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  1. Pretty much this. I'd like ARob over Godwin, but yeah... this would be what I'd be trying to do. Also draft another WR or CB in Rd 2.
  2. I really don't see Ballard trading the first round pick this year. Or even trading down out of the first. If Wentz hits the 75% snap count, and barring injury he should, that would be 3 years in a row without Ballard making a first round pick. Not sure that's the route he wants to go.
  3. I posted this link in the Pittman thread, but it directly relates to this. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/11/17/21570282/film-room-michael-pittman-jr-is-showing-he-can-be-a-real-weapon-for-the-colts "Overall, the Colts may have a stud in the making with Pittman Jr. He knows how to separate, is reliable (has caught all 21 catchable balls thrown his way), and is now starting to make big plays. I’m excited to see what he does the next few weeks as the Colts play against a few good teams that have iffy at best defenses."
  4. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/11/17/21570282/film-room-michael-pittman-jr-is-showing-he-can-be-a-real-weapon-for-the-colts Good stuff here. Fair warning though, "smooth" is used like 10 times as a description, haha.
  5. How could you forget? I'm pretty sure he was the pick that Mike Mayock lost it on when the orangutan pushed the button to "make the pick." It broke Mayock that day, haha.
  6. Didn't we split with TEN last year? And I think there was a somewhat big, unexpected change that happened to our team right before the season started... though I could be mistaken.
  7. https://www.colts.com/video/nfln-reggie-wayne-calls-out-afc-south-teams-as-colts-select-temple-cb-rock-ya-si Also this
  8. 2nd half was rough. Bad calls usually even out but that didn't happen for us today. The no call on the Doyle shot and that INT/fumble nonsense. The other turnovers sealed it. I never felt like we were completely outclassed by the Ravens. That being said, this offense is tough to watch. I did think #12 looked really good in that Campbell role though... so there's that...
  9. I'm curious, if the front office decided to go this route and we started 0-4, with Eason/Kelly/draftedQB, do you think you would be happy that they're taking their bumps or would your mental health suffer from it? I guess just be careful what you ask for.
  10. How did Ballard pass on a guy that was taken before his first pick? Unless you're talking about pick #13 which wouldn't have been CEH anyway.
  11. Any given Sunday. Especially in week 1. Especially against a divisional foe. Especially when one team has recent historical struggles in opening week. Especially when one team hasn't won at the other team's home stadium in over half a decade. Also the Bears only loss is against the Colts. Keep the same energy.
  12. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/04/25/2020-nfl-draft-grades-day-2-colts-jonathan-taylor-michael-pittman-jr/ "It was Utah safety Julian Blackmon in the third round, but he wasn’t even the best safety available from his own team at that point (Terrell Burgess). That pick was puzzling..." https://nflspinzone.com/2020/05/01/indianapolis-colts-grades-2020-nfl-draft-picks/3/ Grade: D " There was a time when Chris Ballard could do no wrong — like one pick ago. Well, this draft pick doesn’t hit the same. The only reason why this didn’t get an F was that the Colts ne
  13. Well for one, Rivers was signed before the draft so well before we had Eason. For two, you don't want to count on a 4th round rookie QB for primary backup. For three, if we didn't sign a QB and went into this season with the intention of starting Brissett at QB, the fans would have rioted. I swear, there is absolutely no pleasing some people (not you, neccessarily) unless we go 16-0 and bring home the Lombardi. Even then, I'm pretty sure a few people would complain that we didn't run it enough or we allowed too many yards. Exhausting.
  14. Fine with me. Get him in the NFC, lol
  15. Hahahahahahahaha What a garbage topic.
  16. Good thing didn't ship Walker out like some were campaigning for.
  17. Yeah, I'm all on the Blackmon hype train. He may be my favorite to watch so far this year. Just making big time, well-timed, plays and hitting HARD. Love it.
  18. Titans vs Steelers Vikings vs Texans AFCS definitely needs to keep an eye on this. I wonder if they'd plan to keep the game schedule but force the Steelers to work remote until TEN can return, so as not to gain an insurmountable advantage. Same with the Texans if the Vikings ended up getting exposed by TEN as well. Busy week ahead.
  19. Of course there's a difference. In the JT thread you can find me agreeing with some of Nickster's criticism on him and taking his side when people wanted to call him a troll for daring to post something that wasn't overwhelmingly positive. The fact is that there's MUCH more activity on this board when things go wrong than there is when things go right. And even when things go right, plenty of people are quicker to dismiss it. There's a nice chunk of posters here that are only happy when they're upset. Their posts are not constructive and amount to basically saying ir i
  20. Damn... Foles is a freakin winner.
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