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  1. First round star RBs definitely get a raw deal here. Mostly due to the nature and realities of olaying the position. 4 years plus a 5th year option. Possible franchise tags. That's up to 7 years of team control. By that time the RB is now 30 or dang close to it. Can't be giving massive contracts to 30 year old RBs, especially after they've likely been ran into the ground. Granted, 5 years of first round paychecks and 2 franchise tags is a hefty sum of money... but no more than any other player selected in the same draft slot who might not have as hard of a time getting the security of a 2nd contract due to the position they play. Making exceptions for RBs in the rookie wage scale isn't the answer. Maybe making the rookie contracts 3 years plus a 4th option for first rounders? Good luck getting the owners to sign off on that, though.
  2. I'll be getting an HD indoor antenna if this isn't resolved soon. One time cost but the OTA channels like CBS/FOX/ABC/PBS are free, provided you live close enough to the broadcast tower. The antennas have pretty wide ranges. CBS is definitely my favorite local station. I also enjoy CBSSPORTS which got pulled as well. I'm so ready to pull the plug and cancel my DTV. Unfortunately, they've got me by the shorthairs with their exclusive Sunday Ticket rights, since my wife and I are fans of different teams (neither of which are the local team). The second there's an alternative streaming option, the cord is getting cut. I've priced it out and I can get basically every channel that I actually watch, plus a couple extra subscribtions (Hulu, ESPN+, etc) for less than half of what I'm paying now. I imagine that's why DTV pays the NFL the $1.5B per year. They know they'll lose A TON of customers if they can't be the only option for out of market fans. Great for the NFL.... less so for its fans.
  3. That's a happy looking kid, right there! He'll remember that forever! Glad you guys had a good time! I saw your other post where you talked about how your son came to you through adoption. That's awesome! We adopted our son as well. We were front row on the bleachers over on Field 2 in front of where Darius Leonard was warming up and getting us all hyped. If you were on that side of the field too, I'm sure you saw my son (African-American toddler in a Hilton jersey) running all over the place and my wife (the only person I know who would show up to Colts training camp in a Patriots shirt and hat, lol). Because little man was so rowdy we decided to stay over by Field 2 even though majority of the action was on Field 1. Thought it would be better for all involved, haha. We still had a great time!
  4. In this very thread. Page 1.
  5. Can anyone tell me the parking situation? Do I need to bring some cash or is it free parking? We'll be going on Thursday 8/1, coming from the western Chicago suburbs. First training camp ever and I get to bring my 18 month old son. Pretty excited about making a tradition out of it!
  6. I didn't see a topic for this. If there is one, please feel free to merge. On Tuesday, the NFL Network had their AFC South day, which aside from Darius Leonard being featured on Total Access, included the 30 minute season reviews for all 4 AFC South teams. I've watched a couple times already and it's got me stoked for the next season. This episode really seemed to highlight Ebron and I can't say enough about how much love he shows for this team. My son has outgrown his size 2T Hilton jersey, and I think Ebron might be the next one I buy for him. Either that or Leonard, who is understandably featured a lot in this episode as well. Last year was a hell of a thrill ride. I think, partially, because the expectations vs the reality was so different in a positive way. This year should be just as thrilling, but only if we can keep the enthusiasm with the higher expectations. I, for one, am PUMPED! Go Colts!
  7. Mike Tanier is a frequent league-wide NFL contributor on B/R. He's kind of goofy and light hearted in most of his articles and loves using jokes and humor to get through some of his assignments, without being quite as in your face as someone like Adam Rank (who I love strictly for b s WWE obsession, lol)
  8. Good stuff! I remember seeing this here a month or so back and really enjoyed it. Just did a search and found the topic I originally saw it posted in.
  9. How is Seattle so high on this list? Yikes.
  10. I'd be all for it. I think Ballard would too, assuming character and medical checks are good. This would definitely fit into the building for the long term strategy that's been discussed.
  11. I'd wait until after next year at least. If he has another good season I can see it making sense to go ahead and lock him down.
  12. Always the super bowl. But that's not a realistic premise. Going all in and super agressive in Free Agency in no way guarantees anything. Nowhere close.
  13. Has Bryce Callahan signed anywhere yet? Pretty good slot corner that should come at a good value and help improve our depth.
  14. To add to that, the dumb stuff he started doing was because he shifted into "win right now" mode instead of continuing to build the foundation. He failed spectacularly. Everyone clamoring for all the big names and monster contracts, try to remember what the "exciting" offseasons prior ended up leaving us with. We got 3 straight 11-5 years but ultimately never had a solid core and couldn't handle adversity. #LetBallardWork
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