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  1. May God welcome the soul of this young man and comfort those missing him so deeply. Amen Regardless of how, why, where or anything else, this is tragic for all involved. Many prayers for this family and community.
  2. I didn't say we'd get it but, I could see them shopping him for it.
  3. I would not be surprised to see Jackson, Vaughns and Black all find a spot. I could see Wilkins being shopped for a 4th-6th round pick.
  4. I really like Alaric Jackson. He might not be a front half of the season starter but, he's a guy that could develop into a solid contributor and possible starter as the year wears on.
  5. He's going to be a stud...when healthy. I just don't believe we are in position to shelve a player for a year. We have immediate needs.
  6. Not going to see the field until late 2021 or maybe not until 2022
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like the Jags have 10 picks already? DAMNIT!! They took Little!
  8. Our shot at a very good OT lookin' better and better!
  9. In the order of my personal preference, I'd be good with any of these 6 OT's in the 2nd round: Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame Samuel Cosmi, Texas Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State Walker Little, Stanford Dillon Radunz, NDSU Brady Christensen, BYU
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