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  1. Shew! I'm glad we made it through and didn't cancel the game, like some wanted, over some rain showers.
  2. 2012 Packer’s “Chuckstrong” game.
  3. He's too busy putting on a dog and pony show for Hard Knocks.
  4. Actually, there is a lot of data out there that indicates swearing is a sign of greater intelligence. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=swearing+sign+of+intelligence I am educated and I swear like a sailor.
  5. You think JT is being utilized properly? Gimmeabreak
  6. Looked like a clean pick to me. What did I miss? We were better off with the incomplete pass, but still wondering what’s up with the call.
  7. I really don’t get how this is still a conversation. Repeat after me: Quenton Nelson is a guard. He is staying a guard. Good Job.
  8. Colts blow this one wide open and our season hits the turning point. Colts 38 Houston 10
  9. We are definitely heading into an easier stretch
  10. It's comical that some people think we bench Wentz to save the pick. No, that's not how this works. Doing so would ruin our chances of swinging deals with other GM's in the future.
  11. The ball clearly advanced forward, ahead of its release point. It was the correct call.
  12. Looking better. I still don’t understand some of these red zone calls
  13. Gameday!! Feeling ho-hum about this one. Brissett may put it on us
  14. Best explanation I can find. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/video/self-scouting-the-diamond-front
  15. There’s always next week. Maybe Jacoby can’t beat us
  16. I think the TY celebration was to recognize the person and his recovery. He threw up prayer hands first
  17. Hard to do anything when you’re running for your life. B here
  18. Wentz isn't playing this week.
  19. We've had long season's since the Luck debacle. People want the winning ways of the Peyton years back...I get it though
  20. Fisher at 80% is better than what we’ve had.
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