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  1. Ebron is a touchdown machine. Doyle brings a different skill set Ebron wins
  2. How can you not feel so fortunate in having this front office and coaching staff. Good stuff
  3. Gotta be a high potential diamond in the rough type. Hard to imagine a guy like him wouldn't be available as a udfa
  4. I'm convinced that we're playing a dime package on every down.
  5. Another explosive athlete that I can see being in a package CB role. Rangy guy if you've watched him play
  6. Ballard said the other day that their board is not inline with what the talking heads have. The 2nd round is where it's at! LETS GOOOOOO
  7. I'm okay with the trade back. We're primed for a big day 2!
  8. The I didn't necessarily agree with the big board and the way players fell, but here it is nonetheless. R1: Dexter Lawrence DL Clemson R2: Greedy Williams CB LSU R2: Johnathan Abram S Miss St R3: Anthony Nelson Edge Iowa R4: Keesean Johnson WR Fresno St R4: Chuma Edoga OT USC R5: Isaiah Buggs DL Alabama R6: Lamont Gaillard OL Georgia R7: Alize Mack TE Notre Dame
  9. I hear Josh Rosen checks this board often
  10. Agree with above. Probably more to find out what type of teammate he is more than anything.
  11. Those darn Patriots could have selected Al Bundy and gone to the SB. He once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game.
  12. Donald Brown. How quickly he has been forgotten. I completely forgot about him
  13. This is great. He's a solid player
  14. My last one. It's amazing how much the boards have changed in recent weeks.
  15. Lewan and Q have been in various social media posts. They're tight
  16. Tennessee release their starting OG Josh Kline. He's been average during his career. I wouldn't mind us taking a look. He'd be good depth at 29 years old.
  17. You all are extra busy this time of year. Just a quick thanks for keeping things moving here.
  18. Please tell us more about how you know what's going on behind the scenes. We'd love to hear it.
  19. There's nothing wrong with letting a guy test the market. In Desir's case, I think he'll be back. He's what, 28, been in the league for 5-6 years. I think his hopes of a mega multi-year contract are over. Give him a three year deal at a fair price and let's move on. We're still needing to draft a CB this year regardless
  20. It's like a fresh of breath air here this morning. I was dreading logging on, but happy to see this today! Now let's continue to build this team.
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