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  1. Brissett proved a lot of doubters wrong this week. I think he's the guy. He's not Andrew Luck, but he's pretty smart between the ears as well. He doesn't turn the ball over and he doesn't push the ball into tight spots when he doesn't need to.
  2. It's a terrible look for him for sure. Definitely could have caught that pass. I'd be * if that was a Colts receiver doing that.
  3. If Sabonis is indeed traded, I'm curious to see the package the Pacers get in return. Should be solid for sure.
  4. I think NL Central is gonna be a dogfight. Should be a 3 team race. Could see the Reds be a contender if they're pitching goes right. That lineup will score some runs. I'm very excited!
  5. I'm very excited for baseball to start back up. Very excited to watch Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt suit up for the Cardinals.
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