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  1. This Oladipo situation is sketchy as hell. I guess he had a few good practices in Orlando and is "considering" playing. Something seems off. And today on twitter I saw, the NBA and NBPA were discussing the remaining $3M left on his deal. Trying to decide if the Pacers had to pay him the money or not but saw the Pacers were gonna pay him even if he doesn't play.
  2. Honestly I could see us beating the Ravens because it seems like every year we beat a team that we shouldn't. I'm not scared of Lamar at all. Make him pass the ball. He's a run first QB. Multiple times last year he had games of barely 100+ passing yards. Yeah they had a great running game but if you stop that and make Lamar throw the ball, I like our chances a lot.
  3. I haven't seen a mention of Brandon Stokely.
  4. If Sabonis is indeed traded, I'm curious to see the package the Pacers get in return. Should be solid for sure.
  5. I think NL Central is gonna be a dogfight. Should be a 3 team race. Could see the Reds be a contender if they're pitching goes right. That lineup will score some runs. I'm very excited!
  6. I'm very excited for baseball to start back up. Very excited to watch Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt suit up for the Cardinals.
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