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  1. I think we should use FA to concentrate on the Defence. Plenty of solid Offensive weapons in the draft
  2. Here in Australia the 2 major football codes (Rugby League and Australian Rules) have just started their seasons playing to empty stadiums with live TV coverage. It's really weird watching a game at the MCG (capacity 100,000) and the stands are empty--you also get to hear every word said on field, which can cause issues for the producers.
  3. The last 2 Qb we drafted in the first round were true franchise QB--no one in this draft who will be available at 13 fits that label
  4. I'm not a Brisett fan, and I don't see him as a franchise QB, but he isn't as woeful as some suggest. He was about mid level before he got injured and then went downhill pretty quickly. If he stayed healthy, we make the playoffs. We need an upgrade at QB to be a real contender, but there's no way I would be reaching for one in the draft.
  5. For him to slip out of the first round his medical would have to be a disaster. He's the only QB I would even think about trading up for (not counting Burrows as he's a given at 1)
  6. If Brown is still available I would be nearly killing the Commissioner in the rush to get the card to him
  7. I'd take a run for him as RT and move Smith to RG
  8. You could go Brown at 13 , then Kinlaw at 34 (not sold on either QB)
  9. Thought Aikman's comment that he won 3 SB because of an aggressive run game and strong defence was interesting from the perspective of reaching to get a QB.
  10. I think today's win by the 49ers shows us that you don't need a great QB to reach the SB
  11. Going the FA path is only a stop gap measure until we can get a quality QB via the draft. Only guys I would consider as 1st rounders this year are Burrows and Tua. Definitely would not trade up to get any others--if one was to fall into our hands OK. Unfortunately, the only way to draft a potential franchise guy is to have a horrible season and draft very early.
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