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  1. A dominating front 7 can make average CB's look good. We may not be dominate but I believe we are going to be pretty good. Ballard has this team on the right track. The ONLY thing Im worried about with this team is Injuries. On offense if Rivers goes down we are back to a fringe playoff team with JB. If Hilton goes down we are soooo young at receiver. If we lose Doyle man that would suck. Next year might actually be our best shot at a superbowl when some of our young talent get some quality PT with a QB like Rivers. Im looking for the Colts to make a big push this year but they wont have t
  2. Eason could very well have a productive career similar but probably not at the level of Beth Rothlesburger. Big Ben had some sneaky running ability. He took a pounding over the years. Eason unfortunately is going to have to use his legs in the NFL there's no two ways about it. Winning plays is all that really matters in Not For Long league. That said, I could possibly see him being the full time starter in 2-3 years. I believe Reich keeps Kelly because he may envision utilizing him in a wildcat/option situation. Those two could not be more different and for some reason I feel there is a reas
  3. Im not a fanboy but imo CK is the QB3 maybe QB2 for this team. JB was given the full year to create trade value this year and to possibly meet contractual incentives. I think as Colts fans we know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to Elite QB's. We are very critical of our QB's as they must meet a standard as must haves. Must haves include winning plays. Its nice that JB was able to play football for a full year for the colts but I can count on one hand the number of winning plays he made. As we watch our QB's at practice which I have and in the preseason you look f
  4. This is repeated over and over and while it might be true, I believe a decision was made by the coach and GM before the season started to allow JB play the full season regardless of performance to try an earn full starters money and his next contract. The players were also behind this Im sure which made the decision easier to give JB the entire season. I am also willing to bet that Irsay/Ballard had personal goals that JB had to meet to get that contract thus allowing JB to play all the way to the end to meet those goals makes sense. Personally I dont think he met those goals. JB needed to s
  5. Irsay seems to be holding out a little hope by saying he is taking things at face value. That alone suggests he has reservations about Lucks decision. Irasy seems to also suggest by staying with JB and the draft that the door for Luck is wide open to return. Pretty much saying "Luck, I know your out there. Please come back." If there was really no chance Luck comes back, Irsay would have been a little bit more upfront about the future of the Colts, alas he has no clue at the moment.
  6. Interesting game in some respects. I didnt pick us to win but it was a little closer than I thought it would be. This game is a great representation of how different offenses win or loose. Some on here think having a great game manager that makes no mistakes is the best way to win. Others say you need a QB who will put the team on their back and throw open receivers even if it means turning the ball over. The end result is quick hitting plays is demoralizing to the other team. Chunk plays are not scaring anyone especially if you have a high flying of
  7. Attracting any FA's will be difficult without a settled QB situation. imo no FA would be clamoring to join a JB run offense next year thus the reason we are hearing tid bits of our GM scouting young talent at QB. I think Ballard knows it will be very difficult to recruit anyone to Indy without a Luck or similar type QB. Im sure he is in under extreme pressure right now. He cant say what he really thinks and the odds of replicating anything close to what we had with Luck and Manning are not very good. He basically has to hit it out the park to appease his owner and a fan
  8. at 6-6 with 3 of 4 on the road its asking wayyy to much of JB to pull this out. He's not even 100%. Sit him now not only for his health next year but to keep his stock somewhat high. Its a win win win for everyone. Fans are happy we get to unwrap a new toy to play with in CK with absolutely no expectations, JB keeps his stock at a high note by improving his win loss record from the prior start and the colts win because believe or not fans will come back if there is a chance they find a diamond in the rough. Or they dont and end up picking high in the
  9. Ok I could have worded that better. Basically not in the championship or playoff hunt. Why get JB more hurt if you need him next year and your out of the playoff contention? Or at least really really close to being out of contention.
  10. CK only plays imo if JB gets hurt and we are out of the playoff hunt. Which seems likely that both could happen now with JB's knee and not wanting him to get anymore hurt when there is nothing else to play for. It needed to be a perfect storm so to speak and it seems it might just be forming. Im hoping coach lets CK audition for #2 QB for a couple games this year while also letting JB know that his job is safe this year and its his to loose next year. Draft a late round QB and dump Hoyer at the end of the year. Thats my wish list anyway .
  11. They didnt have a lot of time to prepare JB mentally with Lucks early retirement. Its not easy to change the mindset of someone who has been a career backup. You would have hoped Ballard sat JB down at some point and said 'look we need you become a starter in the NFL' 'Notice I didnt say we need you to start for the Indianapolis Colts' ' We need you to become a starting level QB' My belief is they have had this discussion multiple times. Ballard is not someone who will keep someone for sentimentality sake. I think its pretty evident with Ballard ta
  12. I didn't proclaim greatness if you read my post. Coach brought him up over every other available qb to a team fighting for a playoff spot. It will take a disaster to happen for him to see the field but they see something. I think most here agree with their approach to this situation. Let him sit for a year building trust then let him fully compete for starting or qb2 job year 2. Know what you don't know.
  13. Thanks for your insight. The next time I buy a lottery ticket I would love some of that crystal ball magic you got going on. Seriously people get over your hatred for Ck. This is Riecks protege. He would not be on the team if coach didn't think he had a chance to be good
  14. Not going to happen imo. JB has decent numbers and I would be willing to bet he is going to continue this until his next big contract wherever that is.
  15. This whole chunk verbiage has screwed with JBs head. If the coach is calling those plays as explosive it's nfw JB is defaulting to that frame of mind. Coach has been quoted saying JB has the green light to change the call at the Los. So on one hand the coach has drilled in a little to hard on what he wants the that a young impressionable QB is unable to adjust and in the other play calling is all on JB and deserves the long talk he got from coach.
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