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  1. He is a backup. That is what he was originally signed for. He will never be a franchise QB no matter how much wishfull thinking is put out there. We are a mediocre team with a mediocre QB. This is what we have this year. There is no way this team can lean on him to win a game when push comes to shove. Otherwise we would not need threads like this.
  2. When a veteran has 3 seperate direct chances to score points, 1 of which would have won the game, and blowes chunks, that is a MAJOR problem. Why is it so difficult to accept the truth. If you asked Vinni if he lost the game what do you think he would say
  3. And when the Colts miss the playoffs by 1 win im sure that this game won't cross the minds of any of the Kum ba yah posters that can't accept the fact that a player lost a game for the team
  4. Nothing has changed in the 35 years the colts have been here. We didn't lose that game because Peyton threw 6 ints. We didn't lose that game because vanderjagt shanked that field goal We didn't lose that game because vinni missed a PAT and 2 FG Nothing but excuse after excuse after excuse I really don't give a crap about a participation trophy attitude
  5. Maybe you need to understand that this is not anger this is rational analysis. There is no way the game would have been played diffetent if he makes the extra point. There is no way the game would have been played diffetent if he makes the feild goal at the end of the half. We were still losing. He messed up 3 TIMES cost us 7 points. Did JB throw 3 ints? That would have been a discussion now wouldn't it. Fault is where it is deserved. No such thing as participation trophies
  6. So are you saying that one of those kicks made, we still lose
  7. There is no probably. It was why it was a loss. 7 points. Do you actually grasp that or are you going to wear blue glasses
  8. A veteran doesn't have that bad of a game unless he has lost it. Or do you need more of a Vandershank game to convince you
  9. Last year doesn't win games this year. With Luck sticking it to the team 2 weeks before the season starts, the rest of the team needs to step up. Did Vinni? Is that what is going to inspire rookie players. Or is this just the result of the franchise qb saying too bad so sad Im done and best wishes
  10. He was ok but the ground game was the only bright spot and that won't last. Welcome to the 1990 colts. The IF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED season is here
  11. How about getting 3 free chances to score a point or 3 or 3 and fail
  12. Yes I know he is not getting cut. I also know that when old age hits, things don't get better because we want them to
  13. It was 7 points. 7 POINTS!!! That is unforgivable for a professional kicker of his stature in 1 game. It was his loss today. He lost that game. You can forgive s missed PAT. You can forgive a missed FG. There is no forgiveness for 2 missed FG and a missed PAT in the same game. It's time for him to be done.
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