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  1. Isolation, day 6.

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    2. Nadine


      My primary activity is cleaning.  When people ask me what I did in 2020, I will say Treadmill + Tai Chi + Cleaning + Hand washing

      So weird

      But, if it saves humanity, I'm in

    3. HungarianColtsFan


      Nadine, believe me, you have no choice. Social distancing, #stayathome... As long as we don't have servicable cure.

    4. Nadine


      yeah luckily I've been studying tai chi for a year and can do it on my own.  It does help to settle my mind.  Although I think by the end of this most of us will be germaphobes

  2. For a second, I thought you asked A.I. about Brisett.
  3. Exactly my sentiment...they made a boatload of money. All they had to do was making less risky investments.
  4. I read somewhere that they might be facing 20 years in prison. Hell lot of time. At my previous workplace we employed inmates at 'inner workplace' (within the prison area), I couldn't serve a week...
  5. Brady would cut of his right arm (sidearm, if you like it better) sooner, than signing with Colts.
  6. No, I wanted to express my doubts if Barrow was NFL-ready. Now everybody is hyping him for his 7 TD performance.
  7. I share your sentiment. But IMO no way will Ballard & Co. draft a QB. I don't see real talents neither... Tua is injury-prone (and won't enter the draft), Joe Barrow had a great game on Thursday, but NFL is an other cup of tea...
  8. I doubt Colts would pick a QB in this draft. Still replacing AC was no easy task.
  9. Ok fellow fans, this has been a rough season for us... When it rained, poured. Luck's retirement, AV's strugles, key injuries...too much to overcome. I don1t know what next season holds for Colts, but I'm not optimistic. Without a franchise QB this team won't go far next season either. There's a lot to improve/mend.
  10. Have a great day! Terrible showing from our beloved team. :-(
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