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  1. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd technichally, ANOTHER dropped pass. UGHHHH SMFH
  2. Absolutely consensual..... After all Chester was not bitten.....just a little nibble here and there...
  3. Chester Rodgers couldn't catch rabies from a rabid racoon if he was making love to the critter....lol
  6. Yeah...tell that to hurry up and no huddle offense.....
  7. This is hopefully a Beli cheat move on our part where the other team plans on seeing certain players out on the field and then the whole starting defensive lineup comes out and every last player is totally different….lol
  8. I certainly hope that this isn't "official". I have more anxiety over this depth chart than my severely independent grandmother does at the age of 91 being put into a nursing home recently....lol
  9. I also agree that we could have received a better WR prospect in trade than Robinson..... I want to see more than a throw something against the wall and see if it sticks attitude with trading or what we pickup in waiver cuts.....I am beginning to be a bit skeptical too of Ballard. And I never thought I would say that. And besides that......where in the heck is the RT trade?
  10. I'll trade him as long as I am getting the box of Oreo's......yummmmmy
  11. 1. RT 2. RT 3. RT 4. RT 5. RT 6-10 RT …...Then maybe a flier on a high ceiling, "slipped thru the cracks" young WR
  12. UGHHHHH.....please just stop with this "Hines should be....is gonna be....needs to be cut" Crapola. Hines IS not, and SHOULD not be cut. (closes book) The end. Rookie RB - who coaches have plans to be highly involved in our spread offense, and on top of it after only 3 preseason games...…..LORD have mercy....smdh
  13. you kind sir, seem to be in the minority of what the majority of Lions fans are saying, and what a lot of Colts fans are thinking and seeing here.....move along.
  14. I can almost straight GUARANTEE YOU that Tion Green is not just some "camp body" or "camp fodder". The things that some people say on here are hilarious. Especially since they obviously NEVER seen him play or know the tremendous upside this young man has. Again, I say....please go look at the tape.....and look in the NFL tape.....the production and springboard to potential Lions starter is no joke. This was a very very good signing by Ballard.
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