same (even though Mack would almost certainly get more yards as more touches almost always equals a higher average) it would be; Todd Gurley - 233 carrries, 1175 yards, 15 tds Marlon Mack - 233 carries, 1161 yards, 8 tds Its not the stats that seperatre the players its the perception. And im saying Id like someone to show me what Im missing becasue I dont see the issues with Mack I read on here all the time.
  12. For reference: Mack is tied for 10th on average yards per rush at 5 (tied with Todd Gurley FYI). Only 3 of those top 10 RBs face a larger % of 8 man fronts than Mack at 22% (Gurley at 8%). Mack has broken 11 tackles on 129 carries or 9% of his carries. (Gurley 17%) Looking at that I can conclude that Mack breaks half as many tackles as Todd Gurley but he averages the same yards per touch even though he faces 8 man fronts 3x as often as Gurley. So tell me again how Mack is so bad?
  13. I watched every carry Mack had Sunday again and with the exception of 1 play in the third quarter he was much better than nearly everyone is giving him credit for. Id love someone to post screenshots or video that show he missed openings, made bad cuts, or was too slow to the hole - they're not there. Unless you believe he should be cutting all of these runs back theres nothing more he can do.
  14. Mitch Connors

    Conventional rb screens ... Why does Frank hate them

    Same formation and same play from the first Jags game with a different result. The Red Zone didnt/couldnt allow the Colts to play so far off the ball which left the defenders much closer to the tackle for a 5 yard gain. These are not check downs due to coverage, these are designed plays that we've shown we cannot reliably defend.
  15. Mitch Connors

    Conventional rb screens ... Why does Frank hate them

    That was a designed pass to the RB and it wasnt behind the LOS. Thats the RB dump pass Im talking about. They waited 2 seconds for our LBs to sink into their zone (already 10 yards off the ball) and dump it off to the RB underneath. Given the fact that theyre at the fringe of FG range should have been reason enough to limit any yardage gained but we gave them at least 10 free yards which makes a 56-57 yard FG a 46-47 even if they dont convert the down. Thats why it happens week after week.