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  1. So your telling me Ballard would be willing to do that? Ballard isn't going to stand in front of the team on exit meetings and tell them sorry but we didn't want to give up the 1st round pick so we didn't play a healthy Wentz.
  2. Exactly! Not sure why anyone would think the Colts would let a healthy Wentz sit out to avoid giving up 1st rd pick. The best situation is that Wentz comes back and plays 70 or 75% of the snaps. This gives the Colts the best option at having a successful season.
  3. Don't care much for ESPN but this move I can give them the chance. I really hope this is enjoyable and watchable. Going to be fun seeing Peyton discussing football in real time.
  4. Looking forward to the WR's this training camp. I hope that Ballard was right on the Pat McAfee show about having the playmakers in that position for the season. Lets Go Colts!
  5. Training Camp hasn't started yet, He will get his chance to play somewhere.
  6. I'll join if you have any spots left. thanks
  7. To me it is crazy on how the Colts are known for their Defense this year. When I use to think of the Colts it was offense then special teams then last was defense. . Now this season I think of the Defense first and the offense 2nd. Oh man have the times have changed.
  8. Browns are a decent team, not sure why some people need to knock them. The wind was crazy in that game!!
  9. I think the number one seed is a team that deserves a bye week. I like the way it is set up right now. I think if you add another team and take away all byes, then regular season will start to be like the end of basketball season. Guys will start to take off weeks on teams that have already clinched an playoff spot.
  10. This is the issue with thinking that every 2nd year QB is the next Mahomes. QB is a position that can take years to develop. I think Jones will be fine moving forward. New York needs to stick with him to see where he is for their future at QB.
  11. I just keep waiting on Taylor to show up and be the Super Man that everyone said he was when we drafted him. Marlon Mack is a major reason why we aren't a good running team this season.
  12. Hats off to Rivers with the performance yesterday. I would love to see this moving forward.
  13. I think the remaining games are going to be interesting to us. If they play bad as they have in some halfs this season then won't even sniff the playoffs. However, when we have been playing good on offense and defense we can compete with the best of the best.
  14. Setting up for a crazy next few weeks to see if we are among the best in the AFC or barley a playoff team.
  15. definitely Something to keep an eye on moving forward however I think Wilkins performed amazing
  16. I'm saying that now and always. Give me a Super Bowl this season and I would be fine with a few seasons of "train wreck"
  17. Give me a super bowl like the Eagles then I can have a few seasons of a train wreck.
  18. Kyle R stays put but should be traded Harrison Smith
  19. I believe the Niners are the team left out especially from the NFC West.
  20. HUGE CB supporter He has cleaned up a mess that he didn't create. . With that being said doesn't mean he hasn't made his fair share of mistakes. For me the biggest position that he has failed to improve in his time is the WR. I know that group may not have been that good since Luck was the QB with some "lessor" WR. To me having an elite WR is like having a great RB opens up the offense and makes the defender prepare for every play against them. Overall CB has made the best hand out a a decked that was stacked against him.
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