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  1. This thought has crossed my mind in the last week or so, if I'm honest. I haven't paid much attention to Darnold's career outside of the "ghosts" and knowing the Jets haven't been good. Not sure how Darnold has looked, but who knows how he would progress outside of Gase's clutches (exhibit A: Tannehill). Darnold/Eason would make for a fun TC battle for Rivers backup in his final season and potential QB of the future. If I'm not mistaken, Darnold was super young coming out.
  2. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2020&wk=3 Late game on CBS which means I actually get the game locally in the Chicagoland area. Nice!
  3. MAC went off in the home opener. Is the feeling around the Colts that it's time to stop treating him as a project and "let him loose" on gamedays? I know he's not as quick/fast as Ebron was - but his hands make the football look like a nerf ball and I think it's time he gets his shot in that receiving role, especially with our TE position depleted by injury.
  4. Yeah, I voted Herbert. Hard to justify voting Taylor here when the JAX RB had 10 fewer carries for 1 more yard and the same TD.
  5. Eh, I thought the same at first (mostly because of the rash of other negative posts after last week's loss) but he has stuck by this thread and clearly stated his viewpoints several times and why he believes them, while showing respect to others. I think he's proven that he's not trolling. It's just an unpopular opinion, which is perfectly fine.
  6. That hit on the elbow to knock the ball out of receiver's hand and the tackle on the hurdle got me extremely hyped on this kid. Throw in the tip on the INT and I'm sold after 1 game. 3 big plays and you got me, lol.
  7. I don't disagree with there possibly being more yards there that were missed, especially for an "elite" prospect. But I gotta think as his reps increase, he'll learn some patience to hit those cutbacks, much like Mack did. Mack didn't start out nearly as patient as he has become... hopefully JT learns to do the same because he's a bruiser and he's fast. Improved vision could vault him into league leading territory. If that doesn't happen though, we may have a 3.75-4.25 guy on our hands... which isn't great but there are worse things I suppose.
  8. Biggest takeaway for me is that we're going to be just fine with Blackmon at safety. Dude balled out today.
  9. The bolded is a key bit of info, when discussing the percentages of teams making the playoffs after 0-2 start. That extra slot is a game changer.
  10. Or you can admit that expecting a coach to call the owner before running a play is silly, regardless of how long you've been a fan. Either way.
  11. Hopefully 5+ to keep Lawrence out of the division (if only because I don't want to hear the constant comparisons to Peyton/Luck as if we're the past and they're the future, lol. Trevor has those kinds of expectations)
  12. GamePass is only worth it if you don't mind watching after the games are completed. I *believe* once the last early game finishes that block of games becomes available, same for the late game slate. My phone blows up with alerts and when I know the result I don't watch with the same intensity and don't enjoy it nearly as much, so for me that doesn't work. If you're ok with it though, it's a pretty great deal at $99 for the season
  13. Definitely maddening. Most of the time there's a rhyme or reason... but sometimes there isn't haha.
  14. We have the rare FOX game this week. See what game is showing in your area. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2020&wk=2
  15. Just tilted from the Mack injury and made a homer trade. Chris Carson (who I always manage to get each year and he's always solid to really good) for JT. It's my cheap work league and I just wanted a Colt to cheer for haha. Now both my starting RBs are rookies (CEH is the other). Kind of immediately regretted it, kind of excited about seeing each of them grow this year. Hopefully they both play to their ceilings!
  16. Just a sidenote, since we're scouting box scores: Saquon Barkley ran 15 times for 6 yards tonight. So on the brightside, this must mean our rookie RB is better than a consensus top 5 NFL RB.
  17. Just as a note, Taylor did catch all 6 of his targets this week. It's definitely something to monitor in the coming weeks.
  18. Meh. Honestly, if we have to have a 4th RB, I'd rather sign Jonathan Williams back off the Lions practice squad. Knows the offense and produced when called upon last year.
  19. Jared, I'm going to give you the same advice I gave you last time. If you're not getting enjoyment out of watching and your mental health is suffering, take a break. Play a new video game instead or binge a new series. It's supposed to be fun. When it stops being that for you, it's time to step away for a bit.
  20. If you're ok watching the games immediately after they end, get NFL Game Pass.
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