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  1. wordofmouth

    First draft pick?

    I know we don't run an identical defense to what we ran under Dungy, but it's close enough for me to frame my opinion as the following. If you remember we had a great defensive coach. We had one of the best DE tandems in history. We had competent corners and line backers as well a great pair of safeties in Sanders and Bethea. What always seemed to be the missing the missing piece was DT. When we finally found one ( Booger) boom! we win the Super Bowl! So, being that this draft seems to have a couple potential high impact DT's that could be available at 26 (possible even at the top of the second round) I say lets get that box checked now and move on.
  2. I was wondering this myself. I do think it makes sense. Going from a Dome to harsh conditions has to effect us. It sure seemed to yesterday.
  3. wordofmouth

    Screw it let’s just win it all!

    Can we give the Pats a beat down on our way to the Lombardi?!?
  4. wordofmouth

    Colts fans, a prayer for the less fortunate

    Amen! The fact that we can get worked up about how a football team is testimony too how good we really have it!
  5. wordofmouth

    Great breakdown by Baldinger on Colts

    There are no asterisks next to your numbers were put up against Buffalo's Tennessee's and Jacksonville's defenses.
  6. wordofmouth

    Quincy Wilson- "Mike Mitchell saved my season"

    I love that !
  7. wordofmouth

    Top 5 PFF Colts grades vs Jags

    Great point about Stewart! I was thinking the same thing yesterday
  8. wordofmouth

    Holder on Lewis

    Absolutely! It's been a great draft already with two promising prospects that we haven't even seen yet ( Lewis and Caine) at positions we definitely want to upgrade.
  9. wordofmouth

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    That’s a huge part of it. This is a salary cap league. Nothing gets you in trouble quicker and keeps you in trouble longer than over spending on free agents. as it is now, he picks up a few players for cheap that can help on the field as well as in the locker room, which can’t be dismissed, and still has money to take care of our future resignings as well as money for strategic additions when we are closer to competing for the Super Bowl. In addition we should have two compencitoty picks next year. Well played Mr Ballard!
  10. wordofmouth

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    What a great thread! Thanks for taking the time to do this Trueman! One thing that people are giving him flack for is not being aggressive enough in free agency. However, I think he handled free agency brilliantly. He still got players that improved the team ex. Ebron, Autry, Slausen ( if healthy) even Grant but going into next years off season we will be: 2018 Cap space: 52 million , 4th youngest team  and have two second rounder's as well as a compensatory 4th or 5th as well as possibly a compensatory 6th or 7th. If the goal is building toward a championship in a couple years as opposed to making the team a little better in the short term ( and it should be) then he has positioned us to do just that.
  11. wordofmouth

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    We made a deal with them. They could keep Hughes in the game if we could keep Kelvin Shepherd
  12. wordofmouth

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Apparently we can. But taking hindsight out of the equation, the Bills D is very good.
  13. wordofmouth

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    What the heck does that mean?
  14. wordofmouth

    Quincy Wilson: Practice Dud, Game Stud?

    Just speculation, but I have experienced kids that really think about everything to the point that it slows them down a bit. However, that is the time to be doing that. Then in a game they calm the conscious mind and let their instincts take over. It's that not that uncommon, especially when a player is new or learning a new system.