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  1. This is a great pick! The only argument against it is his position. However, given our inability to build an O line and the ramifications there of, I don't know how anyone could not be excited about getting the best interior lineman to come along in 2 decades. As for the idea that Building a Defense is the most important thing a team can do, doesn't it make sense that stopping other teams Defenses is just as important? That being said, no player in this draft is as good at countering the other teams Defense as Nelson.
  2. wordofmouth

    Worst Case Scenario

    With those two QB's still on the board we really could get a great return. However, I'm not sure why so few people are on the Fitzpatrick bandwagon. I think he could be every bit the pro that Chub could be. I also like the idea of creating a killer secondary, which would at least give us some kind of identity. g
  3. wordofmouth

    Bostic to Steelers

    Well along with our extra 2nd rounder next year we should have at least one comp pick as well, so that's a positive.
  4. wordofmouth

    Realistic Trade?

    As TvTurner said He is a little older than ideal ( I thought he was a little younger based on his draft year) but the thing about the O line is we need improvement immediately if we want Luck to have any kind of career longevity
  5. wordofmouth

    Realistic Trade?

    Is he injury prone or was he just injured last year? I don't recall him being injured much in the past, but I could be wrong.
  6. OK, what do people think. It sounds reasonable and even possible, but what do I know? The Bills seem to be open to trading Cordy Glenn. He certainly could be a good upgrade for us at Right Tackle or even Left Tackle. So We trade our #3 to Buffalo for their two picks #21 and #22 and Glenn. This, of course, is dependent upon Luck being healthy ( so we don't need a QB ) and Glenn being healthy.
  7. wordofmouth

    Looking at top 5 picks the last few years

    If they do this though, and I hope they do because the value of our #3 will go way up, then they heave to be comfortable with getting the third best QB prospect in the draft. Because I have to think NY is taking a quarterback and then we could very likely trade our of our slot in with a team looking for the second best QB. I guess it depends upon how they have the quarterbacks ranked.