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  1. When you add it all up, you can't complain about where we are with Rivers. New QB, new team, no offseason program, no preseason? You lose Campbell, Pittman and Mack. You lose Burton early on. Still, you're on pace for 10-6 or 11-5. Let's have a little perspective. Does Rivers need to cut out the jump balls and turnovers? Absolutely. Given the situation yesterday, the INT was a terrible decision. Part of that is on Rivers and part of it is situational play calling on Frank. That said, if things are cleaned up, Rivers is not finished. His arm is not dead. As he showed yest
  2. Trying to force a connection with TY has been part of Rivers' problem, to date. It's time to give up on that and just feed Johnson, Burton or whoever. I still think you can win with Rivers over the next few years, but the O-line and defense have to be better and more consistent. I've heard Kevin Bowen and others say his arm is dead. I don't see it. He had a pretty live arm today. Don't confuse an unorthodox looking pass with a dead arm.
  3. If you want to go down 21-0 to any team, I guess it's the Bengals.
  4. Gotta score TDs. This defense isn't stopping anything.
  5. This formula, what we're trying to do with a 39 year old QB, only works if you have a defense and running game. Currently we don't.
  6. Softest defense I've seen in a long time, and I'm a Colts fan.
  7. Embarrassing. Every reasonably talented QB tears this defense apart.
  8. With how this team set up, you can win with Rivers, but he has to accept being a game manager at times, and on top of that, in game, Frank has to manage Rivers a little better. In a slugfest, you had far too many pass plays with a high degree of difficulty on Sunday. The INTs were there, Mack dropped one, we were bailed out on the other, and I'm not sure I love jump balls to TY. I know it worked, but in the future some of these passes, some of the jump balls will start going the other way. That's how a game turns on a dime, like in Jacksonville.
  9. Glasgow did what he was drafted to do and Rodgers looked solid. He had pretty damn good coverage on the completion he gave up. Not much you could do.
  10. You can win with Rivers, but Reich does have to manage him a little better than he did today.
  11. This is not Frank's best work - no flow, slow developing and everything seems to have an unnecessary high degree of difficulty. First down at midfield? How about a gimme, chainmover?
  12. Yeah, I realize that. I'm not calling it 2nd down at the 2 with a turnover prone QB and one of the best O-lines in football. At this stage, you have to somewhat manage Rivers.
  13. Which is why I'm not throwing high risk jump balls, 2nd down at the 2.
  14. Second life, another stupid play call. Frank is playing this like Jacksonville.
  15. Fall season - it's just the beginning of this. People need to stop being idi0ts and wear masks and take precautions.
  16. It's time to move on. Brissett is a good teammate and solid backup, but he's easily replaceable. On this type of team, with what he's being asked to do, Rivers could easily play two more years. Just go with Rivers and Eason. It gives you a few years to decide whether you want to turn it over to Eason or not. If not, keep drafting.
  17. The league has done an amazing job, really. Had the government done 1/4 of what the league has done, the country would be in decent shape.
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