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  1. I'm saying that now and always. Give me a Super Bowl this season and I would be fine with a few seasons of "train wreck"
  2. Give me a super bowl like the Eagles then I can have a few seasons of a train wreck.
  3. Kyle R stays put but should be traded Harrison Smith
  4. I believe the Niners are the team left out especially from the NFC West.
  5. HUGE CB supporter He has cleaned up a mess that he didn't create. . With that being said doesn't mean he hasn't made his fair share of mistakes. For me the biggest position that he has failed to improve in his time is the WR. I know that group may not have been that good since Luck was the QB with some "lessor" WR. To me having an elite WR is like having a great RB opens up the offense and makes the defender prepare for every play against them. Overall CB has made the best hand out a a decked that was stacked against him.
  6. I don't see CB going after anyone IMO, seems to me he is either stubborn or too much ego to admit that his team can improve in season. A trade for either a DE or WR would help this team right away.
  7. Any addition to that defense is going to improve it. Not sure if this will put them over the "top" but its a good addition IMO
  8. Will need everyone for sure to get through this hard part.
  9. I agree 100% with this. Kinda wondered why he would start him against a coach that knows him so well.
  10. Marlon Mack will lead the team in rushing yards.
  11. I don't understand all the Brissett hate. He really wasn't that bad for us. I understand the check down throws and other issues but overall a hell of a QB for what was dumped on him. Pre Injury Brissett top 7 QB easy, after injury bottom 32 QB.
  12. Hard Pass...... This is the year that Hooker shows everyone why he was drafted so high.
  13. Ya-Sin to me is a player who didn't enough credit last season. Yes he had games that were bad and too many penalties but all things considered he is a young star in the making .
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