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  1. HungarianColtsFan

    Jags 2, Colts 32?

    Nailed it, bro!
  2. Happy ID4 Colts Nation! Greetings from Hungary!

    1. southwest1


      Hey there HCF, 


      Nice to see a Status Update from one of earliest friends I made on the Forum. You are a diehard Colts fan brother. I can't even imagine how hard it is to watch INDY games regularly in another country. I hope all is well in Hungary buddy! 


      I often wonder how men & women serving in the military overseas see Colts games too especially if they are doing their tour of duty on an aircraft carrier or on a submarine. Thank you for your service. 

    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Hello SW1,


      for a Colts fan it isn't hard at all. :-)))


      All is well here buddy!


      Pick me up on FB if you wish, you can find me among Brent's acquittance. 

    3. southwest1


      Thanks for the FaceBook offer HCF. Not really into FB personally, but I appreciate the invitation anyway. Tell Brent hello for me as well as Radio Girl. 


      I admire your loyalty to INDY brother! Looking good in that Luck jersey as always buddy. :D


      Once the season starts, I'll be checking out your commentary & giving you more feedback too. Take Care my man. 



  3. HungarianColtsFan

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    10 cans of Guinness beer for me.
  4. HungarianColtsFan

    Luck is Throwing

  5. Melvin was a solid addition to our roster. Wonder what kind of contract will be given him!
  6. HungarianColtsFan

    Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    My guess is it is rather pot-stirring right now. If I'm correct almost the same rumor was around back in last november. I'm just lazy to check it up. I hope Luck will be fine. The most important indicator was if he was throwing pain free.
  7. HungarianColtsFan

    Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

  8. HungarianColtsFan

    Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    Likely. I'm waiting for only one major announcement now...
  9. HungarianColtsFan

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

  10. HungarianColtsFan

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    I don't think he would ever joshing out of a contract.
  11. HungarianColtsFan

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Still, there's 1 significant announcement to make...
  12. HungarianColtsFan

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    I sense good vibes about this hire.
  13. HungarianColtsFan

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Holly cow! Has Ballard even X-rayed Reich???
  14. HungarianColtsFan


    Just my 2 cents, but I think it will happen early next week,