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  1. Bad teams lose most games. Good teams win those games they are expected to wine. Great teams win tight games. Uninspired teams find ways to lose games they should win. We are playing uninspired.
  2. This isn't even a conversation, IMHO. Best G in the NFL and, contradictory to a poster above may see, brings a NASTY attitude towards those on the other side of the ball. He, when healthy, sets the tone for our line. There is not fair market trade value to even discuss nor, is this something worth wasting space on to bring up.
  3. This team and organization is a hot mess. I’ve been a huge Ballard supporter over the past few years but, his decisions, including the hiring of this coaching staff, are in question. And they should be. If I failed at my job as much as we are seeing failures within this team, I’d be unemployed. Hard truth
  4. It's only 2 games in and improvement will most likely occur during the course of the year but, 30th in the league is unacceptable and this is the NFL which means: Improvement is for the off season. You better your team during the off season and display that improvement during the course of the year by performance. I anticipate the Colts showing improvement as the year progresses but, again; this is not a developmental league and we need to begin each year with the skill, coaching, desire and ability to win now. Not tomorrow. Just my opinion but, I'm very disappointed.
  5. I just have nothing good to say so, I'll just move on for the day.
  6. Wow! Great video!! Really got me pumped for 2021!!
  7. Please place me in the Grigson sucked and Ballard is GREAT category. We are in MUCH better hands with Ballard at the controls...IMHO
  8. If Carson and Q play week 1 and both stay healthy, 3 - 2 over the first 5. We'll steal one from either the Seahawks or Rams.
  9. To even be in this conversation about top 5 defenses in the league is a compliment to the staff, roster and development.
  10. And again, I don't disagree but, IMHO our best option is to run the ball. That is our strength with what remains. Q and Fisher are irreplaceable but, it's the NFL and the "next man up" has to step up. They make the 53 man roster and have to produce. They will not be Q or Fisher but, Taylor, Hines and company are our BEST chance until we are healthy. We'll have to throw the ball to keep the defense honest but, the run is what we must do.
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