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  1. Dikembe Mutumbo is the answer to that
  2. Sheesh! That sack by Buckner on the last play just won me a game by .46 points.
  3. Well, the 'return' would be a comp pick and I wonder what kind of comp he might bring if he leaves this offseason?
  4. Thanks. I hadn't seen such comment. Just the speculation.
  5. Before I agree with anything like this I'm willing to wait to see if he's ruled out this week.
  6. Well, in the injury thread someone just posted a twitter post suggesting that Campbell's foot injury MAY be season ending. These guys have been wrong before, and my fingers are crossed, but...... (?)
  7. Well, that'd be a good one, but the ultimate would be that he retired, bought the Bears and drove them into the ground.
  8. 1. I'd bet it played well back home. Heck, it played fairly well in my home. 2. You can bet your bottom dollar it was retaliatory. I don't go for it in general, though.
  9. Hey, getting the KC game right doesn't mean you're not nuts. Just joshing ya.
  10. In the words of a wise man..... Go Colts!
  11. You don't have kickers in the Elite League? I've never heard of that. And I've been gone a couple 3 years, but though both leagues lived by the same rules(?)
  12. Yeah, in another league I lost by 3 this week because Succop outscored Brady. Sheesh!
  13. Mack for Trubisky. Well, some thought he'd be a good idea. He's not nothing.
  14. Live with no audience? It could work.
  15. Yeah but San Fran would be only once every 4 years. I'm wondering if TB would consider it also.
  16. Oh, I thought this was going to be about Brissette
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