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  1. I agree 100% with this. Kinda wondered why he would start him against a coach that knows him so well.
  2. Marlon Mack will lead the team in rushing yards.
  3. I don't understand all the Brissett hate. He really wasn't that bad for us. I understand the check down throws and other issues but overall a hell of a QB for what was dumped on him. Pre Injury Brissett top 7 QB easy, after injury bottom 32 QB.
  4. Hard Pass...... This is the year that Hooker shows everyone why he was drafted so high.
  5. Ya-Sin to me is a player who didn't enough credit last season. Yes he had games that were bad and too many penalties but all things considered he is a young star in the making .
  6. I think this team is special even without Luck. I hope Rivers has some gas left because with the oline, dline and the Running backs they are built to make a deep run. Go Colts!
  7. IF HEALTHY Fountain makes this team IMO. He has shown some great flash and I believe that he could be a good big play maker for the Colts.
  8. I'm good with whatever the majority wants to do since we all will be under the same rules.
  9. I believed you were HACKED!
  10. Chris stated he would like more picks for this years draft. However, I don't think he meant that he would give away players just to have a draft pick. Regardless on your stance of Hooker, when healthy he is a good player with assets that you can't teach. Down side when playing not 100% he game is flawed. Still I don't see Chris giving him away for any draft pick think it would have to be something good in return.
  11. I don't feel that Eason is a "Colts" fit. Everything that I have read and seen doesn't speak of a Ballard player. But hey we will find out next week.
  12. This "rivalry" has been over a long time ago. However one can still not like a team.
  13. DT was a MUST and getting a Stud for the 13th pick, I'll take it. For the ones that don't like it Why? QB was never the move at 13... EVER.. Listen to CB talk he wasn't going with one at 13.
  14. Korey

    Draft Trade?

    Do the Colts move up to get their QB? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28779956/gm-dave-gettleman-giants-open-business-no-4-pick
  15. I hope that they get some big names that can help this team improve. We have seen what signing a player based on their name does for any team. Ballard is smart so I hope the big name is someone that can help the Colts win right away.
  16. Thanks for everything. League was fun and thanks to OUR Colts made the championship title even that much sweeter.
  17. Training Camp Time!!!! Who's all going?

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    From the album: Kids

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    From the album: Kids

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