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  1. Great win and there was little extra from the team and Justin Houston. However we had to play at an extremely high level as a team to eek out that win because of limitations in the passing attack. We are inconsistant as a team and JB is just an extension of that. When the team has problems JB is not able to overcome it by himself. When the team is playing its A game. JB can be great game manager. The problem with this is we are relying on a one guy a little too much. Mack is going to get dinged up again. Its not a mattter if but when. JB has to show he can put the team on his back and carry them not just at home but on the road. For some, this is just a progrosession and that he will get there. For others in the prove-it state of Indiana he dosnt have any history of doing this anywhere else so there is nervousness about where this team is going after this year. Im rooting for him but not as much as I am rooting for the Colts and what they plan to do with him long term. He definetely has moxy and and leadership qualities, game talent just isnt there yet. Im afraid we get to the end of the year and some will say he needs another year to really realize his true potential. We may never have a team like we have this year thats why you play to win now. Overall I am really happy for the Colts today. They shocked the world.
  2. Im not sure you want to abandon any element of football if it gives you options and allows the defense to change things up. What we need and have in Leonard is a team captain on defense that can correctly call out defensive signals. I can only imagine he will get better..
  3. Unfortunately until we win in the post season, our identity is the team that lost its star QB to retirement in the prime of his career. As we get further in the season and we get more national air time, the story about Luck will continue to get more attention. Aside from that a good second story about Quentin Nelson should get more attention. However we need to continue running the ball well or even that story could fade. If you had to make me say something team specific, I would just say our identity is we have a team of just good dudes that go to war for each other in the face of crippling adversity. Not going to win any super bowls as currently constructed but they have no fear regardless.
  4. I have to agree as well. Your thoughts are shared by more than you think. We were superbowl bound. We were locked and loaded for a long play off run. Most Colts fans, myself and probably you included have a very high bar for the QB position. Going from that to average at best and having a slightly better 2017 is not going to cut it. At best I have them going 9-7 only because I think our defense and running is that good.
  5. Lol all I know is we are going to frustrate the hell out of opposing coaches this year. They may shut down JB and think they have us beat but our defense and running game will squeak games out just like this one. I'm trying not to get to riled up one way or the other because as of now this is our formula. Frustrating to everyone else but still gets you a sniff of the playoffs and possibly a 9-7 record. Ballard is a genius.
  6. The o line is directly responsible for this win and keeping us in the first game. All JB needed to do is not turn the ball over.
  7. I might go as far to say he is playing behind a top 5 offensive line. I'm just not sure if he truly trusts his accuracy down the field. That's one of those traits that top 10 Qbs have. They probably have the same trust issues but they sling it any way because they know they have reciever that will go get it. And if they dont there is a good chance for a defensive foul like what we seen in the first quarter.
  8. 20-13 Titans Titans will be amped up. Division opponents are tougher outs because of the familiarity with each other. Im tempted to make this a 17-9 titans score but I think we end up scoring a TD late.
  9. You could easily be reading this off the Titans bulletin board as well. This could very well be a low scoring game with both defenses having the same game plan. Why wouldn't you make JB beat you with his arm. They will stack the line and our receivers are going to get jammed early and often. JB may be forced to throw it deep which you kind of want him to start getting that experience but it may not be early down plays. The keys to this game for me is get JB comfortable throwing the football down the field while trying to develop some chemistry with Cain and Cambell. The hope is by the 4th quarter the titans start respecting the passing game and we strart opening running lanes for or RBs. If we dont show we can do it this game every team we face is going to stack the box and make JB beat you. 2nd key to the game. Special teams. Make our field goals and dont let long returns giving Mariotta a short field.
  10. Open the play book and show some creativity. Dont run Mack into the ground by game two. Thats about it. Defense is ok. Not much I would change there. They will get better as the season goes along.
  11. If we get Sheard back and are able to get to the QB like we did last year, then I think we may end the year close to that mark. Our defense tends to overrun plays but in the grand scheme of things this is by design imo. They are built for speed , getting to the QB and letting our DB's play to their strengths. Mack will have a good year IF he can stay healthy. Not a huge red flag but seeing us bring in another RB to the PS will draw a variety of conclusions. I sort of expected it. He put it all on the table last week. Im just not sure he is physically able to sustain that pounding for 16 games. Well see. also I would like to think our team would give a crap about what defense someone is or is not playing. Good teams make you adapt to them. Not the other way around. The first game we kind of let the chargers dictate to us. Maybe we play it safe to try and get that first win, but if we let the Titans dictate to us like last week this is going to leave a sour taste for some of us fans. Luck dictated the game. You had to play his game. JB is not there yet but he needs to start getting Cain more involved. I mean what the heck , we have Hilton on one side who should demand a double team so there is no excuse but who knows. Anyway Go Colts. A win is a win I guess if it comes to that. I just want to see what everyone else is seeing in JB.
  12. I see a Head coach trying to figure out who and what he has at QB. Chunk plays are winning plays yet we didnt throw it deep once to force the defense to defend the receivers down field. This game looked to be heading to a blowout in the first half. Marlon Mack single handily kept us in the game and when we needed a miracle Hooker with the interception of the year. Though I am not putting all this on the coach. We have been told JB has all the checks downs and can use them as needed. This is who JB is. He is someone who will let the balance of the team carry him forward. He learned from Brady and I think he took a lot from that relationship. I like everyone else would like to see him open it up but Im not 100 that this is his MO. This is why I believe we are 9-7 team sniffing the playoff but not much more. JB would have to reinvent himself in some ways. I hope he does because he brings everything else to the table.
  13. He was swimming. Read any article. He tried to lie to the police saying he was wet because it was raining. I brought him up because he was also 22 or 23 with an ego the size of Texas and money to boot. He screwed up. In some regards what he did was worse. He WAS an Indianapolis Colt and he understood that came with certain expectations. The point I was trying to make was when you are 22-23 , you dont really understand your actions have consequences yet. It takes a big mistake to right the ship. Mcafee did and became a lethal weapon and pro bowler for the Colts.
  14. Im not confident you will have 3 Qb's on the active roster by the end of the season. Hoyer was given a primo deal and he may never play a single game for the Colts.
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