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  1. Looking around the forum today (and after any loss, really) I have to disagree. There are a lot of soft fans around these parts. So many fickle Colts fans. A quick glimpse around the board and you can see calls to cut Ebron, cut Cain, cut Quincy, sit Jacoby, Ballard=Grigson, etc. None of those were being discussed (except by the CK cult) before today's game. It takes one bad game for pitchforks to come out and entire histories to be erased. Soft. Pathetic. Embarrassing. Dumb. I understand not being happy about the play today... But some of the children posting in here is ridiculous.
  2. Glad we have the division win against Tennessee, but having both our losses in conference is not ideal. Next week's KC matchup likely won't do is any favors there. Should be interesting, though!
  3. Part of the problem Minkah has with the Dolphins is that they're using him as a SS. I don't think we'd want to move Malik into the box, and we have Kenny manning the slot. Not sure where Minkah would fit in, starter-wise, on our team. Though if I remember correctly, during his draft process people RAVED about his character and leadership, so that would definitely fit into the locker room. I don't see us making a move. Especially if Miami is trying to ask for a 1st rounder.
  4. I'll be there! Coming in with my wife and toddler from Chicago area and meeting one of my buddies and his girlfriend who are coming up from Kentucky. He's a Falcons fan and our birthdays are the 15th and 16th this month, so it's kind of a birthday gift for each of us. Section 451 Row 1. Ready to celebrate my son's first game with a W!
  5. I thought Lewis was inactive yesterday?
  6. No thanks. Long injury history, not super efficient, and paying draft picks and a top 3 salary for a RB that has struggled to maintain 4.0ypc doesn't really entice me. Wouldn't mind taking a RB on day 2 in next year's draft, unless Mack just balls out. But no way I'm paying what it will take for Gordon.
  7. Seems like our bad Luck situation may have (rightfully) scared the Texans a bit. Clearly their draft picks on the line aren't looking up to the challenge. If I'm a Texans fan I'm livid. Get next to nothing back for Clowney but give up the farm for Tunsil/Stills? To think this all could have been avoided if they showed just a LITTLE urgency for Andre Dillard instead of letting Philly trade up in front of them. They may take the division this year. They may not. But their going to be looking rough in a year or 2. Love it.
  8. I think I saw it was originally the Chiefs 6th rounder... so yeah. Definitely a late 6th lol
  9. Right. It's not hard to understand. Vontae got upset halfway through a game and said screw it. Luck had plans to announce at a press conference the next day, but some moroon leaked the info to Schefter to hang Luck out to dry. If he gets to announce it, rather than it being leaked, the whole thing looks 100x better. (Though the timing is still just awful)
  10. When did I say he did it for the fans? Of course they do it for the money. But the fact that somebody else pays them millions of dollars does NOT mean he owes the fans anything. Nobody compared him to Jesus Christ... ever. Again, I completely understand the boos. The situation and not having any time to process it would understandably leave many angry at the time Luck was coming off the field. But days later, after hearing his reasons and remembering the time he played for our team, if you're still upset then it's a you problem. Not a Luck problem.
  11. That's all based on nothing though. At the press conference he said he knew a week and a half prior. He went out and warmed up and admitted he thought that was probably the last time he'd throw at LOS. You're going to cry about a guy wanting to get one last session in? Why? Because he didn't tell you it was his final time? Weak sauce. I don't fault the fans for the boos. There wasn't enough time to work through what they just saw and many were angry, understandably. But now, days later, people still throwing tantrums believing Luck somehow wronged them is asinine and childish. Grow up, people.
  12. It has to do with their false sense of entitlement. Spoiled children who are mad that they didn't get things their way and feel that players somehow OWE them their well being because they bought a jersey. It has to due with their human decency and their character as a person.... or lack thereof. Be upset at the situation. Be upset at the timing. Don't be upset at the guy who played and gave his body up until he felt like he couldn't anymore. The fact that other players have been injured before, or worse, is irrelevant.
  13. Unless Jacoby wins us the Super Bowl this year, if Luck for some odd reason decided to come back next year, he would ABSOLUTELY be back as the starter. Ballard and Irsay would want some long term assurances before taking him back, of course, but if they reached a point where he wanted back there's no way they deny him. He's still the better QB, by far.
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