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  1. Pretty sure I've seen every single one of these picks, with the exception of the last one, mocked in the first round on various mocks that I've come across. So... Super realistic, lol. Here's hoping! 26: R1P26 DL CHRISTIAN WILKINS CLEMSON 34: R2P2 EDGE BRIAN BURNS FLORIDA STATE 58: R2P26 WR N'KEAL HARRY ARIZONA STATE 89: R3P25 CB JULIAN LOVE NOTRE DAME 128: R4P26 DL RASHARD LAWRENCE LSU 135: R4P33 S C GARDNER-JOHNSON FLORIDA 165: R5P26 LB DEVIN BUSH MICHIGAN 200: R6P25 TE IRV SMITH JR. ALABAMA 242: R7P26 G BOBBY EVANS OKLAHOMA
  2. Reports are Miami is planning on tanking for Tua (or Herbert). Jacoby might be too good for their plans,
  3. CheezyColt

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    He already ate his crow. He is absolved, lol
  4. CheezyColt

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    I had no idea we had him. Thanks for informing me! Boehm did fine, but the difference, especially when watching our run game, was glaring when he had to go in. We could do much worse than Boehm to be sure... But we could do better as well. That would be my preference. Not that controversial.
  5. CheezyColt

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Preferably a center that has guard experience. Limiting the drop off from Kelly if he goes down would do wonders for our consistency.
  6. Yep, he definitely knows how to attack Tampa 2 as we've all seen, lol. REALLY hoping they lose next week.
  7. "Who the hell" are you talking about, anyway?
  8. For those interested in the watching the draft leadup, this is big news. Mayock is my favorite to listen to on the big tv channels, and him and Rich Eisen always seem to have fun together. Congrats on his GM job, but I'm going to miss listening to him for sure.
  9. CheezyColt

    Nice game Chester

    Exactly this. Ideally, I'd like someone like Cain or a day 2 draft pick to show that they can be our #2. I really think we should keep Inman and he'd be a top tier #3. Rogers/Pascal/Fountain(assuming he progresses)/other could fight for #4/5. Receiving corps would feel a lot more solid, IMO.
  10. CheezyColt

    Titans game

    Both Mariota and Jurrell Casey got injured this week. Mariota also left during our last game. Could be huge for us. Especially if Kelly is out.
  11. CheezyColt

    Question..where is Komiko Turay?

    Mathis' first year and a half.
  12. CheezyColt

    Malik Hooker

    I definitely jumped up and started clapping like crazy. My 11-month old copied me. I've never been more proud.
  13. My girl Kay Adams had a nice segment on Darius Leonard this morning on GMFB on NFL Network proclaiming him DROY. So that's nice.
  14. CheezyColt

    Hello America...We Are the Indianapolis Colts!

    Yeah... I spent a lot of my day off today flipping between the talk shows and checking for internet clips and the coverage was overwhelmingly Cowboys-centric despite the fact that they just got mollywhopped. A whole lot of "give the Colts credit, but...." followed by more in depth Cowboys coverage. Pretty frustrating, if only for how blatant it is. Ah well, what can you do?
  15. CheezyColt

    Demarcus Lawrence

    Why is that? I'd think that if he hit the market and Eberflus pulled for him, he'd definitely be in consideration.