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  1. I believe Hot Rod stands a REALLY good chance of continuing the streak.
  2. Admins, sorry for the duplicate. I just noticed another topic had already been started on this subject. Please remove my post.
  3. Discussion on the NFL Network about if the Colts are AFC South Contenders. I'm now more of a fan of Kay Adams! https://www.nfl.com/news/afc-south-projected-starters-colts-look-like-sb-contenders
  4. The upside Taylor possesses far exceeds any concerns with fumbles or pass catching. It was previously mentioned about his work ethic and from all indications, it's stellar. With that ethic, good catching and repetition, I have confidence Taylor will overcome any issues and be a top 5 back in this league. Just one guys opinion.
  5. I've never put much into this schedule evaluations. Just play the game in front of you and focus on that. If we play each game, each week and remain focused there, the rest will take care of itself. Let the pundits write what they want, just play the game.
  6. I believe the AFC South could see three QB's with 30+ TD passes this year. IMO, Watson is the unquestioned star of the four QB's in the South though. I'm going to say even with Hopkins out of the picture, he still tosses 36-38 TD passes. I believe Rivers will have a very solid season, supported in a huge way by Taylor, Mack (play action, play action, play action), Hilton, Pittman and a healthy version of Campbell. Rivers throws 30 and the Colts win the SOUTH!
  7. Agreed. I do believe that Buckner is a huge addition and step towards that improvement. Hopng the other additions are as well.
  8. The positive insight we have as an organization is Frank and Nick were in San Diego. If their time overlapped with Fluker's (I believe it did but now 100% sure), we'll know their thoughts of him as a "fit" rather quickly. No conversation? Wasn't thought of very highly. Reach out for interest? They believe he's worth it.
  9. I trust and believe in Reich and Ballard. To keep beating this horse (Why Kelly is already in the Colts ring of honor), is unworthy of continued discussion...IMHO. Going into 2020, we'll have Rivers, Brissett and Eason. There's still an outside shot that it could be Kelly rather than Jacoby but, I seriously doubt that. Move on.
  10. I’m pleased with how it played out. Pittman will be an integral part of this Rivers directed offense and to pick up another QUALITY. BIG WR in the 6th is a plus. Taylor has the ability to be a top 5 back in this league and season could not have a better mentor for 1-2 years than Rivers. If he listens, works and learns, he COULD be a homer run. Ballard did Ballard again and I like it.
  11. We could trade back no further than the 45 -47 range and still get two INCREDIBLE players out of this group and pick up another 4th rounder.
  12. I've got no problem with this signing. Fits within the system for what they want to do, a one year deal that doesn't hurt the cap with potential for a "show 'em" year. Very Ballard
  13. joecolts

    Jags Drama

    Living in Jacksonville, I've watched Lee in person many times as well as seen him practice I believe this would be a good guy for the Colts to look at.
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