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  1. It does mean he is not interested in Panters' GM position. Anyway I hope he stays!
  2. We will have a lte first round pick, around 22, I believe. Depending on how the draft goes, and what players are left, Ballard may trade up or down (most likely down, IMO), so it is hard to tell yet.
  3. Based on his last interview...I'm not that sure.
  4. #22 I bet ballard will trade down, an early 2nd round pick may worth more
  5. Ok folks! Let's give credits for this team. We ended 11-5, which is great. Mostly we could hang around with good teams. In playoffs you must play almost flawlesss, and we did a way to many mistakes to win it, still we were close to it. Ballard needs improve this team at few posts, but I don't think we're too far away from being a serious SB contender. Good night folks... Oh sorry, good afternoon!
  6. Damn it...that 4th down call and/or Blakenship's missed FG costed us the game.
  7. When we have a chance to tie or win the game, we're shooting our own leg.
  8. Pick whichever you like... if both in, we had the lead...
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