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  1. Yes he struggled in the first half ( of the fist game) but more than made up for in the 2nd. It is not uncommon at all for running backs to put up pedestrian numbers early on and then get stronger and stronger as the game goes on. All things considered, the kid had a hell of a game!
  2. There was a radio host, here in Buffalo, who suggested the Bills do that a couple years ago. He was only half kidding.
  3. I'm glad to hear that Turray is looking good. He is definitely a player that could make a big difference if he hits his potential.
  4. Kind of off topic but sitting through the pass interference reviews drove me crazy. I really hope they get rid of those.
  5. Funny you say that. I just read a review on Bleacher Report and they put him in the "Stock Down" category. I was trying to zero in on certain individuals at a time so maybe the time I spent on Barton were just his better plays. I will have to look at it again. This is the first Colts game I ever attended, as I have never lived close to Indy and getting tickets in the other markets I've been in isn't easy ( or cheap) and while going to a game at Lucas Oil is still on my bucket list, I have to say that watching and re watching the game at home is in many ways preferable.
  6. Just got back from the game. Beautiful night in Western NY. Much nicer weather than last time the two teams played here! Just a couple observations from the nose bleeds. I would be able to give better insight if the replay board at New Era was better but they do a really bad job with that. Anyway, as many could tell this Carroll Philips guy was probably the player of the game for the Colts. Where did he come from anyway? I was not even aware of him being on the roster. He made plays all night and not just against the 3rd teamers. I liked Mathew Adams and EJ Speed at LB. Speed got beat on one long pass but he ran stride for stride with the Bills receiver and Barkley ( who was the best QB on the field tonight) just dropped the pass in the perfect place where there was nothing speed could do about it. I was hard to get a good read on our D line but every time the play ended up on the Bills side of the LOS, Stewart seemed to be leading the push. Rock looked like a very good ROOKIE. You could see the traits that will make him a great player but there were also some welcome to the NFL times. Walker was awful, Brissett was a little better but the whole starting offense left a lot to be desired. Cain looked good when he wasn't dropping passes and Fountain was probably the bright spot of the night as far as the O was concerned. One other player that I was watching pretty closely, and I thought did a real nice job was the rookie Tackle, Barton. Granted he was playing against the weakest competition of the night but I really liked what I saw out of him. A lot more work to be done, but it's nice to see a couple guys making themselves noticed.
  7. Here we go again, the preseason. I can see it now, we go 1-3 and everyone starts panicking, then we go 11-5 in the real season and the life is good again. The best were the Manning years when we were 0-4 almost every preseason. Now what if we go 4-0 ?d Yikes! then I'll start panicking
  8. I'm going to the game! Sorry, I know that is no help at all.
  9. Boy talk about passive aggressive! The guy is doing his due diligence and is trying to secure, possibly, the last pay day he ever gets. He owes the Colts no elegance unless he actually signs. At that point, as Hoose mentioned, there is no reason to think, based on his history, that he wouldn't be all in for the team.
  10. It's good we didn't trade a First rounder for him! n
  11. If you are doing the comparison thing then, to be fair, you need to compare one of those players to Banogo, Tell ( who we picked up by moving back) and the second rounder we get next year.
  12. One thing I find encouraging is this draft reminds me of how the Patriots do business. We got of a bunch of guys that are tailor made for OUR system. Like the Pat's, we got intelligent guys who seem to be very versatile. We have never had the flexibility to adapt to other teams schemes. I think, assuming these guys pan out, we will be able to do that in the future.
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