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  1. That is easier than making the case that water is wet.
  2. Wow! Really? Do Hall of Fame GM's win the super bowl in their first 4 years? Especially after taking over a skeleton of a team built around a Franchise QB that unexpectedly quits right before the start of a season. Meaning they had no time to draft/sign accordingly until the next season. So his mistake was paying too much money for the highly touted backup to take over. That's pretty minor. The salary cap is in great shape so it really is a nonissue. So we have positions like CB and Reciever that need to be upgraded, do we? Well, welcome to the NFL.
  3. Thanks to COVID I work two days a week now. As it is, I will miss the the entire game this Saturday, and will be surounded by a bunch of Bills fans
  4. Allen has been getting a lot of time in the pocket. We need Turay to be at his most disruptive along with several others. I am not confident about this game and that is the main reason. If we can't appy consistant pressure Josh is going to pick us appart.
  5. Yes that makes me nervous. I have a feeling they might resign Autry, but what do I know?
  6. No Vision, A product of the Wisconson system, will never translate to the NFL!
  7. Rivers has been great. Honestly, is there anyone who expected him to do even better than he has?
  8. That was the team I cut my teath on as well. I was from Connecticut so there was no reason not to follow them to Indianapolis. Its funny how loyalty works. I am a Dodger fan because of my Dad who was one of the very few who followed them from Brooklyn to LA. I was a diehard Hartford Whalers fan who cut the chord emediatly after they were moved to Carolina and became the Hurricane. Probably the name change had something to do with it. Anyway, I hope the Colts stay in Indy a long time, you guys ( in Indy) deserve them.
  9. I think Rivers has played on the high end of what the Colts were hoping for. The problem is we thought we would be adding him to team who's identity was the run game. Everyone thought the Colts would be top 5 in the league on the ground. If that was the case, River would be a QB we probably could win a Super Bowl with. However, for several reasons our run game has been awful which puts Rivers in a situation where, even at his current best,, he is not dynamic enough to put the team on his back against playoff caliber teams and lead them to victory over the course of the post
  10. IT looks like the D is going to decide whether we win or lose
  11. As long as it doesn't hinder the development of our future (Hall of Fame ) starter That is unlikely however, so unles we see a big decline over the rest of the season, I'm all for bringing him back.
  12. I have been of that opinion for a while now. I think Nelson may still be hampered from the back issues he was having before the start of the season, but that asside, the O line is shell of what they were last year. Im opinion they have been on a steady decline sence they changed coaches.
  13. I don't think Leonard has done anything to change Rogers's mind today.
  14. As Bill Polian used to say, "The guys on the team get paid too" I thought it was a pretty solid game all around
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