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  1. My guess, and i've been wrong before, I bet TY would love nothing more than getting the trophy in Indy. So while I agree with what you are saying, I'll bet it will have a lot to do with which team is offering the big money. Lets say Houston offers the biggest contract. My guess is he would say no and take less for the Colts, San Fran, Rams, Chiefs etc. Again JMO
  2. Logic has a way of doing that. LOL
  3. Is it possible the Eagles can still listen to offers? Let's say a QB decides to retire in the next week and leave a team in a spot like when Luck left. Could the Eagles pull out of the deal and listen to more offers?
  4. Anyone have a good simulator draft site? I've been using PFF but since they put the NEEDS in there and you cant take them out It show a bad grade unless you draft their need position
  5. In this video Wentz reminds me a lot of Luck's play. I think the playbook will be wide open this yr like it was with Andrew. Should be an exciting season.
  6. I thought Agholor had an issue with Wentz when they were together in Indy? Or was that not true?
  7. should or should not?
  8. And has a chance at another ring. Just saying. he has a lot of worse options. Would love to have RYS work with him But yes above all else the leadership
  9. Sherman is a FA. Would you sign him? Leadership would be amazing. But play wise?
  10. Not to take sides TV. But this is a whole different team than what 11 played for before. Imagine taking a job where you didn't have to carry the company. Imagine having someone like 53, 99, and 23 among other that have your back. If he fails it will not because he not in the perfect situation. Give it a chance. I think you will see a Carson Wentz that is far different than anyone has seen. He has support and a legitimate team that WILL rally around him. Thick or thin No fingers pointed. He's not been in this environment before. Chris Ballard has built the ultimate env
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