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  1. Thats the key right there. 4 of their D linemen are 1st round picks (3 from the 49ers and 1 from the Chiefs). In my mind the 49ers D Line = the Colts O Line. You get what you pay for.
  2. Agreed. The Colts should run film on Sony Michele (Mack) and James White (Hines) in New England - thats how you use your backs effectively.
  3. Great points. Really curious what this means for Campbell now that you mention it.
  4. To be fair, if the Colts miss the playoffs by 1 game why wouldnt Vinny's SD game be sited as a reason? Also, if 3 weeks of bad kicks isnt a trend then 3 weeks of good kicks isnt either.
  5. Ouch. Glad there's a bye next week so some of these guys can get healthy.
  6. Did you see this? This type of thing makes me like players more and more. Loved the response largely because Deshaun made it clear, in 30 seconds, I know nothing about being an NFL QB.
  7. First, I agree a trade is never going to happen. Below is the quote and article they referenced. “At some point, you’re not going to be able to run the ball for 180 yards, even with the best running back in the NFL,” Thielen said at his locker. “And that’s when you have to be able to throw the ball, you have to be able to make plays, you have to be able to hit the deep balls. You have to do that because otherwise it’s too easy for teams to just tee up and rush the quarterback. We have to be able to run the ball and pass the ball.” https://deadspin.com/adam-thielen-tries-very-hard-to-not-say-anything-mean-a-1838625658
  8. I agree and I dont think we should/could have gotten those guys. I was pointing out that I think its insane to give Ballard credit for NOT doing something. Thats like me saying "Really Ebron should get praise for those drops, after all he could have fumbled if he caught those passes."
  9. I dont claim to be an expert but isnt this defense working exactly as its supposed to? We get pressure with the front 4 (week 1 & 2 anyway) leaving 7 with coverage responsibility. We make teams beat us with check downs and short routes waiting for them to make a mistake (bend but dont break). We dont give up deep passes. We get gouged by the run if we cant fill gaps and/or shed blocks to make tackles. We get eaten alive by RB's out of the backfield and TE's that chip block before releasing. Seems to me the scheme isnt working because the players arent making the plays and thats the difference betweeen this year and last.
  10. That knife cuts both ways. He shouldn't get credit for not bringing someone in unless he takes heat for missing on the players he should have brought in. He should have traded for Clowney. He should have made a move on Tyrell Williams. He should have signed CJ Mosley. He should have signed Mark Ingram.
  11. Right on. The Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the league at stopping the run. When you think about them also having the best offense which means playing with the lead a lot and they STILL give up that much on the ground. Their front 7 is a liability and can be exploited but it takes discipline to the run regardless of the score. Mack gets 25 carries and we play action pass all day - this could be a game. Colts win 27-24. Mack gets 10 carries and we try more long slow developing routes - this will be a route. Chiefs win 42-17.
  12. This team cannot stop the run which makes it really hard to mount an effective pass rush when its 2nd and 3 or 3rd and 2. The Colts are bottom 10 in run defense and top 10 in pass defense. That's not because this defense is elite covering the pass.
  13. Why not bring Mike Mitchell back? Current free agent. Played here last year and knows our system.
  14. I loved the pass to end the game. Play to win. I recall an announcer (no idea who) a few years ago say - ask yourself as a fan or player of the other team what you hope your team does and then do the opposite. Every Falcon fan was HOPING for a run there to give them a chance to win because they knew a completion ends the game. Play to win.
  15. Anyone have Gamepass or watch the games after the broadcast to see if Campbell is actually getting open? Hes been in on 29% (LAC) and 25% (TEN) of snaps for 2 total targets. Is he open and JB isnt seeing him or is he covered? Is he in on running downs mostly?
  16. I think thats fair. The falcons can win a game 20-10 by grinding the run or they can win a game 38-35 by airing it out. I'm not positive we can win a shoot out.
  17. Naughright filed a defamation lawsuit against Manning and Underwood. Prior to the parties reaching an out-of-court settlement, Manning gave damaging testimony
  18. https://www.si.com/nfl/2016/02/13/peyton-manning-tennessee-sexual-assault-allegations-Jamie-Naughright Pretty sure half the posters in this thread would say they would never sign a player accused of this type of behavior.
  19. That, to me, is the craziest thing about Jerry Rice. I remember him going to Oakland and I said this dude is hanging on too tight and needs to let it go. 3000 yards in 3 years later when he was 40... Cant see that ever happening again.
  20. Agreed. From what I read (Im not a CB expert) Ramsey is an A level CB but thats a lot to give up for any player. Particularly one that cant get along with his coach.
  21. Like Cam or not he makes teams play him differently because hes such a threat on the ground and through the air. Hes also a league MVP and NFC champion that hold several NFL records. If Brisset is anywhere near Cams level we'd be in a great spot.
  22. My mistake, I misread your point about the Pats. You clearly said "retire as a Pat" but in my head I read "be in their Ring of Honor" (assuming they do something similar). I dont think the Pats will 1 day contract him but I do think they will honor him when he retires. I believe he will wind up in 2 Ring of Honor situations - Colts and Pats.
  23. Wow. Overreact much? First, the Pats will do that regardless I think. Second, Vinny has the worst kick rate in the NFL. Nobody will sign him. Third, what does any of this have to with the ring of honor?
  24. 100% Id cut him . If Mack was fumbling on 66% of his touches (Vinnys miss rate ATM) do you think he should still be out there? What if Braden Smith was giving up sacks on 66% of drop backs how longs his leash? Do you honestly believe another NFL team would sign Vinny if the Colts cut him today? The salary hit is irrelevant we're so far under right now.
  25. I think the big problem in your post is its all about what AV wants. The NFL has been and always will be a league about what you can do next, not what you've done in the past. As much as I like AV this shouldn't be his choice - the guys missed 7 kicks in his past 3 games. The Colts should say, "you're gonna be benched. You can retire on your own terms or you can be cut'. A Hall of Fame resume has nothing to do with this. Can he make the kicks? The answer is no.
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