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  1. I could certainly get surprised but I can't imagine Trubinsky taking up much cap space. He's likely looking at one year also. If he does only want one year do we still pick him up?
  2. If we bring in someone for a 1-3 year hold my place deal, I'm looking for a mature, good locker room, good work ethic, guy. I'm not as concerned over the number of wins as I am the example, though I do want as many wins as we can get along the way. I think our team could win just fine with a game manager, so just don't be a turnover machine. There's only a small handful of such guys on that list. The rest are younger and Cam. My expectation was to have such place holder model for a year, then hopefully Eason (or someone like him) is ready and the place holder supports.
  3. He's near the top of that list for me. THAT, with the options offered, for all the reasons you offered. Fitz, and Dalton are up there also. Cam is 10 for me.
  4. Yeah, how often do you see 4 team trades with only 3 teams involved.
  5. Let me check to see if I respect his opinion, and get back to you.
  6. Please don't take the sack. Throw it away.
  7. I don't get the reference, 'cept "car 54 where are you ", which is really old and doesn't make sense. Kinda like me.
  8. Actually, I was looking forward to Fields becoming a Jag. He could surprise me, but I don't see much in him. He'll be O.K.
  9. I refuse to ponder such a ridiculous notion until the impossible happens. Then I'll consider who's left. BTW my second team is the Packers. A long 2nd, but still.
  10. Against. I'm starting 3 chargers and no raiders over two ff teams tonight. Otherwise I wouldn't care either way.
  11. Agreed, and if I recollect correctly, he was being considered for both CB & S, so he was flexible.
  12. O.K., that's it. NOW I'm going to ask...... Is your computer auto correcting you to 'defiantly', or are you mis-typing it, or are you just that adamant about everything? I'm sure you mean 'definitely'. I've seen it in a couple of others posts, as well, but from you a lot. It's not a biggie, just an observation.
  13. But, is the window open?
  14. In case they run out of WRs who'll drop the ball regularly.
  15. Which is true but often an annoying fact of life.
  16. Eh, I understand we've asked him to change his first name to Won't.
  17. So, the Big 10 now changes the rules to allow Ohio State to go to the Big 10 Championship game instead of IU. Now, I don't know what prompted the original rule in the first place, but seems odd that it would be changed NOW that Ohio State would have been ignored due to it. Just another disappointing/outrageous thing to remember 2020 by.
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