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  1. Just tilted from the Mack injury and made a homer trade. Chris Carson (who I always manage to get each year and he's always solid to really good) for JT. It's my cheap work league and I just wanted a Colt to cheer for haha. Now both my starting RBs are rookies (CEH is the other). Kind of immediately regretted it, kind of excited about seeing each of them grow this year. Hopefully they both play to their ceilings!
  2. Just a sidenote, since we're scouting box scores: Saquon Barkley ran 15 times for 6 yards tonight. So on the brightside, this must mean our rookie RB is better than a consensus top 5 NFL RB.
  3. Just as a note, Taylor did catch all 6 of his targets this week. It's definitely something to monitor in the coming weeks.
  4. Meh. Honestly, if we have to have a 4th RB, I'd rather sign Jonathan Williams back off the Lions practice squad. Knows the offense and produced when called upon last year.
  5. Jared, I'm going to give you the same advice I gave you last time. If you're not getting enjoyment out of watching and your mental health is suffering, take a break. Play a new video game instead or binge a new series. It's supposed to be fun. When it stops being that for you, it's time to step away for a bit.
  6. If you're ok watching the games immediately after they end, get NFL Game Pass.
  7. This right here is enough to justify us giving TY a final 2-3 year, front loaded extension after the season, imo.
  8. I'd assume that you'd only get whatever is showing in your area. I don't think they'd give access to half the Sunday games for 5.99/mo. When you sign up, it probably uses your IP address to locate where you are and determine what it shows you.
  9. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2020&wk=1 This just released today and is, of course, subject to change. But good to check out to see what games are being shown locally across the country.
  10. -Campbell leads the team in receiving TDs. -Moore has 5+ sacks. -Mack has more yards than JT.
  11. I think that definitely could have had something to do with it. I'm not mad about it, because I think Blankenship has every chance to be good... but if he struggles I know in my mind I'll be thinking they only kept him for the streak (whether that's fair or not, lol). I liked Chase.
  12. Hey Colt, I know I opted out a year or two ago when I had my kid, but if you still need that final spot filled, I can do it.
  13. Colts should win by 2 touchdowns. That being said, we SUCK in Jacksonville and we SUCK in Week 1 games. I'll be upset if we end up losing, but not necessarily surprised. I'll predict 34-17.
  14. You won't be kicked out but this post will surely be locked shortly. I'm 100% with you. Unfortunately, being a decent human has become political and the very idea deeply offends and triggers a large portion of society, especially in our team's home state. But yes, well done Colts. Proud of my team.
  15. Normally I'd agree, but this regime has both spoken and shown a preference for the "bottom" of the roster to demonstrate Special Teams ability. Quincy Wilson could have probably helped our secondary this year, and we sank a 2nd round pick into him, but he was unable to crack the starting lineup and/or primary backup slot, so his lack of special teams ability bought him a one way ticket out of here. Lower 2nd and 3rd teams players have more value as special teamers than they do as actual position players on this roster as designed by Ballard and Reich. My guess, based on observation
  16. Hot Rod is clearly losing at this point. Unless Chase completely blows the last few days of practice, the streak ends this year I think.
  17. That Denver game sticks out in most people's minds and casual fans are going to remember that because that's the most they've heard his name called. Over the last half of the season, I think he graded out really favorably, if I recall correctly. Hopefully that progress keeps up throughout this season.
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