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  1. Well... per RapSheet Chiefs are slapping the Franchise Tag on him today. Even if they're looking to tag and trade, that likely wouldn't go to a team in conference. Womp womp.
  2. I probably would, yes. But if they're not sold on Love it's basically worst case scenario
  3. So: Burrow Tua Herbert Wills Wirfs Thomas (or maybe Beckton) Brown Kinlaw Okudah Young Simmons Jeudy This would leave options like Love, Lamb, Chaisson, Epenesa, and the 4th OT. So still some good options, though you'd hope there would be some surprises pushing some of those "top 12" down to our pick. Going to be interesting!
  4. Signing Scherff would give us 4 first rounders and a high 2nd rounder on the O-Line. 3 of which on rookie deals that will cost a whole lot more in the next year or two. I don't think we'd be wise in signing Scherff. Our starting 5 is good as is, just need some new depth.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2875656-tua-tagovailoa-rumors-ct-scan-on-hip-injury-was-as-positive-as-possible
  6. You'd hear no complaint from me if we ultimately decided to go that route. I will say, more recent mocks are showing both Brown and Kinlaw gone by our #13 pick. So many possibilities!
  7. Yeah, I remember the praise for the route. I mean, he was by himself, lol. It was just an awful, awful drop. But I hope he can get and stay healthy so we can see what he can do now that he's had some development.
  8. He did. I vividly remember his wide open dropped pass in the endzone. Aside from that it's been pretty forgettable though, so I don't fault them too much for not knowing, haha.
  9. Daurice Fountain implied he's recovered from last year's ankle surgery. He missed all of 2019 after suffering a dislocated ankle in training camp. "Back on field this week, praise the LORD. It’s been a long time coming," Fountain tweeted Monday. Fountain didn't get into any specifics, though clearly the 24-year-old's health is trending in the right direction following what could have been a career-threatening injury. The 2018 fifth-rounder has yet to play an NFL down but was turning heads before his injury last summer. SOURCE: Daurice Fountain on Twitter Feb 10, 2020, 12:10 PM ET
  10. That's not a bad price if you think Tua can be the guy he was projected to be before the injury. I wouldn't be mad at it.
  11. St. Louis Battlehawks rocking the Blue and White and are the closest. Only team with a road W this week, and they did that against the championship favored, Bob Stoops led Dallas Renegades. Definitely my team. They go up against former Colts QB Phillip (PJ) Walker next week in Houston. Walker had probably the best QB performance in the league in Week 1. We'll see if STL can pull another one out. They are once again on the road and playing the Sunday night game.
  12. I've noticed that too. I think they've gotta go OL at #8 if they don't trade back.
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