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    Colts football IU Basketball ND football, playing golf Playing Blues guitar, slide, 3 string cigar box , Mandolin and drums. I sing a little too ;)

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    I'm just a crazy guitar chic that loves the Colts and playing the blues.

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  1. I still think an OT will be acquired in FA. Maybe one of the Chiefs tackles. Anyway you and I are swinging on the same monkey-bars
  2. I am going to do a VALUE chart draft. In this chart. Much to the disbelieve of this site It goes QB. ER then CB then LT In that order More to come
  3. I like wth. Yea I know. but its what I say think post etc. They are foolish for changing the name anyway.
  4. Wish I knew who was still available for each of your picks. To decide how I liked it
  5. Actually very good way to think about this
  6. I really do see Eichenberg falls to late 2nd or the 3rd. His VALUE puts him there
  7. Watched with my Mom. Dad was doing what a coach dad does. Anyway. My Mom BELLY LAUGHED and TY Laughing. We LOVE TY. ALMOST as much ad 87. And it's close
  8. Eat wings. Be happy. Make sure you order all flats!
  9. Dungy for Caldwell. Wait. Was that a trade? Maybe not a choice trade but still traded great for %
  10. Favorite CB OR player? He is top 10 talent and even higher ranked value
  11. If Horn is there it is a WALK OFF HOME RUN!
  12. He has it all Dan. Revis https://relativeathleticscores.com/2019/12/27/darrelle-revis-ras/ For some reason the link wont post because its too big ??
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