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  1. Yeah, I can't stand the Bears, either, and I'm from Chicagoland.
  2. Good for them. They're going to need him.
  3. So, we're saying we make excellent adjustments at the half, and the other team doubts we will, so they change nothing? We're better at anticipating their next move, then they are tricking us with their next move? Has everyone we've played, so far, made no halftime adjustments?
  4. Winning in Indy during the 70s would have been extremely difficult. Most of the 80s would have been extremely easy.
  5. No wonder it seems they've played better without him for a while now.
  6. I quit a few years ago in anticipation of this very moment.
  7. One of the truest, most common, and ugliest, phrases these days.
  8. Maybe switching divisions is part of the deal.
  9. This is to offset the Ravens picking up Dez. Good move.
  10. Agreed, BUT, if it were a destination Jacoby desired, the Colts would do him a solid (can't believe I just phrased it that way, ew).
  11. Hmm, did Yannick wear out his welcome in Minny already?
  12. I'm concerned about the QB play, and pleased with everything else, at this time.
  13. Did that feel as odd to type as it was to read? How refreshing.
  14. And gaming, it appears. Ff just dominates .
  15. I can't find it in me to join the panic yet.
  16. Dolphins 21 Jaguars 27 49ers 24 Giants 10 Football Team 20 Browns 13 Bengals 27 Eagles 20 Raiders 21 Patriots 23 Bears 13 Falcons 27 Rams 20 Bills 30 Texans 24 Steelers 30 Titans 27 Vikings 17 Panthers 10 Chargers 28 Jets 13 Colts 28 Cowboys 30 Seahawks 34 Lions 21 Cardinals 31 Buccaneers 29 Broncos 16 Packers 26 Saints 30 Chiefs 35 Ravens 17
  17. Oh yes! He's quite the suave GM
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