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  1. I have to look at this as two different franchises: The Baltimore Colts and the Indianapolis Colts. For me, the Johnny Unitas years were an incredible period for the Baltimore Colts. I have a hard time picking between what's been said above - 1959 or 1968 but, the tie breaker for me goes to the year of my birth: 1968. The Peyton Manning era of the Indianapolis Colts was also extremely special but, 2006 for me was the year in the Indianapolis era.
  2. Hence the reason I said, "At this stage of their careers." Houston's health has been better, more stable and a reliable player to see the field the past 2 years. Again, I'll take Houston at this stage of their careers.
  3. If we're lucky: LT Eichenberg | LG Nelson | OC Kelly | RG Glowinski | RT Smith *RG would be the position I would also look to solidify or upgrade. That's hard for me to say because I'm a WVU Mountaineer fan and LOVE Glowinski. He's simply the weakest link.
  4. If we could land Eichenberg (Q's future left side partner) in the 2nd round, that'd be awesome. This guy would step right in to the left talk spot and he and Nelson would dominate for YEARS to come!
  5. This will not surprise me in the least. Carolina had a chance to work with Mac Jones at the Senior Bowl. I'm sure they came away impressed.
  6. I believe Ballard will allow TY to test the market to see what his league value is and then Ballard will make him a fair offer on a 1-2 yr deal to give TY the opportunity to remain and finish his career here. Ballard will not over pay out of loyalty, he'll let the market set the price and make a fair offer. The ball will be in TY's court but, I do believe there is a very good chance he is resigned.
  7. At this stage of their careers, I'd take Houston every day and twice on Sunday's over J.J. Watt. For as good as J.J. Watt WAS, he has proven incapable of staying healthy and on the field. Houston on the other hand is like a Ford truck...built tough.
  8. There's a reason he's a FORMER GM. T. Lawrence hasn't taken his first practice snap in an NFL uniform for an NFL team, Tannehill is a QB who was given an opportunity to re-create himself and career (and has done a very good job of it) and D. Watson is demanding a trade out of this division. To throw mud at Wentz and the Colts shows a desire to have himself heard and seen rather than providing an opinion of any credible basis. Wentz, like Tannehill, has NFL talent and now he also has an incredible line, very good running game and solid defense to help him live up to his potential.
  9. IMHO, Ballard will stay true to what resulted in the NFL recognizing our 2020 draft as the #1 rated draft in the NFL: He'll stay true to the board. He will move back to pick players they've targeted at certain positions but, not over reach for them. He'll use that to his advantage and gather 1-2 more picks in the process. The guy has proven his worth and is doing an incredible job. I do believe we target a DE in free agency though because as it's been mentioned, we've not had a lot of success in finding those in the draft or at the spot we are picking. I don't blame that on
  10. Wentz has proven to be a very talented QB and the risk vs reward is in our favor. A 3rd this year and a conditional 2nd in 2022? If he reverts to 2017 form, WELL worth those picks. With this acquisition, it leaves the drafts and free agency to try and plug and fix other areas of need, specifically: LT, Edge & CB. I'm good with this trade.
  11. This is spot on. Many do not look at the value of quality, veteran leadership. If you have solid guys who know the system, know the organization and are invested in the TEAM, it can give a rookie (especially a rookie QB) a solid foundation to build upon. Good post.
  12. Sorry. I was in edit mode when you corrected it. Thanks Brother.
  13. Carolina drafting at #8 would seem to be too early for Jones to come off the board but, stranger things have happened. Trubisky went #2
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