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  1. Which wouldn't work since we'd play that division every 4 years. Not sure they'd have us play a non-conference team twice in a season.
  2. I'm sure cap room removed a lot of teams interest.
  3. Everything here is pure speculation. It does answer the question, though. Although the question in the title, and the question in the OP are different.
  4. I agree. I may even go to 88%. Gotta find the 3rd we just gave to Philly. And, he loves his 2nds
  5. I guess you're busy. Write when you can. I'm shocked also. Great deal, to boot.
  6. If nothing's finalized, or shot down, March 17th is a long way off. That's a lot of pages.
  7. I'd think he'd let it drag on until he has a deal on the next option. Leave the offer on the table, move to the next option. If it leaks, Eagles react(?). Why close a door you don't need to.
  8. I also think you need WRs who can get open early for Wilson & Watson and they need to get used to that so they don't default to scrambling, even if just within the pocket..
  9. I can agree with that. I just couldn't justify spending a couple of #1s + to get there. Especially, when it's likely you don't need to get into the top 10 to get him.
  10. O.K., we all sense you're jonesing for Jones, but even if we spent the capitol to get into the top 10 to do so? That move would be very Bears like.
  11. There's been good half time shows, though. Production wise anyway (performances often stink). Doesn't help that I'd never heard of him or any of his songs, 'cept for the song they pound into your brain via commercials.
  12. I'm guessing this weekend guy is popular but it's difficult to tell why. This production is horrible.
  13. Is there a button on my remote to block Nikalodeon mode?
  14. Thank God this pregame show is over. Hopefully a good game and a KC win. Or KC blowout.
  15. I'd like to go on record to say that I'm not in favor of bringing in Wentz. I'm not in favor of Wentz mainly due to his play in 2020, though rumored locker room issues would be concerning, as well. I wasn't in favor of bringing in Rivers. I wasn't in favor of bringing in Rivers due to his play the previous year. I guess I need to continue to trust those who are closer to the situation than I. There, I'm on the record.
  16. Perhaps the Colts weren't impressed enough at this time(?).
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