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  1. IMO if you get Rodgers you end up in the same situation the Packers were in prior to taking Love and the situation we are in right now - namely, still searching for the future franchise QB. Getting Rodgers is not the end of the search, it's the beginning.
  2. This post of mine won't be anything I haven't regurgitated a thousand times already around here, but yeah... My thoughts on the QB position in general and for the Colts: QB in general - the QB is unequivocally the most important position in football by some significant margin. It's the position that can cover for a ton of mistakes or sink a well built team. This is NOT to say that the rest of the roster doesn't matter. On the contrary - getting a quality franchise QB does not absolve you from the responsibility of building a good roster around that QB and we have first
  3. I meant he's not ready to be playing in the league, not "not ready for scout reps"... IMO if he was ready to be put in games, he probably would be getting some of the scout team reps...
  4. What I got from this week's press-conferences regarding Eason is that he's not really getting any scout team reps. I was kind of disappointed by that. It's probably understandable that they give that role to Jacoby, but I wished he would be getting at least some proportion of them. Like you said, this probably means he's not really ready. On the other hand, the feedback we are getting from the coaching staff seems to suggest that they are very happy with his progression and it seems like he has taken the lead in his preparation and is doing extra-work to compensate for not getting
  5. I think you don't give up a first unless you are convinced he's a franchise QB type of player. And at this point I am not convinced of that so... no 1st rounders for Darnold from me. I'd rather take one of Trey Lance or Zach Wilson in the draft than give it for Darnold and then having to pay him in a year. Part of the whole appeal of a 1st round QB is that he's cheap for 4-5 years and it gives you extra cash you can use elsewhere on the roster. You don't get that with Darnold and we will be having some players that need to be paid soon so...
  6. I don't mind us staying pat. I kind of prefer it too. I don't think we are close enough to get all in so I, too, believe it's probably better to keep the powder dry and keep building a strong roster for the long-term rather than for this season. My suggestions above were more along the lines of cheaper later round trades that we might be able to recoup if we let the player go in the off-season. But yeah... until we have our QB of the future(or we are really close to being legitimate contender) there should be zero consideration for us giving up premier draft assets for win now pieces IMO.
  7. I'm still looking at potential TE deals. I don't know who will be available but lets say the Rams lose another game or two before the deadline. I'd make an offer for Gerald Everett... nothing too big ... like... 4th or 5th for him, but yeah... I still think we need to improve that position group. Kick the tires on David Njoku too... From the big time receivers... I'm kind of scared to give something big for any of them. I wonder what the Bengals would need for AJ Green? Would a 4th be enough? I'd give up a 4th for him and I'll be looking to possibly recoup it via compensatory pick
  8. Zach Hicks bar none. Best content out there on the Colts. Kevin Bowen is good for general talk about the team too...
  9. I think it's possible some team comes after him as a starter, but not long-term. More like as a caretaker/bridge QB towards a young QB they draft but don't expect to be ready right away. There are tons of examples of those happening almost every year. Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Josh McCown, Mike Glennon, Sam Bradford, etc. Teams want to secure some level of competency at the position even if they don't think the guy is a long-term solution for them. I agree I don't think a team will give up assets for him though... they would just sign him in the off-season as a free agent most li
  10. So far, so good I guess... but at the end of the day actions say more than words so... lets see if they will trust him enough to give him at the very least the backup spot next year.
  11. He was pretty off the grid to begin with, so it seems like not much has changed
  12. We had the exact same thread last year but with Brissett... I will say today what I said back then - this is not a fair comparison for Rivers and this is not one he will win by the end of the season... because it ignores some very important distinctions. Luck had one of the worst OLs in the league in those first 5-6 games(both Smith and AC weren't playing in the beginning of the season - don't remember when exactly we put that OLine together but if I'm not mistaken it was about that time - week 5-6). Also, Luck was coming back from a career threatening shoulder injury and was obvi
  13. Fans get both too hyped and too down on the team depending on the score of the respective game(BTW I include myself in that... I'm emotionally invested and sometimes can't help feeling immense frustration or great hope even based on single quarters of play). One week "we are tanking", the next is "just how good will Rivers be in the Superbowl?"... In a way it's understandable but on the other hand it's the exact reason why fans are not in charge of roster moves and decisions. Like the saying goes - you are never as good or as bad as your last game... just let the season play out and lets see t
  14. I think he deserved criticism last week, and some of the previous games too, but today's game comes close to what I think he can be at his best for us and why we got him here. Very very good game for him. I loved it.
  15. This whole team is bipolar. You don't want to ever see them in Colts uniform at one point, then they make some amazing play... make boneheaded mistakes one moment, then game saving play the next drive... Hell even game to game you have Rivers being horrible last week and then having ... THIS game....
  16. Rivers has been great this game. He's dissecting that defense. I kind of want him to take over a bit. I trust him more than Reich right now. He changed a couple of plays at the LoS on that drive and was right both times.
  17. This is atrocious playcalling. HOW MANY RUNS on 1st down!?!? HOW MANY? I'm getting * off...
  18. Harris is a much different type of player to Patmon. They probably are in desperate search of a gadget player that can fill Campbell's role.
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