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  1. Hey all i just got back on line after moving no internet . However now using hot spot , lol going to be alot of catch up. Anyway im still with you . Go Colts !
  2. I hear you and agree we will go as far as our pitching will carry us . It will be a strain on the staff , but i think they are deep enough that they may be up to the challenge . I believe Dylan Carlson is a Superstar in the making. The Cards are gonna go to a 6 man rotation through the double header stretch according to the Post Dispatch .
  3. Barry Sears The Cards are basically a spring training happening during a regular season . Whats your take on what you see so far ?
  4. Hey Hozer good to see you , got to run out and fill Humming bird feeders . Be back in a second.
  5. I think the most positive side from the owners stand point is they can some what protect their investments better . Adam Wainright prime example with the injury he sustained leaving the batters box.
  6. Im glad to see Baseball fans from any team , but thankful for the Cardinal fans , that way Im not ganged up on
  7. The whole North Central of Sullivan FB team got Quaranteen . Also Parke co. had to shut schools down . Think they go back monday
  8. And yes Myles I have been very happy with the Cards after a seventeen day shut down. I fully expected them to suffer greatly from it
  9. Have been working didnt have a choice in the matter. Some Baseball season Lol , I have enjoyed seeing some though . . Life as we know it has changed bigtime. I guess what I miss in the game is the fans believe it or not .
  10. Lol Im checking in ,Im doing ok , And you want contact info PM me . Its yours i will be glad to talk to any of you any time.
  11. Well got to run , time to cook us a meal. Nice talking and I hope everyone else is well. Also welcome to all the newcomers , glad to have you . Looking forward to it.
  12. Not to change subject matter. Lol hope College FB is reality , I feel IU may have the best developing QB in Pentix . I have been really impressed with him.
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