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  1. They seem to go hand and hand. The draft grade is based in how the pics compared numerically with the mock of choice. Mocks and Grades also put way too much emphasis on position
  2. I agree, but you know there will be a ton of people saying " we could have traded down, picked up more picks and still landed him" Which, of course, may be true or may not. It always cracks me up. People think it is like a store. You just go in and say I would like to trade down 6 slots to get player X and recieve ___ for compensation please. It takes a willing partner to trade and there never is a garuntee that your player will still be there. Not telling you anything you don't know. Just predicting the boards reaction
  3. Cosmi. And then we all feel that bitter/sweet reaction as we are releaved they got a quality LT but feel it was too high and that they could have traded back to get him.
  4. I wonder when Little will be picked. He is quite intriguing. Would taking him with our 2nd be too soon. He seems to have a great upside.
  5. Hey did you guys here that Samy Watkins is visiting the Colts!? I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this He could be a good on a one or two year deal if the price is right. By the way what does everyone think of Ballard as a GM?
  6. Are you talking about Left Tackle?
  7. I guess you're right. Maybe the only differnce bewtween this and othere anounced signings, in a couple days is it was leaked before they were done crossing said I's and T's. Here's to hoping it is someone who will turn out to be a possitive contributer.
  8. Good point. It just seems like an abnormally long time, especially with no leaks coming out.
  9. The weird thing is He says the Colts "have signed" . If that is the case why wouldn't they be anouncing it?
  10. For those bringing up the idea of intentially keeping Wentz under 75% of snaps, first of all, as stated previously, that is the equivelant of 4 games, so unless he completely sucks or misses several games with injury that is unlikely. More importantly, there is no way Ballard "pulls a fast one" on the Eagles and intentially keeps him under that number. Yes it would result in a short term vicory but it would hurt Ballard's ability to business with other GM's in the future. I can't attest to Ballards honesty and integrity ( although it seems quite high) but I can tell you that he is smart enouth to know that developing such a reputation would not be at all wise.
  11. Hopefully he will be on the sidline saying "damn I wish they traded me to the Colts!"
  12. They sure did. I would hold on to him too if I was the Detriot. Just an idea, being that I am not too excited about most of the other options.
  13. Just spit balling here, but given that we have already laid some ground work with the Lions. I wonder if a trade for Goth is possible. The Detriot is drafting high enough to get a decent QB in the draft to build around and probably had gone over contingency plans that involved not getting a quarterback in return. So they move Goth on to us for a 2021 3rd and 2022 4th or what ever he returns. I haven't took the time to look at Goth to closely recently but he seems to be as good an option as anyone when it comes to age, experience and upside.
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