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  1. Cam would have been a better option
  2. https://au.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-six-aussie-friends-turn-6-202000-bet-073228226.html
  3. Up until he got injured last season his record was pretty good
  4. I just wonder how long before Brissett is back starting. I have said before that Rivers isn't the answer, and today does nothing to change my mind.
  5. Much better overall, but definitely not at QB
  6. Sorry, but I can't see Rivers being the savior everybody seems to think he is--a once quality QB who is well past his best. I don't think JB is the answer either, although Garappolo showed you don't need a superstar QB to reach the SB. I just wonder if we might be looking at getting a quality QB in next year's draft, and develop Eason as a backup
  7. I realize that Rivers is an improvement on Brisset, but surely suggesting he makes us a SB team is a bit over the top
  8. And meanwhile, Cam Newton remains unsigned
  9. You have to remember that the lifespan for RB in the NFL is pretty short (Gore is an exception). Although I would have moved up for Kmet, I can see the sense behind this pick. If we leave Mack to carry the load , he's only got a year or 2 left. This way we extend Mack, and we gain the best RB out of College. I can see them working brilliantly in tandem for a few more years.
  10. Fastest 40m sprint ever--Chris Ballard handing in this pick. You would have to think that the Colts had absolutely no intention of trading the pick
  11. Great trade by Colts--we got a proven Pro-bowler who is still only young--I don't even remember being 26. Kinlaw is promising, but so was Ryan Leaf
  12. I just don't see the sense in trading up for a QB who is then going to sit on the bench for a year--it's not as if the guys in this draft beyond Burrows and Tia are anything special
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