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  1. I have bad news... Colts@Chiefs is televise din Hungary... Colts mostly lost games, those are televised here.
  2. Our D-scheme is basically a modification of Cover-1... it is Cover no1
  3. If we stick to zone coverage, with zero pass-rush, Mahomnes will have a carreer day.
  4. His completition numbers werent great due to crucial drops from wideouts (Ebron alone had 3 drops), other than that he passed 265 yds and 3 TDs. I wouldn't call it bad. On the flop side he had the pick6, plus few times he missed wide open guys. In a nutshell: you can't blame him, he made effort to win, but fell short.
  5. Look, INTs happen. I think Brisett rather less INTs than other QBs. This last one, returned for TD was really badly timed. IMO it was a terribly underthrown ball, was easy to intercept, and happened at crucial part of the game, when he had to take extreme care of the ball. I wouldn't put all the blame on Brisett for the loss, but he had his share, just like others.
  6. CP/ATT YDS TD INT Jacoby Brissett 24/46 265 3 1
  7. Ok I have a better one: warm butter under the sun.
  8. IMO it is a little bit of both. I think it is more scheme-related, but some better personnel would also help. We also missed Leonard aand Hooker.
  9. I hate zone voverage. It allowed big plays for Falcons last week in second half, Chucky hasn't done anything brilliant just realized (learned frmo Falcons) how to destroy our zone D. On a side note we missed Hooker and Leonard very much, there was 0 pressure on Carr. I'sd like to see a hard hitting nasty D.
  10. Ok, this has been a total meltdown. Blame can be put on everyone on the team... I couldn't name any bright spot.
  11. Probably you're right. Put bags of potaatoes on the feld, and perhaps RBs would trip over them.
  12. Surprised is the word I would use. Who knows, a pick6 and it is even...all they have to do is to run the clock.
  13. Ok, first half was awfull, to say the least. Hoping for some halftime dadjustments and a better 2nd half! Our D scared the stuff out of me. Plus drops...
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