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  1. Colt92

    Yahoo Fantasy football

    There are actually a few leagues on this forum with just Colts fans. I know Narcoys has his PPR league setup and the other is the Elite/Joe's League (which is very competitive). The top two teams from the Joe's League and the bottom two teams in the Elite League switch places every season. We have spots open in the Joe's League if you are interested. I am commish of the Joe's League by the way. If you want to see the discussion about the Elite League rules check out the forum topic "Fantasy Football 2018 League."
  2. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    I'll keep ya posted!
  3. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    I will add you to first alternate if something comes up.
  4. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    We are all filled up! Looking forward to a fun season!
  5. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    See if you can read the message I just sent you.
  6. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    You are all good to go Chucklez.
  7. Colt92

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    We still have 4 spots open for anyone interested in playing fantasy with other Colts fans.
  8. Hello Colts Fans, The Colts Joe's League has open four (4) potential spots for fantasy this season. The top two teams at the end of the season will be promoted to the Elite League. (members may NOT be in both leagues at the same time; see the Fantasy Football 2017 thread for discussions of possible rule changes / site for fantasy, etc.) If you have any interest in participating this season please send me a PM with your email so I may invite you to the league.
  9. Colt92

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I can second this, although it could get a little messy since we alternate two owners in each league. Where would the "newly demoted/promoted" owners rank on this scale of choosing a spot?
  10. Colt92

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I'll reach out to the Joe's League members for plans on returning.
  11. Hey Fireman818!


    We have had an opening for one of our teams, so I'll send you an invite to the league.


    Feel free to change the team name and team logo/picture to customize it since you'll be inheriting a previous owner's team name.


    If you need anything let me know!