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  1. CheezyColt

    Colts Training Camp 7/26/18

  2. CheezyColt

    A Trade I Wish Ballard Would Make.

    What do you think that would cost though?
  3. CheezyColt

    Nashville awarded 2019 NFL Draft

    We didn't get to go to the actual draft where they take the stage and all that, we just went to Draft Town where they had all the events set up and photo ops. For Friday/Saturday they read the names on a stage outdoors but I couldn't figure out how to get tickets or if I could just walk up and take a seat. We got there early though so by the time that was going we were about ready to leave.
  4. CheezyColt

    Nashville awarded 2019 NFL Draft

    Lived in Bowling Green, KY (1 hr north) for 6 years so the wife and I will definitely take this opportunity to visit friends and check out the draft. We had a blast when it was up here in Chicago.
  5. Oh yeah, good stuff. There's only a couple of 3Floyds that I haven't been a fan of so far.
  6. This was very interesting to me and I feel it should be noted and taken into account for future pre-draft expectations: "I'll tell you this though: wideouts the most overgraded position in the draft. There's a million of them."
  7. CheezyColt

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    A big name that you've heard of! Let's see what new and exciting ways our fan base can come up with to % on this pick too!
  8. Another kid who had a great all star week. I can dig it.
  9. CheezyColt

    IND has traded back with OAK from 140

    Yeah, I definitely get it. Was just a personal favorite of mine. On to the next one, haha.
  10. CheezyColt

    IND has traded back with OAK from 140

    This one hurts. Hurst was my big draft crush this year and we traded away the 5th round pick that could have gotten a first round talent. I assume he was off our board anyway, but I'll be following his career closely.
  11. CheezyColt

    5th Round Options

    Hurst (!!! At some point the risk becomes worth it and that time is now to me) Griffen Holton Hill Crosby JC Jackson Scales Cobbs Meeks Okoronkwo Genard Avery Mata'afa
  12. For the love of.... Y'all are insufferable. Bunch of whiny twits.
  13. CheezyColt

    What did we just do

    Christ, you are dramatic.
  14. Hopefully Smith earns it. Both have that nastiness and would help transform the entire unit.