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  1. Nice to get a win, but it's a bit early to get carried away
  2. We also need a QB. If Wentz is the answer to our QB issues then it must have been a pretty dumb question. Just hoping we don't lose a good draft pick because of the trade for him.
  3. Stanford's QB Tanner McKee looked very impressive against LSU yesterday. Most likely won't be going to the draft next year, although if he does, I doubt the Colts would be able to get him
  4. Don't change it for me--I have set my draft preferences up, and trust me, 1st day on holiday I will be sleeping in well past 7am after having to get up before 4am every morning for work
  5. I'm happy to go with what everyone else says. 3pm on a Sunday for you guys is 5am Monday for me, and I'll be on holiday, not that I can go anywhere because of Covid lockdown. I'm set-up for auto draft anyway, so all is good
  6. I think he and Tony Romo are great commentators
  7. I feel so sorry for you guys--fancy getting beat up by an Aussie who has never been to an NFL game
  8. On CNN last week it was reported that of the 607,000 who had died in the USA not 1 of those had been fully vaccinated. The vaccines may not 100% guarantee you won't get the virus, but they pretty well guarantee that if you get it. it won't kill you--that's pretty effective
  9. How many had to experience a worldwide pandemic?
  10. I confirm--will be nice to win the Elite at first attempt
  11. I know that I was leading after the regular season, in the Joe League, but fell over in the playoffs
  12. The Davis and Ehlinger picks have me a bit confused. Would have taken Storm Forsythe at 165
  13. Spotrac says he signed contract on April 13
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