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  1. Your friend is an amazing person. Does Bilbo happen to play safety? I'm a little worried his height may be an issue but he does have a ring...
  2. Way to shift the goal posts and condescend when you do it too. Since your angle on this board is to show us all how much smarter you are...here's a chance to prove it. The statement was "Paris Campbell is a bust" and you said he's not. Please, come down from the mountaintop and learn us... 1. He's played in 14 games of a possible 38. BUST. 2. He averages 25 yards per game in the games he's played. BUST. 3. Factor in opportunity cost and he's worth 20 yards a game and 1 TD every 19 games. BUST. 4. He has 2 TD's in 3 seasons as a #1 or #2 WR. BUST. Here's one more little tidbit for you to chew on. You know how guys like to trash players around here for hype but not proving anything? Sometimes posters make statements like "hes been great in training camp" or "I actually read stories about players" but they dont back it up with anything substantial - you know what I mean? Darick Rogers played in 5 games - FIVE and he has as many TDs and 35% of the total yards as Campbell does IN HIS CAREER. Therefore, Darick Rogers is arguably the best WR this team has ever had....because, you know, I actually read a story about it where Bill Belicheck, Peyton Manning and Vince Lombardi said it.
  3. You make a ton of assumptions here about what is and isnt in his control. How is his diet? How is his offseason training program? What's his training regimen look like? Does he follow the rehap training to the letter? Lets not assume he's doing things correctly and none of this is out of his control.
  4. Jimmy G is much much better than he's getting credit for here. His stats and win/loss record are far better than people realize. His problem is he can't stay on the field not what he does when hes out there. Hes already missed a game this season due to injury. Ill be surprised if he doesn't light this defense up but, to be fair, I expected Mills to have a career day too. Hopefully, I'm wrong again.
  5. No idea why that made me laugh but I immediately thought of Rock and Roll, then Rocky Road ice cream and now I dont know what to do with myself.
  6. You know this made me remember the only time in my life I remember yelling at the TV during a non-Colts game during that Was/Sea playoff game when RG3 got hurt. I still wonder if RG3 would be playing if they took him out like they should have when he could barely move. It was sad to watch him gut that out and ultimately end his career when someone should have stepped in.
  7. Edge IMO. Taylor is great but Edge was considered an elite back by nearly everyone. Not sure JT is there yet. Its worth noting that its a very different game then when Edge was a rookie. For reference, Edge had more touches in his first season than Taylor has had combined last year and this year even though last years Colts team had more rushing attempts (459) than the 1999 Colts of Edges rookie year (419). The days of a "bell cow" RB are over and I personally think Emmitt's records will never be broken because of it.
  8. For me its less the record and more the feeling I have watching the games. Can anyone that's watched this Colts team under Ballard/Reich say they didn't immediately think we were in trouble when the Ravens scored to end the third making it 22-9? A 22-9 lead in the 4th quarter and the 6-7 Colts fans that watch/chat/text during the game with me all said the exact same thing - here we go again. Sure the schedule has been hard but other teams aren't routinely blowing leads, leaving 3-9 points on the field every game, getting demolished by division rivals and refusing to adjust when the game is slipping away. Yes the Chiefs have lost games THIS YEAR but the Colts have this happen every year under Reich/Ballard. Ill gladly accept the comparison when I see the Colts even remotely perform at the Chiefs level for even 3 consecutive games. Its either terribly slow starts or catastrophic finishes but this team has played maybe 1-2 complete games in the last 50.
  9. I see this around here a lot and it really confuses me (not directed at your personally btw). Drafting players that take 2-4 years to develop is failing as a GM when other GM's are drafting players that are ready now in the same draft range. He's clearly choosing the wrong player. There is literally no scenario where getting positive results later as opposed to earlier is better- drafting included.
  10. Fisher got absolutely worked on the strip sack of Wentz where the defender was essentially untouched to Wentz. We have different views on playing well apparently.
  11. If we're being objective... Did anyone at any point say; "This game would be 100% different if Nelson was out there?" I mean that was against a top 10 sack producing unit this year and our RBs had their best game of the season. I love Nelson too but the fact he was adequately replaced by an undrafted free agent...
  12. The idea that the Colts can make the playoffs by beating all the bad teams and losing to all the good ones doesn't really instill confidence. Show up tonight vs a potential playoff team and get a win. IMO tonight is a must win game.
  13. That 4th down call this game was terrible even though they converted. The risk outweighed the reward so far it was lunacy to go for it. Its like gambling $5000 to win $10. Just because you win and now have $5010 doesn't change the fact that it was a terrible decision.
  14. 10000% agree with this and its an example of what drives me crazy about this teams approach to 4th down. Aggressive posture that's almost never backed by the game plan. If you're going to be aggressive than play aggressive. Frank risked 3 points on that 1 play (if we dont convert they're in FG range) and for what? So we could dump it off to RBs on 2 of the next 3 plays? I assume Frank realized we needed like 50 yards to get in FG range, right? Id prefer not to hear about the deep shot not being there (it wasnt all day anyway) because, I dont know, the Dolphins had to assume that was the plan after you go for it needlessly on 4th down.
  15. I agree with you overall but that one play in particular was a mistake by Pascal (IMO). Our outside blocker was driving the CB towards the boundary and Pascal was supposed to cut inside after the tackle (there's a hole there) but he stretched it too far outside into the CB that was effectively blocked right into him. I recall this as should have been a TD but for that mistake. *I'm recalling my thoughts after the play and the replay but I haven't watched it again since.
  16. The fact is if you list their accomplishments/results with no names attached and had to pick one - 100% of people would pick Grigson. 100% guarantee. The only way to say Ballard is better is to attempt to add context that isn't intuitively apparent in the results. All of that context has to lead to a better result at some point or you have to accept the added context is irrelevant.
  17. Honest question how long does it take to turn a roster around? Look at the Browns - their roster was worse and they're much better. What about the Cardinals? They've had top 10 picks 3 years in a row and are now battling in the toughest division in football. The Raiders? The Dolphins? The Chargers? The Bills? The Panthers?
  18. To be fair that goes both ways - if the Titans had a healthy Brown and Julio they would have scored more points.
  19. Agreed although I'm closer to A-/B+. I mean which QB's in the league would we reasonably expect to perform better in our first 2 games given all the bullet points you just mentioned? Two or three at most (IMO) and the ones that come to mind are literally league MVPs.
  20. Bingo. A great coach doesn't equal a great employee. Being tough with players may be acceptable but if you're unable to turn that behavior off when dealing with your superiors and/or peers you're asking for trouble. Not saying that happened here but I'm sure we've all seen successful people let go because of their attitudes.
  21. 6'4" and 234 lbs 6'5" and 237 lbs Which one of those is Luck and which one is Wentz? They're exactly the same size actually.
  22. Down by 3 with 7 minutes left in the game - you suggest the play is to always take the sack? Really, what's the difference between escaping a pocket that's broken to make a play and standing tall in the pocket and taking a big hit as you throw?
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