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  1. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    I've got 5 RB's, I'm open to trading.
  2. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Less than 15 minutes until showtime!
  3. Colt92

    Madden 19

    For Ultimate Team, EA is releasing new players every week (even every couple days) which is a very different scenario as Madden 18. Passing in H2H has been more challenging (linebacker spies are psychic). I'm an Ultimate Team guy instead of Franchise. Waiting for Bob Sanders to have a card for this year.
  4. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Quarterback: 1 Running Back: 2 Wide Receiver: 2 Wide Receiver / Tight End: 1 Kicker: 1 Defensive Team: 1 Running Back / Wide Receiver / Tight End: 1 Bench: 6 Reserve: 1
  5. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Colts Joe's League Draft Order Sunday, September 2nd, 7:00 pm EST 1. Trent - WarGhost21 2. Ollie - Chucklez 3. Brad – Luck of the Irish 4. Curtis – Can’t Stop Master-Peyton 5. Matt- CheezyColt 6. Kaleb – Btown_colt 7. Jeff – The Dewey Ryder’s 8. Daniel – DC Colt 9. Mike – Road Kings 10. Colt - The Legion of Blue 11. Chris - Curtis Painter Administration 12. John F. – Bavarian Colts @Sockerice @Btown_Colt @CheezyColt @onebad150 @Hamboning Will Save URLife @Lucky Colts Fan @Melancholie @WarGhost21 @Statiik82
  6. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    T.Y. will be a first rounder in our hearts no matter what...
  7. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Email sent to the league.
  8. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Not at all. I love mocking too. Anything can happen though... I'll send an email to everyone announcing the event.
  9. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    Sure, would you be open to witnessing the randomization? I can email a link to the league owners to GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts or something. I might be able to set aside some time this Friday night, the 24th, around 7pm or 8pm to do it.
  10. Colt92

    Joe's League 2018

    It'll be randomized 30 minutes before the draft. No idea what spot we'll have, but we will have 12 teams. Have fun mocking!
  11. We have ONE final spot open for an owner to join the Colts Joe's League. The top two teams at the end of the season will be promoted to the Forum Elite League. Please PM me your email if you are interested in joining us, our draft is scheduled for Sept 2 at 7pm EST. Colt
  12. Colt92

    Yahoo Fantasy football

    There are actually a few leagues on this forum with just Colts fans. I know Narcoys has his PPR league setup and the other is the Elite/Joe's League (which is very competitive). The top two teams from the Joe's League and the bottom two teams in the Elite League switch places every season. We have spots open in the Joe's League if you are interested. I am commish of the Joe's League by the way. If you want to see the discussion about the Elite League rules check out the forum topic "Fantasy Football 2018 League."
  13. Colt92

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I can second this, although it could get a little messy since we alternate two owners in each league. Where would the "newly demoted/promoted" owners rank on this scale of choosing a spot?
  14. Colt92

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I'll reach out to the Joe's League members for plans on returning.
  15. Hey Fireman818!


    We have had an opening for one of our teams, so I'll send you an invite to the league.


    Feel free to change the team name and team logo/picture to customize it since you'll be inheriting a previous owner's team name.


    If you need anything let me know!