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  1. We currently have pick 15--if Tua is still available, would you take a punt and pick him, with the thought he would miss his rookie season?
  2. Maybe it's time people realised that JB just isn't that good
  3. I read a few weeks ago that Bucky Brooks reckons we are a better team with Brissett than with Luck--I wonder what stuff he is smoking. We need to look for a more permanent alternative at QB. At best, Brissett is a good backup
  4. Alright, his stats don't look that impressive (52yrds in 5 games), but I reckon he's much better than what the stats show--today he secured a defensive penalty on a 50+ yrd throw. And that is at least the 2nd time he has done so on a 40+ yrd pass. So far he's been targeted only 12 times, with 4 receptions. Some of those passes were uncatchable, landing well short of him. If we credited his stats with the penalty receptions, he does look a vital part of the offence.
  5. I don't know if I'd be bagging a guy because he is a late round rookie backup--isn't there a guy drafted by the Pats who was a later round rookie backup, and he's running out of fingers to put SB rings on?
  6. At least we could leave Westbrook free so that Minshew throws to him all night. Surely it can't be that hard to catch a ball when it falls right into your lap, and the defender is nowhere in sight
  7. Tonight's game does help put last week's win by the Colts into perspective--we barely scraped by a fairly ordinary team
  8. we need to draft a starting QB next season
  9. I would keep him--I really don't understand why the Colts went and signed Hoyer to a multi-year contract
  10. It may have been only his first game, but I thought Kedon Slovis was pretty impressive for USC against Stanford yesterday--will be interesting to see how he progresses throughout his College career.
  11. Oh for goodness sake. Andrew Luck retired because he was worn down by the horrible injuries (thanks for protecting the franchise QB, Grigson), and now people are condemning him for having a life outside of football
  12. Yes, a great high followed by a terrible low
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