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  1. Reggie and a healthy #12 at QB. Good times to remember.
  2. I'm sorry but this is my revenge year - unless somehow I get 3 or 4 wrs killed in 5 minutes again. See you in around 3 hours!
  3. Just a joke! I love drafting in the last spot, I love the double pick in the turn of the first round. And with a 1st waiver... So happy!
  4. My trust got a small hit when you randomized me to the last spot
  5. I think we trust you after all this time in the league! Just want to know the order to start mocking as crazy
  6. 1. There will be a one day waiting period for waivers - Y 2. There will be no waiting period after trade is finalized - Y 3. Choose one of these 3 drafting order options: B a. Team owners will get to pick their preferred draft spot starting with team #12 and working back to #1. b. The draft order will be randomized upon league creation and draft order will be visible to all owners at least a week prior to the draft. c. The draft order will be randomized 15 min before the draft begins. 4. Choose one of these 3 platform's to play on this season
  7. NFL draft tracker still has us at spot 44 also
  8. That's correct. The fascist dictator we had in World War II days set here the same Germany time zone, and it has not been changed since.
  9. As every year, I'm fine with the draft date and time you establish. My only suggestion is to make it early because of the hours difference, as said before.
  10. Adding half point ppr scoring is something we could consider also. In the end, the most scoring you can have means the most research you should do and the most randomness you remove from the game.
  11. What about giving a bonus to the players reaching 100 rushing / receiving or 300 passing yards instead of lowering the points for all TDs?
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