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  1. Some people have issue with everything. So soft and sensitive. smh.
  2. If the season ended today The season does not end today, thankfully, but if it did, the postseason brackets would look like this: American League No. 1 Rays vs. No. 8 Blue Jays No. 2 White Sox vs. No. 7 Cleveland No. 3 Athletics No. 6 Astros No. 4 Twins vs. No. 5 Yankees National League No. 1 Dodgers vs. No. 8 Brewers No. 2 Braves vs. No. 7 Reds No. 3 Cubs vs. No. 6 Marlins No. 4 Padres vs. No. 5 Cardinals Here are the first round matchups if they playoffs started today. Not liking the Cards chances against the Padres. Cubs would potentially pl
  3. Cardinals are currently losing to the Royals 3-1 in the 8th. Offense continues to be horrid. Cardinals will probably back into the playoffs because the NL is a crapshoot at the bottom.
  4. I'm about 2.5 hours from STL. I'm right on the Indiana/Illinois border. About 2.5 hours from Cincinnati too. Went to a game in Cincy a few years ago. Beautiful stadium overlooking the Ohio river. Not as beautiful as Busch though.
  5. Cardinals currently losing to the Pirates 5-1 in the 8th. Not looking good tonight.
  6. Cardinals are currently 9th in the NL. Just out of the playoffs. But have the Pirates and Royals coming up so they'll likely get back in. And we still have the Brewers a bunch coming up so they'll back into the playoffs. NL is really bad this year.
  7. Apparently he wants more money from the Bears.
  8. Rivers shouldn't have had to throw 46 times. Reich abandoned the run game. Rivers wasn't brought here to carry the team like Luck was. He was brought here to hand the ball off and throw the ball when needed. His receivers also didn't show up besides Campbell. Hilton was a huge no show. 2 HUGE drops on the final possession. Both were pretty good passes too right to the sideline. Hilton just dropped both. Rivers looked pretty damn good besides those 2 picks. Brady threw a pick 6 and another awful INT and I don't hear people saying that % about him.
  9. I don't get the hate for Rivers. He was 36-46 for 363 yards. Yeah he had 2 horrible picks. He had a rating of 88.7 which is higher than Brady for week 1. Rivers shouldn't have had to throw 46 times. That's on Reich for abandoning the run game. Blankenship missed a FG. We got stuffed in the redzone after some questionable play calling from Reich. Defense couldn't stop a nosebleed. I'm not sure why Rivers is getting so much hate. He wasn't brought here to carry the team. He shouldn't have to. This team has a stable of backs capable of running the ball for 150+ yards. His receivers didn't help in
  10. MLB playoffs will be in a bubble. This is definitely gonna be interesting to watch.
  11. Cardinals offense didn't show up last night. Castillo got his first complete game. Cardinals were no match for him. Cardinals only got 2 hits. Loooooooooong night.
  12. We can exhale. Nelson is back practicing today.
  13. Cardinals and Reds this weekend and then a bunch against the Brewers. I'm gonna get tired of seeing the Brewers. And my A's are up 6.5 on the Astros. Oakland just took 4 of 5 from Houston. Oakland is currently the 1 seed in the AL. Got the Rangers this weekend who are reeling.
  14. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.
  15. There's been rumblings about Newton getting an extension with the Patriots. So I don't think that'll happen.
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