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  1. A dominating front 7 can make average CB's look good. We may not be dominate but I believe we are going to be pretty good. Ballard has this team on the right track. The ONLY thing Im worried about with this team is Injuries. On offense if Rivers goes down we are back to a fringe playoff team with JB. If Hilton goes down we are soooo young at receiver. If we lose Doyle man that would suck. Next year might actually be our best shot at a superbowl when some of our young talent get some quality PT with a QB like Rivers. Im looking for the Colts to make a big push this year but they wont have t
  2. Eason could very well have a productive career similar but probably not at the level of Beth Rothlesburger. Big Ben had some sneaky running ability. He took a pounding over the years. Eason unfortunately is going to have to use his legs in the NFL there's no two ways about it. Winning plays is all that really matters in Not For Long league. That said, I could possibly see him being the full time starter in 2-3 years. I believe Reich keeps Kelly because he may envision utilizing him in a wildcat/option situation. Those two could not be more different and for some reason I feel there is a reas
  3. Im not a fanboy but imo CK is the QB3 maybe QB2 for this team. JB was given the full year to create trade value this year and to possibly meet contractual incentives. I think as Colts fans we know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to Elite QB's. We are very critical of our QB's as they must meet a standard as must haves. Must haves include winning plays. Its nice that JB was able to play football for a full year for the colts but I can count on one hand the number of winning plays he made. As we watch our QB's at practice which I have and in the preseason you look f
  4. OP- Your kidding right. Like others have said our defense was ranked 26 and our tight ends were nearly invisible all year. The positional coaches have to be evaluator's of talent as well. If they are not giving good feedback to the HC on a players ability then that is a problem. Our backup talent is pretty terrible on this team. Our positional coaches need not be afraid to voice their concerns with the HC. The hope now is with the handcoffs being taken off Pagano, he now can lean on his staff and make better decisions on who plays. If they dont pan out, then with this new balance or power w
  5. Now dont give our weatherman a bad name unless they have started selling crystal balls that I didn't know about no one should be predicting anything.
  6. Agreed- Link to support this. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13650458/jim-irsay-denies-reported-rift-indianapolis-colts-coach-chuck-pagano-gm-ryan-grigson The last paragraph should prove the media has bias. "Whenever these guys are in coaching -- players and everything -- everyone has to win," Irsay said. "That's a given. I don't look at it as he's coaching for his job or anything like that. I really don't see the dynamic being anything different than any other year in the past to be honest with you. I don't see it that way at all." So even though we
  7. Typical media. They are nothing more than a bunch of bookie's hedging their bets on information that is second, third and forth hand. To think that anyone knows what truly is going to happen when things change all the way up to the very last second of D day is ridiculous. Yes, I can be a cynic at times but unless you hear something from the horses mouth, never put any stock into anything you hear. Plus you have to take in account how savvy Irsay is when it comes to social media. You have to know he is just sitting back in the big chair laughing his butt off becau
  8. If you are referring to local media then Good. Serves them right for creating this circus. Dont they know by now that Irsay may be intentionally planting false information just to make them all look like fools.
  9. Did any media divulge any real sources to their info? You could be right but I tend to think it snowballed with one so called "Source" and all the other news outlets ran with it. I highly doublt Irsay is going to tell Krapitz or Doyel what his plans are. They hang out at the facility all day for 1 second of juicy information. To me they should have their media badges revoked for portraying something that started a media frenzy all over the NFL.
  10. lol Doyel is garbage however I do agree from the visual presentation and what was said and not said at the presser, I could definitely see a change in power. Irsay made sure he let the media know that it was Chuck's idea to extend Grigson. Chuck got what he wanted and he played his cards exactly the way they needed to be played. He is a smart man. I honestly need to give him more credit.
  11. Sorry I just dont see it. Payton is a combined 14-18 the last two years. He caught lightening in a bottle with Breeze and all the momentum from Hurricane Katrina. I tend to believe water is finding it's level with Payton. I could be wrong but there would have been a huge uprising against Irsay to mortgage our future for him.
  12. LOL this is rich. After all the nonsense the media has put on so called NFL sources do we really want to put any faith that there was serious negotiations involved. Sure Irsay may have put out a feeler but in the end he had to know that he wasnt going to mortgage any future draft picks for an unknown. Typical media trying to create a story where they have no idea if there is one or not. Whenever I see NFL sources as the source I just laugh because the blogger will more than likely look like a fool.
  13. imo Irsay was always in Chucks corner. There is no rule you have to extend someone before their contract is up. Irsay did the right thing. He had to get both Grigson and Pagano in the same room together and hash out all their differences. To be honest, during the presser I saw the balance of power shift to Pagano. Both Irsay and Pagano made the comment that Pagano wanted Grigson extended. I took that as, Pagano has more power or has atleast earned the power to make those decisions which in the end can only be a good thing in the long run.
  14. I dont understand why people are surprised. At best with a healthy QB we were a 10-6 team this year. Throwing a new HC, OC, philosophy, team chemistry in a blender and expect to surpass that next year is a little bit of a reach. In other words continuity was more important to Irsay. There were no guarantee's with any coach they bring in. My question is from the presser, what Big splash was Irsay referring to that would have steered this in a different direction? The only big splash imo would have been a coach with SB pedigree.
  15. Chuck by a mile. unfortunately Irsay has a hrdon for Star Wars football and is probably trying to strike some deal to get Sean Payton. For me I hope the price is too high. We have so many needs that I would not give up a second.
  16. Well just reported to announcement tonight. Let the speculation begin. or continue
  17. Or an offer was made and Irsay put the deadline at 4pm. He didnt get the answer he wanted, now he is scrambling to secure another candidate.
  18. Could Irsay be trying to swing a trade with one of the other six teams that need a HC? Seems to me this is taking way longer than it should.
  19. I believe most on here attribute Tampa Bay's down fall to poor management and what draft picks they nailed where far and few between. Ill take a super bowl next year if that's Gruden's past success rate.
  20. I agree. Coughlin is past his prime. My list from top down Gruden
  21. No disagreeing but for the sake of argument. 40-23 4 out of 5 playoff appearance's with one being a AFC Championship game. Lets say at best with a healthy team this year we were 10-6. Are you saying that the chances are better with a new coach to improve taking into account new philosophy, possibly new OC and team chemistry? Chuck has had bad moments, We all agree on that but you cannot put all this on the coach especially now that we are finding out that the colts were being coached from the owners box.
  22. Player assessment and evaluation doomed Pagano. This all points back to Grigson.
  23. This game is way over hyped. Not really concerned about the outcome however I am curious how our defense handles a QB with wheels. For years our secondary would get blocked down field allowing huge chunks against the option and screen passes. I could be wrong but this is how I see an RG3 run offense. Washington does not have the biggest WR core. I would like to see us play man and attack the WR's. This should disrupt a game plan that involves getting the RB or TE in the flat on screen passes. RG3 may use this dink and dunk strategy and try to catch you off guard with a triple option or with
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