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  1. DT was a MUST and getting a Stud for the 13th pick, I'll take it. For the ones that don't like it Why? QB was never the move at 13... EVER.. Listen to CB talk he wasn't going with one at 13.
  2. Korey

    Draft Trade?

    Do the Colts move up to get their QB? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28779956/gm-dave-gettleman-giants-open-business-no-4-pick
  3. No, I think he wouldn't fit in with our youth honestly. I wouldn't want any DB getting snaps taken away for Norman who isn't what he once was.
  4. Hard pass for me. I believe if you don't get the right guy in the draft then Brissett is the focal point no need to bring someone else in.
  5. I hope that they get some big names that can help this team improve. We have seen what signing a player based on their name does for any team. Ballard is smart so I hope the big name is someone that can help the Colts win right away.
  6. I believe that Ballard is one of the best GM in the NFL. With that being said isn't Ballard that one on record saying Brissett is a top 20 QB? Now after another season under his belt he did't perform to the level of this at all. Maybe this is where people are trying to come after Ballard for. IMO when people link players to GM's or coach's the players performance outweighs all the positive that GM or Coach has done.
  7. I personally don't see Ballard reaching for him due to his injury history.
  8. Circling back around to this post. Let me start off by saying that I wasn't comparing Pagano and Reich. Like mentioned above it was exactly as you stated undisciplined penalties, multiple turnovers and so on. However I purposely didn't respond to anyone because as I felt at the time I was right. Obviously the rest of the season played out again in my option very Paganoish. Many people on here wasn't or didn't want to hear it or admit it. Please don't give me the excuses of injuries or the QB retired right before the season because we are passed that. Lets go Colts and Lets go Coach Reich!!
  9. Thanks for everything. League was fun and thanks to OUR Colts made the championship title even that much sweeter.
  10. "If it would have been a Chuck Pagano ish game then the steelers would have laid a 50 burger on us" So true
  11. I think the talent is on the roster already. Like you mentioned the scheme never changed until way too late. Its very rare for a LB playing off the LOS to catch up with any great catching RB.
  12. The whole game yesterday seemed very weird from the start. The dumb penalty's that ended up with Pittsburgh points, the pick 6, missed XP, missed 2 pt conversion, missed FG to end game, oh and miss tackles. Not to mention some of the play calling on defense where Samuels looked like a HOF out of the backfield. A group of of us twitter were trying to sum up the game. We all agreed if felt like the good ole days of Chuck Pageno at the helm. Not looking for backlash but I really hope this isn't a new trend.
  13. You make some great points about draft capital. If Ballard sees the roster as being built the way he intends too then no reason why he shouldn't start to move some picks in the future drafts. With that being said nothing should be traded until he fully believes that they are only 1 player or 2 away.
  14. Training Camp Time!!!! Who's all going?

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