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  1. Some plays he remembers like Oher in The Blind Side trucking his opponent to the other end of the field
  2. Congratulations Derek! I'm more han happy finishing 3rd in such a competitive league.
  3. I'll never understand how stupid so many players of any sport can be. All you have to do is to be healthy and try to have the better career you can have, even extending it, being a bit smart. You'll retire and have years and years to do anything you want to do while having huge dollars in the bank account and a bright future for your family. And you then you go snowboarding and risk everything.
  4. Thank you for your consideration with me. One day or another is not a problem for me, but I really appreciate if you set the draft a bit early, I'm in Spain. Set a time and I'll be there!
  5. Is Joe League working? I didn't have any email or invitation yet...
  6. I will play. I've never understood this difference between the two leagues by the way - I don't see a reason to have an elite and a non-elite league distinction. Last year I finished last and I should go to Joe's, where I don't know anyone while in the "elite" league I know people who I've been playing with for some years. As I said I don't really understand this division very well; If I had spent some years playing in the "2nd" league, then win the league I would not leave those guys behind to play in an "elite" league... I don't know if my english level is enough to explain what I try to say. Anyway I'll play in any league you place me. Best regards from Spain!
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