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  1. No excuses,every other team has injuries too ,time for the Colts to go on a winning streak and take over 1st place.
  2. The AFC is wide open this season..I think any team that makes the playoffs has a legit chance at the Super Bowl.
  3. Tennessee always get the calls in their favor especially at the most crucial times.Colts defense these next 2 weeks against the Niners and Titans better be on their A game.
  4. Titans are lucky,no doubt about that,it just amazes me that Henry never gets hurt.That guy is so physical and never gets hurt all,unbelievable!!!
  5. Hate to say it but I think Tennessee beats the chiefs,we all know they’re gonna get all the calls.
  6. Titans ALWAYS seem to get the calls at the exact right time!!!!!
  7. I just don’t see us winning the division.With the way our defense is playing,the Titans will score 30 to 40 on us.
  8. This defense is not that good,time for Ballard to start feeling some heat from Mr.Irsay.
  9. I do think it’s time time for Mr.Irsay to step up and hold someone accountable.This defense has definitely taken a step backwards this season.I think Ballard needs to start to feel some pressure,he needs to answer for some of his not so great signings.
  10. We either make the playoffs or Wentz needs to sit and we keep our 1st round pick.
  11. That is some list of players,don’t think I can make it but I might mail some stuff in to get autographed.
  12. Evan Neal,OT,Alabama..Derek Stingley Jr.,CB,LSU..or Kayvon Thibodeaux,DE,Oregon.Anyone of those 3 would look good wearing the Shoe.
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