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  1. That cat made a leap. Not sure one of Ballard's pass rushers ever will.
  2. The worst scenario is not even being alive for the playoffs - the season being over in October or November. I just want to stay alive and have something to be interested in until season's end.
  3. Gotta say that, 4-5 years into the process, the whole 1-0 shtick does start to wear thin. Five years into the process you should be competing, not being happy to get incrementally better in order to beat Brissett or the Texans. You might say well, new QB, but the QB has been the least of your problems. I poked fun at people who said Grigson needed 8 years, an 8 year plan. If things don't improve, we're moving into that territory once again.
  4. Must get a pass rush from somewhere to have a chance. You have five 1st & 2nd round pass rushers and two super athletic LBers who are supposed to be able to get to the QB. One of them needs to show they can do it.
  5. It's been that kind of a year and a half.
  6. Funny thing about Edge. Without giving them time to think about it, if you ask non-Colts fans whether Edge won a Super Bowl or not, 95% of them will probably say yes.
  7. Well, everything looks better in hindsight. In reality, Edge wasn't great at getting the tough yards.. If Edge gets one yard vs. the Patriots in 2003 and/or doesn't fumble on the goal line in 2004, we probably have another Super Bowl or two.
  8. It's apples to oranges, really. With Edge, they passed to set up the run. With Taylor, it's been mostly the opposite. If healthy, Edge rarely came off the field. He got every carry. Taylor has shared time. You spent a top 5 pick on Edge while Taylor was a second rounder. They're different, but If you just look at overall talent, it's pretty close. Everything being equal, I might take Taylor, honestly.
  9. 17 games, 7 playoff teams, weak division There's a long way to go.
  10. Wentz looked damn good from the pocket. He threw some dimes. The TD Mo Allie dropped was the definition of a perfect pass.
  11. Yes, Ballard needs to add some lunch pail players - tough players who just produce. If they get it done, I don't care if they have 5 inch arms.
  12. Superbowl? Two? Ballard and Frank have basically turned into Grigson and Chuck It's 2015 again. Your QB looks good enough, but you have a garbage defense and an O-line which has tried mightily to end Wentz's career. Also, as in the Chuck era, you can't beat a playoff team to save your lives.
  13. Ballard needs to back off the armspan and physical freak stuff and just find pass rushers who produce.
  14. In working out with Banogu during the offseason, we were hoping Buckner would rub off on him. Maybe it worked the other way around and Banogu rubbed off on Buckner.
  15. It's the #1 problem with this team. I'll be very surprised if Eberflus is back in 2022. In recent years, this defense has only looked respectable when the O runs the ball well and protects them. If it's any type of back and forth game, forget it.
  16. If you want a 1st, it would be easier to just sit Wentz for a few games. :)
  17. With Wentz being unvaccinated and considering his injury history, their pick is in a pretty precarious position.
  18. Yeah, we deserved to have that kick blocked, I guess.
  19. I get the sense he's sort of like Vanderjagt in the clutch department - he hits the routine ones, but you don't want to rely on him in big moments.
  20. We hope. Hopefully he can stay away from injuries and covid.
  21. We probably have to go 9-3 to make the playoffs. I don't see this team being consistent enough or staying healthy enough to do it. You also still have all the unvaccinated players to worry about. Maybe Tennessee goes into the tank and 9-8 or 8-9 wins the division. That's your best hope.
  22. Colts football. The names change, but the defense never does.
  23. I have no problem with Reich playing for a FG in that situation. I recall Manning making the same decision numerous times. If it's blocked up properly, you win.
  24. Well, Rodrigo did hit what would have been the game winner. Glowinski just missed the block.
  25. That FG wins the game, and it was going through. You just have to block it up.
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