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  1. Yeah, I know. Just screwing with you. Ever since I was 14-15, I've been able to get that amount, at least a number of times. When I was into it, I could do a set or so. I then took about 4-5 years off weight lifting and tried it once. Practically killed myself. Lol Needed three people to get it off of me.
  2. I assumed it would be a one year Darius Butler-type deal. It won't stop the Colts from doing anything.
  3. When he showed up to camp overweight - man, he looks huge in those highlights. Drug suspension. Missed time due to injuries. He's shown he can play, apparently, if he keeps his weight down and stays on the field.
  4. Not crazy at all. Important position in this defense and it looks like we will need one.
  5. #12.

    Ballard's Team Building Vision

    I keep saying this, but if Leonard, Autry and Ward don't once again combine for nearly 20 sacks, our pass rush could be abysmal. Would anyone be shocked if both Leonard and Autry registered 3-4 sacks in 2019? In my opinion, you gotta bring in some outside pass rush just to maintain.
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    Improved or status Q ?

    If you are counting on the Colts to replicate anything the Pats have done, you will be severely disappointed, I can assure you. Reality check: Ballard has done an excellent job to this point, no doubt, but subtract Luck and this is still a weak team. This is not some stacked team that could win with a mediocre QB. Much easier to win a GM of the year award with Manning or Luck. People need to remember that.
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    Justin Houston: Good Fit?

    Our pass rush is just fine, as long as Leonard, Autry and Ward combine for nearly 20 sacks again, just like everyone predicted.
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    Improved or status Q ?

    We were unlucky with Collins, going up against Dan Snyder, who doesn't lose bidding wars. Didn't help that he idolized Sean Taylor either. I wasn't big on Flowers, but knowing what I know now, I wish we would have paid him. Gotta try something.
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    Free Agent Visits

    Quote from Ajayi's coach, the day before he was shipped out: "We’ve got to stop trying to hit home runs all the time,” Gase said. “How about take the 4 or 5 yards that we’re going to get?" If that describes a physical, downhill runner, it would be the first time in NFL history a physical downhill runner was described as such. He's big. So is Funchess.
  10. You were doing so well. So well. Lol Honestly, I'm not sure how to best play the backup QB game. As far as I can tell, there isn't a right answer.
  11. Why the sad face? Brice is at the airport, baby.
  12. They're not worried about winning this year. Build it, draft a QB for when Brady retires.
  13. Polian absolutely loved him, and I know Ballard and Polian talk occasionally. Maybe he's someone you give a second chance to. Polian thought he was the next Mathis. Let Mathis coach him and see what happens.
  14. So he can't tackle or cover. I think he's the first player I've ever searched for on youtube who has no highlights package.
  15. That's the lowest PFF grade I've seen in free agency.
  16. At this stage, I'm not at all worried about the price. You can pay the guy on 2-3 year contract, no problem. It's not as though you're choosing between Houston and Flowers or Collins. It's not as though you're choosing between Houston and re-signing a core player. One reasonably sized short term contract isn't going to put you into cap hell, and it gives the players you drafted in 2018 a little more time to develop. Here's the thing about our pass rush: we got, what, 19 sacks from the combination of Leonard, Ward and Autry? Who would have predicted that? Will it happen again? We hope so, but I wouldn't bet the house on it. Just to be in a similar range to where you were last year you're gonna have to add some outside pass rush and Turay and Lewis will have to pick up their games.
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    Free Agent Visits

    From watching as much tape as I could and from reading comments from his coaches and scouts, he's nothing like Turbin. In the open field, due to his size, he might be more difficult to bring down, but he's not at all a physical downhill runner. That's not his game. Could he adapt to that role? Possibly, but I'm fairly certain that's not why the Colts would want him.
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    Free Agent Visits

    Size maybe, not style. Like Krunk said, if they want him, it's a depth thing. but if our three backs are healthy, I wouldn't put Ajayi on the field over what we're doing now. I'd much rather continue to do what we're doing, and if you're worried about health, you're bringing in a guy coming off an ACL, so I'm not sure what sense that makes.
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    Free Agent Visits

    That might be true, but whatever it is that Frank likes, it's not his bruising style, if people think that's why he would be brought in - to be thunder to Mack's lighting.
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    Free Agent Visits

    He's not the power back people think he is. He actually runs a lot like Mack, but dances and bounces even more. Gase shipped him out because he wouldn't take a 5 yard gain and was always trying to hit the home run. Just reading his scouting report. He's a former soccer player. That's where a lot of the excessive dancing/footwork apparently comes from. If you want a decisive runner who gets north and south, Wilkins is the better option, honestly.
  21. Wish we had some cap space.
  22. Probably gonna draft a receiver, so they like the idea of a quirky player like Funchess and the different ways you could possibly use him.