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  1. I wouldn't wanna be the GM putting my job on the line drafting him top 10 overall.
  2. landrus13

    Concerning Super Bowl

    I won't be watching. I'm done with football now that the Colts are eliminated.
  3. landrus13

    The Most Painful Playoff Loss So Far SD, Indy, Philly?

    I gotta go with how the Eagles lost. I'd rather lose knowing it's coming like our 31-13 loss. I'm not sure I could handle seeing a pass going through a WR hands and getting picked. Although I think the Colts probably lead the league in that category.
  4. I think NL Central is gonna be a dogfight. Should be a 3 team race. Could see the Reds be a contender if they're pitching goes right. That lineup will score some runs. I'm very excited!
  5. landrus13

    Dee Ford

    I don't know if I see Ballard going after him at that steep of a price. Especially as you mentioned, just coming off a career year. I think Ballard will jump in until the price escalates then he'll pull out as he mentioned in presser today.
  6. landrus13

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Hard to blame Luck when the offensive line was bullied all day. WRs couldn't get open. We abandoned the running game. Kinda had to. Got down early and you have to keep up with that lethal Chiefs offense. It wasn't his best game for sure. But plenty of blame to go around.
  7. landrus13

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    Saints 38, Rams 27 Patriots 31, Chiefs 28
  8. I'm very excited for baseball to start back up. Very excited to watch Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt suit up for the Cardinals.
  9. landrus13

    Free Agent Radar

    Nobody want Golden Tate? I'd be interested. He said he wants to win now and doesn't have time to play for a rebuilding team. I'd take a flier on him.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Still 3 hours until kickoff.
  11. landrus13

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    I'm picking the Colts to win 41-37.
  12. Would love any of those Clemson defensive lineman on the Colts.
  13. I'm kinda new on here. But i'm not too nervous at all. I think the weather and conditions favor us. I'm not concerned about our running game at all. I think Mack may reach 200 rushing yards today.