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  1. Dolphins 21 Jaguars 27 49ers 24 Giants 10 Football Team 20 Browns 13 Bengals 27 Eagles 20 Raiders 21 Patriots 23 Bears 13 Falcons 27 Rams 20 Bills 30 Texans 24 Steelers 30 Titans 27 Vikings 17 Panthers 10 Chargers 28 Jets 13 Colts 28 Cowboys 30 Seahawks 34 Lions 21 Cardinals 31 Buccaneers 29 Broncos 16 Packers 26 Saints 30 Chiefs 35 Ravens 17
  2. Oh yes! He's quite the suave GM
  3. I'd have little problems attending under the criteria set. The only problem I'd have would be wearing the mask all game. For that reason, I'd rather stay home.
  4. Agreed on Game Pass, and that's why I don't mind getting seats in the upper sections, preferably on the sidelines, though. You see everything, you just don't get the replay of that view.
  5. Could you add me to the interested list for next year?
  6. In before lock. The phrase is fine. Can't say much about the organization right now.
  7. I'm interested in the details, but at least hope they can have a positive impact.
  8. Wait! Do we know that they're supporting the criminal who got shot? Could they be supporting a reasonable solution to the rioting? An understanding of why police respond as they do, how to conduct yourself in an arrest situation, and not to believe social media these days? Are we assuming they all feel the same way about each topic? All we know is that they feel it's out of hand, and how can they make a difference, no? Voting is the simplest thing we can all do. Then it's up to the powers that be to negotiate a solution. And NO, that's not all on Trump. A lot of these
  9. AND, without preseason games, the first regular season game, or two, will be more unpredictable than usual.
  10. Boy, that was just a year ago. Seems like 3.
  11. The way I see this season for the Bucs is.... There's only 60 games. We'll win more than 10 No one's winning 50 So, at worst we're no more than 20 games out. We're a couple of years out to get some of our good prospects up to the majors and making an impact. By that time a lot of the guys starting now will be on other teams. Some of the prospects are on the expanded roster, so I'm looking forward to watching them.
  12. That actually makes it attractive to some. Though the economy will effect that income stream regardless. And I wanted to mention that my comment was meant to be a bit sarcastic, and the system wouldn't allow me to add an emoji for whatever reason.
  13. Shameless attempt to boost jersey sales.
  14. What else could entice me to watch a Browns vs Code Red game?
  15. I'm just ashamed to be me, these days, to tell you the truth. Even if they played, under whatever names, I'm not sure I'm worthy.
  16. Dolphins eat other fish. Browns, well, say no more..... they stink. Saints? Privileged And on, and on....
  17. I'm color blind. When the play the Browns, how would I tell who's who?
  18. You know, if I think real hard I could find offense in pretty much anything. Fighting Irish beware. Trojans beware. So many others. I think the Colts looked for a new secondary emblem (bucking colt with helmet and football) due to PETA. /s
  19. People find Indians offensive?
  20. Last year was agonizing. The Pirates season was pretty much a mirror of the Colts. The Pirates were on fire going into the All Star break then fell totally apart after it. I didn't think they were as good as they played early (though we always hope, right?), but I don't think they were as bad as they finished up, either. Like I said, glad to see us bring in some new blood.
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