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  1. i am for it , i will play the game, until i pull a hamstring
  2. would love a win, every game we have a chance, need some big plays
  3. i concur, look at cleveland, thus the fallacy of only building through the draft
  4. year two of ballard, our record does not show much promise for his method of aquiring talent
  5. ballard wants to get talent from the draft and no name free agents, he dosent pay for elite talent, be patient it wont take two many more years and we will compete again
  6. i concur some players cant stand up to nfl contact kelly may be one
  7. hooker and mack are not proven talents, that is what we get relying on draft picks. draft picks are a crapshoot, once in a few one works out, hard to field a competive team with draft picks and low dollar free agents, our record tells the tale
  8. ballard likes low dollar low impact players and it saves irsay money, ballard is an owners dream
  9. both seem fragile and injury prone not sure if they can take nfl hitting
  10. rate them a 1 below average at most positions as our record shows we may be heading for the number 1 pick in the draft
  11. new method , draft players, get them experience, jets and pats acquire them. in baseball they would call the colts part of the pats and jets farm system
  12. he seems to be too fragile to play in the nfl does not appear to be a game changer when healthy
  13. if the kids have to play we have to learn to be satisfied watching kids play against proven talent that is what we looked like tonight kids playing against men, like high school against nfl talent
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