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  1. Per Stephen Holder Colts indeed tried to resign him last offseason, it just didn't work. Holder ounded it was rather on Inman. I hope we can sign him for a longer contract 1+2 year or something like that. And I also hope he won't got injured like other FAs... :-(
  2. Not a shocker. I bet he will be signed soon.
  3. Foles, Minshew, Fitzmagic, Tannehill (yes, we got whooped by a subpar QB today)..just to name few. There are more of them.
  4. AV will retire next year. And it isn't even bold.
  5. I think it's a litle bit harsh on JB. There are worse QBs in the league...I mean there are more worse QBs than better.
  6. I doubt Tua will fall to us, he will be a high draft pick. Perhaps we will have more shot at WRs...
  7. Bit who would you draft for QB? I have only smal insight into NCAA, but I haven't seen very talented QBs yet... Maybe there are some quality guys, I just hadn't seen them yet.
  8. Ok, let's hope we can put it together next season. See ya' folks next Sunday! Colts forever!
  9. Playing like that we don't deserve being in the PO.
  10. TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. And there we are!!! 2 100+ yds rusher in a single game!
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