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  1. Wentz had Absolutely ZEEEERRRROOOOO to do with that loss
  2. 2 point conversion try that failed. Kick the damn extra point
  3. Typical colts. Snatch defeat from the jaws if victory
  4. It will just need to be Sean 1 and Shawn 2
  5. Truth hurts. Good luck with your crap team
  6. Oh but being called a whiny * because I called this last week? Im not the one insulting people. is this your idea of handling the truth?
  7. It's positing the truth that is not accepted
  8. I hope all of you pansy fans are happy. All you arogant posters that ridiculed me for saying I'm done with Vinny. This organisation doesn't want to win.
  9. Are you really that surprised? You have a backup qb to a backup qb. You have an over the hill kicker that can't even hit extra points but nostalgia won't allow you to complain. Better luck next year homers
  10. Hope all you Blue Glass wearers are so happy with your over the hill, unreliable kicker. Better luck next year. Told you so. Hahahahahahaha
  11. So we don't have a back up for Vinny? I find that hard to believe. So Vinny breaks his leg in the middle of a game. Are you saying we don't kick FG or EP the rest of the game?
  12. And you happily accept what the team puts on the field and if they can put butts in the seats why try to improve when they have sheeples
  13. I have seen too much if this hanging on to players too long. Wasting a roster spot on Bob Sanders to play 2 or 3 games a year instead of a fullback to score a TD when its 1 and goal at the 4 but have to kick a FG instead, and lose the game by 2 points. Playing cover 2 and allowing a team to march down the field and win the game with a FG as time expires. Dumb butt penalties that extend drives. Choking kickers. I've had enough. You sound like you should be a Browns fan
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