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  1. Cam would have been a better option
  2. https://au.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-six-aussie-friends-turn-6-202000-bet-073228226.html
  3. Up until he got injured last season his record was pretty good
  4. I just wonder how long before Brissett is back starting. I have said before that Rivers isn't the answer, and today does nothing to change my mind.
  5. Much better overall, but definitely not at QB
  6. Sorry, but I can't see Rivers being the savior everybody seems to think he is--a once quality QB who is well past his best. I don't think JB is the answer either, although Garappolo showed you don't need a superstar QB to reach the SB. I just wonder if we might be looking at getting a quality QB in next year's draft, and develop Eason as a backup
  7. I realize that Rivers is an improvement on Brisset, but surely suggesting he makes us a SB team is a bit over the top
  8. You have to remember that the lifespan for RB in the NFL is pretty short (Gore is an exception). Although I would have moved up for Kmet, I can see the sense behind this pick. If we leave Mack to carry the load , he's only got a year or 2 left. This way we extend Mack, and we gain the best RB out of College. I can see them working brilliantly in tandem for a few more years.
  9. Fastest 40m sprint ever--Chris Ballard handing in this pick. You would have to think that the Colts had absolutely no intention of trading the pick
  10. Great trade by Colts--we got a proven Pro-bowler who is still only young--I don't even remember being 26. Kinlaw is promising, but so was Ryan Leaf
  11. I just don't see the sense in trading up for a QB who is then going to sit on the bench for a year--it's not as if the guys in this draft beyond Burrows and Tia are anything special
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