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  1. Just bought tickets for the family to the Pats @ Colts game on Dec 18/19. Yay payday! Hoping I may be able to swing another for one of the divisional home games. What games are you all planning on going to this year? What's your level of comfort going into the season in regards to large sporting events? EDIT: Absolutely meant to post this on the Colts Football board. My bad!
  2. Glowinski. Everyone likes to bash him like he sucks just because he's the "weak link" on our O-Line that is otherwise composed of 3 first round picks and a second round pick. I'm no guru, but I think he holds up pretty well - at least in regard to those that say he sucks.
  3. It might not be the main reason we signed him but it certainly is a bonus. Belichick does this all the time and is called a genius for it. Signing former first rounders that were cut to a one year deal, have them show the league that they're back while benefiting the team, and then letting them walk for a positive value in the comp pick formula. We just gotta hope the achilles heals right. Big risk, but the team obviously thought the move worth it.
  4. Man... 51, 53, 54, 56... 50s got some people who can really lay the.... Boom.
  5. Eyeroll. He said luck plays a part. He did NOT say the draft is BASED AROUND luck. That's insane. He understands that luck definitely plays a part (even moreso this year with the limited evals) but to claim that he said the draft is entirely based around random luck is even dumber than the original post. The front office and coaching staffs work together to identify what they think the team needs are and who best fits for the structure of the team. That's not luck. Maybe this is why you think you're so much smarter than the front office. You think that they
  6. That's dumb. If the rest produce it will be because the FO and coaching staff had a solid, cohesive plan in place that we, as fans, are not aware of and that actually worked. They didn't just throw darts at the board and hope it works out. The biggest question is if their plan is a good one. We'll see.
  7. I'm at a C. Loved the Paye pick. Chance to get the #1 rated pass rusher with character that screams horseshoe. Was a top need. That said, there's legitimate questions about his production. Dayo was a big surprise. Was apparently on his way to being a big draft riser before the injury. I can get behind the player, but it feels like we bought too high. Ballard said he thinks teams coming up were interested, but I'm not sure. I think next year this will feel like a free draft pick, but it's not really fair to expect anything from him this year... which hurts in my opinion.
  8. Our draft is over. Take some time and actually look into our new players. See how they fit into what we want to do. Back off the ledge and/or drop the pitchforks. Just remember this isn't a one man show and the Colts front office is VERY well respected around the league. They're the pros, we're the schmos. Be critical if you feel the need, but don't be a toddler about it. Go Colts!
  9. Oh I know. But since he's a name people have been throwing around, I expect the usual suspects will be extra sensitive that he went in our division. Every post is basically a joke for me at this point lol
  10. NFLN showed 6'1.5" which is tiny for a TE. Like that he has some RAC ability. We knew they wanted a pass catching TE. Welcome aboard!
  11. I've thought that all off-season. Dude was DT1 last year for many before returning. Must have fallen off a cliff because all draft season he's been nowhere to be seen.
  12. Every. Year. Y'all need to breathe, lol
  13. That's also saying it would have been acceptable to have no plan in place for QB until late April while picking #21 other than "hope someone falls". To me, that wouldn't have been acceptable. Wentz has shown he can be an MVP level QB and a bottom dweller. Colts are betting he gets closer to the MVP level. Fields could blow up or could bust. All we can do is wait, see, and cheer for our QB.
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