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  1. I know anything can happen and need to factor some upsets in when doing this kind of thing but I don't see the Colts loosing at home to the Bengals.
  2. A lot of great throws there but the last one wowza!
  3. I'm pretty sure he will run very well for us right away. I think we will see more of him on first and second down then people think. But I remember Bill Polian saying that most good running backs come into the league and they are ready to run at an NFL level. What ends up determining how much playing time they get ( putting health aside for a second) is weather or not they learn how to pass protect and slip open for a check down even if they are not great receivers. How quickly he progresses, in this regard, I have no idea. But I have no doubt that he will be a beast with the ball right ou
  4. Good job on Pinter! I can't imagine anyone else predicted that we would take him.
  5. I was in the living room watching it on TV in Albany NY. My Buddy, who it a Pats fan called me late in the 2nd half and said come down and watch it at the bar. I said no I'm good. ( Jerk) Later, after the game had ended, I called him to see if he was still out partying. He said"no I'm going home" like a 6 year old who wasn't allowed to play with the big kids.
  6. Another Vote for Bob Sanders here, with Robert Mathis and T.Y. coming in 2nd and 3rd.
  7. Thanks for the info Vikesfan ! That sounds pretty spot on. I remember a couple of years ago going on a tirade to my brother about how we could have had him and drafted Warner instead. I think if he can healthy he will be an upgrade. Interesting what you said about his weight, I wonder if they will be on him about that. Will see you in the Super Bowl
  8. To your fist statement... Why? To your second, yes we have a bit of a hole now at corner but man some people act like we just lost Deon Sanders. Desir was not that good last year. He can be replaced fairly easily and cheaply.
  9. Good pick up! These are the under the radar additions that can really help.
  10. Which makes having a great Defense even more important. Points allowed/points scored. Improve one you increase your chance of winning. Simple! Now lets improve our offense. You can't sacrifice one for the other.
  11. This is huge. For the last 20 years the Colts have been in a constant search for that dominant DT. The one year we had one.... we won the Super Bowl! A tackle like this is so important to our defense. Excluding QB's, if you made a list of players in the NFL that could have the most positive impact on the Colts over the next couple years Buckner would be very high on that list. We traded the 13th pick (given, no small price) for almost the perfect player for this team. Again, dominant DT's are incredibly hard to find. This defense just got a lot better!
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