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  1. How many sacks and hurries and QB hits did Nelson allow? (Actually asking) Donald is the single best defensive player in the league, and it's not particularly close, so using him as a barometer in contract negotiations probably isn't a very fair shake. The question isn't really "is he worth $20m+" but "do you want to pay for the best offensive lineman in football (as voted by his peers)" Dude has done nothing but make All-Pro every year he's been in the league. He can't play all 5 positions on the line at the same time...
  2. I'm pretty positive that they're trying to prevent taunting "at" another player. If Benny hadn't looked down at a player while being hyped, I think it goes uncalled. It's dumb, but when watching live and I saw it happen, I immediately knew that flag was for taunting. It wasn't unlike the Parris Campbell flex that the league used as a "what not to do" example. Not a fan of this emphasis, and it's going to cost teams games this year. But it's pretty clear that's not going to fly this season.
  3. "We need to stop running #12s out of the building!" I always look for the 450s area row 1. Haven't been to a ton of games but I really like those seats. Usually a pretty decent price too.
  4. If you need another, I can do it this year. That draft date/time works for me. If you end up with an odd number of teams, feel free to cut me first as I'm already in 2 others this year, but I can work with that draft date/time.
  5. There it is. I've been intentionally holding back enthusiasm because of the Duron Carter, Deon Cain, Reece Fountain heartbreaks of yesteryear. I think you're right. Time to move on. I'm on the hype train!
  6. Pats at Colts with my Pats fan wife. Will be my 3 year old's 2nd Colts game (went to Falcons game 2 years ago) and my 6 month old's (obviously) first. Gotta try and make sure they pick their fanhood wisely, lol!
  7. My guess would be no. I'm not aware of anywhere requiring proof of vaccination except maybe schools or government employees. While I do think everyone who can get vaccinated should, it would be a disaster if it was absolutely required to go in public.
  8. Just bought tickets for the family to the Pats @ Colts game on Dec 18/19. Yay payday! Hoping I may be able to swing another for one of the divisional home games. What games are you all planning on going to this year? What's your level of comfort going into the season in regards to large sporting events? EDIT: Absolutely meant to post this on the Colts Football board. My bad!
  9. Glowinski. Everyone likes to bash him like he sucks just because he's the "weak link" on our O-Line that is otherwise composed of 3 first round picks and a second round pick. I'm no guru, but I think he holds up pretty well - at least in regard to those that say he sucks.
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