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  1. A dominating front 7 can make average CB's look good. We may not be dominate but I believe we are going to be pretty good. Ballard has this team on the right track. The ONLY thing Im worried about with this team is Injuries. On offense if Rivers goes down we are back to a fringe playoff team with JB. If Hilton goes down we are soooo young at receiver. If we lose Doyle man that would suck. Next year might actually be our best shot at a superbowl when some of our young talent get some quality PT with a QB like Rivers. Im looking for the Colts to make a big push this year but they wont have t
  2. Eason could very well have a productive career similar but probably not at the level of Beth Rothlesburger. Big Ben had some sneaky running ability. He took a pounding over the years. Eason unfortunately is going to have to use his legs in the NFL there's no two ways about it. Winning plays is all that really matters in Not For Long league. That said, I could possibly see him being the full time starter in 2-3 years. I believe Reich keeps Kelly because he may envision utilizing him in a wildcat/option situation. Those two could not be more different and for some reason I feel there is a reas
  3. Im not a fanboy but imo CK is the QB3 maybe QB2 for this team. JB was given the full year to create trade value this year and to possibly meet contractual incentives. I think as Colts fans we know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to Elite QB's. We are very critical of our QB's as they must meet a standard as must haves. Must haves include winning plays. Its nice that JB was able to play football for a full year for the colts but I can count on one hand the number of winning plays he made. As we watch our QB's at practice which I have and in the preseason you look f
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