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  1. Thats less than ideal. If there is a group that we cannot afford losing rotational players from it's the secondary. I don't blame them, they have to do what they have to do for their own and their family safety, but it sucks for the team.
  2. That's it. Enough is enough. I'm done with the NFL.
  3. Just wait. Every year we get tons of those. For now it's one and to be fair it seems like it was away from camp.
  4. Like clockwork, camp starts hamstring and other strain injuries galore: Also it's the day to cut down the roster to 80 players and cuts have started.
  5. Yah, like Chloe said Riech mentioned they will do mini improvised competitions during before and during practices and it will be true competition for the spot. I personally don't expect us to keep both and I don't think whoever gets dropped will get through waivers easily.
  6. The bolded makes tons of sense - we've already seen that teams don't value Chad Kelly enough to claim him off waiver wire, while the same is not true about Eason.
  7. Yep, he does all the teams' "reactions" on his channel.
  8. He seems like a guy who is serious about his craft and has great work ethic. Lets see if it will translate into a jump into quality of play...
  9. Tyquan Lewis is the first one that came to mind. So much so, that I think he might even get cut before the start of the season. Hooker too... (not cut, just needs a strong season)
  10. Eh, people are making too much out of this. It looks like he's just joking around.
  11. I don't think the Colts can rely on Eason being the guy and goal no. 1 should still be acquiring our QB of the future. Now Eason does have about a year to convince them that he's the guy, but IMO it would be a mistake to just pencil him in as the starter past Rivers. They don't have to give up on Eason. A lot of teams carry 3 QBs(about half of them last time I checked) and we can afford to do it if he's shown flashes but nothing amazing to secure a starting spot. This is why I wouldn't mind making moves for our QB of the future if there is a QB Reich and Ballard really like in the draft(Lance probably being the best we can get our hands on, since no team is probably likely to give up the pick to Lawrence or Fields)...
  12. Luck was indeed a great athlete, especially when you consider how much bulk and size he had. IMO Lance is probably a bit more twitchy and quick, but probably don't have the same size/weight...
  13. That's probably about right for a team that hasn't shown anything with a new QB, who we don't know isn't on a steep decline. I personally am a believer of this team and I think we will be better than that but I cannot pretend this ranking is unreasonable.
  14. Luck's next contract would have been negotiated at about the same time too. Either now or next year if he had kept his level of play from the last two seasons he played. Not sure he would have gotten the same number of years because he would have been 30 rather than Mahomes who is 24 now(25 during most of the season), but the per year contract IMO would have been similar. Maybe 7/320 or something of the sort... I don't think Luck is motivated by money past some point. He seems like the type who would be equally happy and comfortable both with the 100M he earned during his career and with the 500M he could have earned in the next 10 years. I think he's more likely to be jealous of the success and ability to play football pain free, than about Mahomes' contract. I don't think he's ever coming back, either.
  15. That was supposed to be Luck... and now I'm all types of sad again...
  16. Here's the link to the podcast(Colts OLine part starts at about 9:45): And here's the accompanying article: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-units-entering-the-2020-nfl-season The part about the Colts:
  17. Yeah, high blood pressure and high levels of sugar in the blood/diabetes seem to be the big ones here. I wonder if the NFL will have some thresholds for those or would they just let the players decide if they want to play on their own. They have the resources to test everybody and give them somewhat personalized risk assessment, but I wonder if they would straight up tell some players they are not allowed to play. For example, Maurice Hurst had significant heart condition that dropped him in the draft. Is it possible they tell him he should sit it out?
  18. Andrew Brandt mentioned this in a podcast and I thought it was worth pointing out - for a lot of sports it's true that the risk for the players themselves is not high. Unfortunately football is one of the sports where some of the players might be under elevated risk(specifically the O-linemen and D-linemen). High BMI, sleep apnea, hypertension and heart conditions, high blood sugar/diabetes, etc. are somewhat common for the linemen in the NFL and they all seem to be among the conditions that exacerbate the risks for people infected with COVID-19. I don't know how much of a consideration this would be.
  19. Just in case anyone is in the mood to take an early look at some prospects. They also published their pre-season 2021 NFL draft positional rankings. Some bonus - in the end of the podcast there is some Colts talk. Renner thinks the Colts are one of his sleeper teams to make the Superbowl. Palazzolo revealed that the Colts OL will be no.1 in their pre-season OL ranking. They loved the Pittman pick. Taylor is great fit behind that OLine. Rivers will have the best OL he's ever had. They love how Ballard is drafting - trading back and drafting big, long, fast athletes. No matter the position Ballard keeps throwing resources at the defense. Favorites in the AFC South. Some highlights on the draft: QBs: - They think Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are going to be 1 and 2 in the draft almost certainly. The most loaded QB draft since the Luck draft. - Trey Lance they think can easily be top 5 too. Special physical talent. Has cannon. Probably runs in the 4.5s. 900 yard on designed runs. Not polished, but great accuracy at all levels of the field. Avoids mistakes - 0 picks last season, only 4 TO-worthy plays all last season. They protected him a bit - only 18 throw attempts per game. - Brock Purdy, QB, Iowa State - another potential R1 QB, he had very little help from his teammates. Has good armstrength, mobility. Very good playmaking. Creating plays for himself - manipulate LBs, manipulate tight pockets. Throws with anticipation really well. He's a gamer... "the anti-Justin Herbert". 6'1" 201lbs WRs - WR class... IS BETTER than last year's class. More guys that are no.1 X-type receiver. - Ja'Marr Chase - might not test exceptionally well, but all the things you want a WR to do, playing with physicality, setting up routes, releases... he's doing at an elite level. - Rondale Moore - explosive, lines up everywhere. Great ball skills, good at contested catches. Short, but not small. Perfect modern weapon for an NFL offense. - Jaylen Waddle - plays as fast as Henry Ruggs. Ridiculously explosive. Will probably be R1 WR. OL - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon - watching him move you might think he's a small dude, but he's 330 pounds! And he moves like a TE. "Out of this world". Technically already very advanced. Defense: LB - strong year for LB - might have 4 LBs in R1 - Micah Parsons, Penn State - exceptional talent. All-around elite LB. Bet LB since... he can move, on Bruce Feldman's freak's list. 2nd highest season grade of everyone they've ever scouted at LB. - Dylan Moses, Alabama - explosive, great tackler, great balance. Still needs to improve in coverage. Physical attributes- off the charts. CB - Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech - 6'2, 210... might run in the 4.3s... can fly... physical, had a dominant year 4 picks, 9 PBUs - Shaun Wade - played slot only - will he be able to transition to outside CB? - Patrick Surtain, Alabama - starting since true freshman, big corner, 6'2 ,205lbs. Not too fast though? S - Andre Cisco, Syracuse - fun to watch. 12 picks and 13 PBUs in 2 years of play! Can be 4.3 guy. Reminds them of... Darnell Savage. EDGE -Chris Rumph, Duke - best defensive lineman in college football - has the best pass-rushing moves set Renner has ever seen in a college player. The problem - he's very small... listed at just 6'2" 225lbs. Can he add some bulk and become a legitimate NFL prospect? Highest win-rate in the country last year(higher than Chase Young). Has to get bigger(240?)? -Gregory Rousseau, Miami (FL) - ideal built for a pass-rushe(6'7" 260lbs, 36 inch arms). Just switched up hed up to DL, raw, but incredible physical talent. Had 16 sacks last year.
  20. I'm not. I've written about it before. It's possible it was @LJpalmbeacher2 that prompted my response in the past(I don't remember). I don't want to relitigate it all over again, especially for people who ignore what you've written and just keep plugging away. I'm just going to say this is complete and utter nonsense.
  21. Trey Lance would be a great pick. I would absolutely love to have him. He looks special in the games I've seen. True dual treat QB with very talented arm and great athleticism. Also, much better decision-making than Jordan Love. Also... he actually plays in a system that asks him to play under center and has a lot of pro concepts and even some full field progression reads. He looks closer to Fields and Lawrence than he does to the other QBs in the draft from what I've seen.
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