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  1. Edgerrin James fumbled eight times his rookie season and after that only had more than 5 once in his career. After his rookie season, he started to wear sleeves on his arms to help keep him from fumbling. If you look at pics of him from the Colts and Cardinals he is wearing black rubber looking sleeves that cover a portion of his forearms to help secure the ball better. Fumbling can be corrected, but what Natson brings to the team can not be. He is a special player that I think can help the Colts.
  2. It really doesn't matter if we believe it or not. What does matter is that he is coaching this way now and if it brings the results that Irsay is looking for then Pagano will be here next year. If it doesn't bring the results Irsay is looking for them we will have a new coach next year.
  3. Thanks, I have been reading the site for a long time and hope to be more involved.
  4. From my impression, this is the way Pagano has been wanting to coach this team and was never allowed to. “Grigson is significantly more involved in the coaching area than [Bill] Polian ever was,” Kravitz writes. “Sources tell me Grigson not only dictated who would and would not play but undermined Pagano when he wanted to discipline certain players.” First, Kravitz writes that, after trading for running back Trent Richardson in 2013, Grigson continued to insist that Richardson play, even though he wasn’t playing very well. “According to sources, Grigson was conce
  5. With 3 of those 5 teams having the 26th ranked offense or worse. The offense can put up points and if the defense can just be average that will make all the difference in those games and we can win a few of those games.
  6. I don't know why there isn't anyone talking about Swoope. He had a good game last night and looked good. With this injury we will see more of Doyle (which is a beast) and see what Swoope can do. He seems to be developing in his position very well and look forward to seeing if he can keep it up in the time he is given to play.
  7. I don"t understand why all these fans are in patient. It takes time to build a competitive team. You want to win so bad right now that you would be willing to get rid of our franchise quarterback for multiple picks that might not work out and lose the foundation of our team. Grigson has been dong better in the draft and is getting more experience every year. We are going in the right direction now. We as fans just need to wait out the storm of a few bad seasons till we get to where they are going. When we had Peyton we did not have a complete team or even good team around him till later in his
  8. This team is looking better every game. We have played 3 top 11 defenses. Jacksonville is 8th total defense with 8 rated pass defense, Chicago 11th total defense with 10th rated pass defense and Houston 7th total defense with 2nd rated pass defense. Against top ranked defenses we have lost them by less than a touchdown or won. Denver has the 4th total defense with 1st rated pass defense and we lost that by 14 points. This team is not as bad as what everyone makes it out to be. If we were we would be losing week after week by 14 points or more. The Oline is looking better and better every week
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