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  1. Loved Vontae and what he brought to the table each game.
  2. So sad but I think this is the most accurate theory out there.
  3. Korey

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    he has a very bad habit of not giving up on plays when he should...... sounds so much like the QB that just retired...
  4. Time will tell. It will be interesting to see how the information about the last injury that happen and how much the Colts medical staff knew or didn't know.
  5. Everything is so basic this 1st game guys let’s not freak out ok much
  6. Regardless of preseason record, growth is the key to these 4 games
  7. This team seems to be having a blast out there already.
  8. This management is going to see if anyone will make this team better, if that means bringing in a vet and trying them out to see if they can help make the Colts better then they will.
  9. would be interesting to see if anyone would want one of our bubble roster WR.
  10. Eric is starting to live up to the hype he had coming out of college. I believe he can maintain the level he displayed last season.
  11. "Despite missing 12 games in two seasons, Hooker has still been able to improve drastically all around." When healthy we will see what a great ball player he is. But being healthy is the key factor to the type of season that he will have. Missing 12 games in 2 seasons wont' allow for much hype if you can't stay on the field.
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