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  1. With the 73d pick the Jaguars select Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton @coltsfanej on the clock, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. This could take on a real dark turn. In some areas of the US the projected peak is about the time of the draft. There could be massive number of people dying while they are conducting the draft. Imagine they draft a player and he's having a mother or relative fighting for her/his life at the same time or worse... I won't pretend like this is a decision with an easy answer, but yeah...
  3. TJ Green, Tyquan Lewis, Terell Basham, Zach Banner.... but also I didn't love Khari WIllis either and i might be very wrong on that one. Didn't hate it but I thought Braden Smith was a reach too. Wrong on that one too. I thought Banagu was a reach. Too early to tell...
  4. With the 47th pick Jaguars select Marlon Davidson, DT, Auburn. I'm on my phone so I can't check who's next...please tag whoever is next.
  5. Kenny is past Desir too it seems:
  6. I don't know how he will fit but one thing is becoming more and more clear with every CB acquisition - length is huge for this front office when it comes to CBs. Wilson, Rock, Marvell Tell, Kenny Moore, Desir...all have arms 32" or longer. This is the same criteria Seattle is using for their corners too. Rhodes comes in with the longest arms of them all - 33 3/4ths "... That's kind of insane for his size. @NFLfan can probably give us better idea about how he was used and what happened with him the last year or so ? Whenever I watched Vikings games he didn't look good, but I can't pretend I've watched enough or even that I've concentrated on his play specifically.
  7. I agree he's that type of player and I agree Rivers can benefit a ton from a receiver of that type. The good thing is - there are several receivers in the range of our day 2 picks that fit that mold: Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, Laviska Shenault, Michael Pittman... I wasn't a fan of some of those for us in the 1st round but I'd be happy any of them in the second. BTW here's Greg Cosell' s scouting reports on Higgins and Pittman:
  8. I'd love it if he lasted to 34. A bit doubtful though. He's nailed every part of the pre-draft process it seems.
  9. This is less than ideal. I don't think you can rely on Campbell and Fountain being ready to start and be consistent contributors, since they haven't shown anything in the league to give us any confidence they will be good. Is there a chance they take a step forward and become productive players? Sure, but I don't think you can enter the season with this expectation and no extra shots at a high end receiver. The problem right now is that the WR pool in FA is draining and there really aren't many viable options left. IMO big X receiver will be one of the premier targets for Ballard in the draft unless we sign someone like... I personally wouldn't be shocked if we drafted 2 WRs in this draft.
  10. I don't know if they will be. Trump was talking about doing it for Easter because people wanted to go to church. "Easter Sunday... and you will have packed churches all over our country. I think it will be a beautiful time". Yep, all the restrictions are done in an attempt to flatten the curve and spread the infections over longer period of time. But if you pull back on the restrictions and send people to church, you can only guess what will happen. Yeah, those are all important things and they need to be done one way or another if saving lives is anywhere near the top of the list of priorities. I still don't think it will be enough if you don't flatten the curve. And BTW this won't be done in 2 weeks time. You need months both to flatten the curve and to accomplish most of the measures that will help with increasing capacity. above.
  11. Not likely. Let me put it like this. 15-20% of cases require hospitalization. As @Shive posted the stats above the US has 2.8 beds per 1000 people. This is 0.28%... This is a huge discrepancy between the ability of the healthcare system to accommodate the people who need it and the number of people who will likely need it. 5% of people will require ventilators. The current capacity of the US healthcare system is 0.035%. And last point - all this equipment and patients require live medical workers to care for them. How do you do that in the matter of 2 weeks or month? So to summarize: -you don't have anywhere close to the beds required to hospitalize everyone that needs hospitalizing -you don't have anywhere close to the ventilators required to keep alive everyone that will need to be kept alive -you don't have anywhere close to the medical work force to operate this equipment and take care of the sick. Notice - I didn't even mention ALL THE OTHER sick people with various other illnesses that will need taking care of.
  12. And the new studies, similarly with very small sample of people, show that this treatment(hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin) is no better than a regular care of patients with the virus. This is the reason why double blind randomized studies with huge samples are important - because the methodology and samples of both those studies are not reliable. Yes - the first one showed promise, and in the case of people dying every day with this illness by the thousands it's probably worth trying it before the big sample double blind studies come in, but selling it as some sort of panacea is NOT responsible.
  13. Pretty much all models and experts say the same thing - easing up restrictions before this is dealt with completely is a recipe for disaster. Meaning - all the measures you took in the first place will be for naught, you will still get similar spread after you ease restrictions as if you never had those strict restrictions in the first place.
  14. I would also add - "only 2 states have an issue... NOW". If there is community spread and nothing is done, EVERY SINGLE state will have this problem. It will just come a bit later. Just like it was in China... then it came to Italy, then to Spain, then to series of other countries in Europe and now states in the US. If you allow this disease to spread uninterrupted it WILL come to your state and country and it will explode your healthcare system. People have real hard time imagining exponential growth. Let me put it like this - pretty much in every country in the world and every state in the US, when there is no measures taken the disease seem to follow a 35% growth per day. Or for simplicity sake lets say the number doubles every 3 days. Now lets say right now your state/country has ONLY 100 people confirmed but you know it's spreading in the community. And you take no measures. What does that mean, when we look at every single example we have so far? Day 0 - 100 confirmed. Day 3 - 200 Day 6 - 400 Day 9 - 800 Day 12 - 1600 Day 15 - 3200 Day 18 - 6400 Day 21 - 12800 Day 24 - 25600 Day 27 - 51200 Day 30 - 102400 This is in one month! Day 45 - ~3 million Day 60 - 105 million This is 2 months! If you take no measures you will have 100+ million cases on month 2 of the epidemic. And on the 2nd month and 3 days you will have 200M+ infected! This is all very simplified and not exact, because there are some finer points where the spread will slow down the more people infected there are simply because there will be less possible targets for the infection(because a lot will already be infected), but this still illustrates how quickly this one can spread if no measures are taken.
  15. Yeah, that's alright. Make it official whenever the mock draft day starts.
  16. With the 9th pick of the 2020 Gavin Mock Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama. @twfish is on the clock if I'm not mistaken.
  17. We are past that point already(the deadline to save 15M was yesterday). Other teams now will only have to pay about 8-9M of his salary if they trade for him.
  18. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/23/sean-payton-coronavirus-tom-brady-bucs-nfl-fmia-peter-king/ Peter King in his column:
  19. After the Buckner and Rivers signings I assumed one of the reasons for Ballard to be so willing to part with such a high pick is that he didn't like any of the QBs and by extension by going all in on win now moves, we were less likely to go for a QB high in the draft. This new report about Brady, if truthful, IMO goes against my previous assumption and I probably underestimated Ballard's willingness to still go after a QB high in the draft. Maybe even trade up for one? Lets see what happens I guess... but not wanting long-term old QB is precisely what you do when you plan on getting a young player in.
  20. I disagree with the no precision thing. He does throw a lot of contested balls where he gives his receiver a chance to make a play, but even with those throws there is a way to make them where precision is required - you throw away from defender's leverage, you throw when the defender is not looking and even if he's right there he can't make a play on the ball and only your guy can make a play, etc. He makes a ton of those and yes - his receiver still needs to make the play, but also the throw needs to be thrown where the receiver can get it. I agree that we need such a receiver if we want to maximize Rivers. Funchess is one option, I'm not sure how he feels about returning to Indy though. We need to hear something about him soon I guess... Something that might be working in our favor - we have his medical information, while other teams probably don't know how his recovery has gone. I kind of feel like players like Mims, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman are a real option in the draft for us...
  21. Don't be too sure about that. Not that it's impossible the pandemic dies down and it's all good by September but... Cuomo just stated that noone really knows how long this will last but he said "we are in the 4-6-9 months range". The lower range might be workable for the NFL... the higher range... might go past new years. Again... keep in mind this is JUST STARTING. And the goal right now is to flatten the curve... the more you flatten the curve the longer this one might last. And this is the preferable option. You have to spread the cases over longer period of time, otherwise tons and tons of preventable deaths will happen simply because the healthcare system won't be able to take care of a lot of people who need help.
  22. In general I'm against drafting for fit since we don't yet have the long-term future QB for this team, but if we want a WR that fits best with what Rivers does, just look at his highlights and game tape from last several years - he was throwing a ton of 50-50 balls against the defender's leverage towards Mike Williams. Right now we don't have a WR who can make those catches against contests from defenders. The type is - big bodied receiver with good body control, good ball skills and can catch contested balls. The receivers that might fall to the second round that fit that mold are Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman Jr., Denzel Mims... and later Collin Johnson, Chase Claypool, Isaiah Hodgins, Gandy-Golden... I actually want to see how Fountain does with a QB like Rivers who is not shy to throw it up for grabs.
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