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  1. I agree with NewColtsFan, I think everyone is over thinking and reading way too much from last year into this. We were coming back from the ashes and just ran out of gas. This was not a surprise , or it should not have been that we lost against a team that had an excellent year, and was elite, rested, at home, use to the weather, It doesn't take rocket science to understand why we under performed. My god man be happy we did as good as we did last year. I was very proud of what we accomplished last year considering where we were at before the season started, and as of the first 6 games we played.
  2. I think you mean call his own audibles instead of "freestyling". If he sees the need to change the play.
  3. Each game after going 1-5 was a virtual playoff game, son.
  4. I saw that, It's soo sad what happened. Devastating to work his young life toward a goal to play in the NFL and for that to happen, but life has a twisted way sometimes. My prayers and thoughts are to his family, for his full recovery, and hope he can find peace from this somehow, to know that his life is not over, he just has to seek a new direction in his young life.
  5. There was posts that were already hanging it up for the year and I replied it was to early to give up on the year because it was about getting better as a team with all of the changes and Luck's comeback as a QB. My point was if for some reason we did not win many of the remaining games, And we had a top 3 draft choice. There would have been discussion brought up about drafting a QB if people thought Luck was not showing improvement last season. We already have people complaining about his performance in the KC game. I'm not one of them. As he gets better and the team around him improves, then critic his performance. People seem to forget how long he was out, and his long rehab, he had to endure.
  6. Johnnie U from being drafted & cut by the Steelers, & their coach saying he thought that Unitas was not smart enough to be QB in the NFL. His leadership to winning , back to back championships, in 58 and 59 for the Colts. He put the NFL, as you enjoy it today on the map nationally. You as a Colts fan should be proud to have this as a legacy. Records are made to be broken, statistically, but to be a pioneer in the game from inception is something no other fan of any other team can ever take away from us. I know there were pro football before this, and I am a fan of history, of what was accomplished even before this event. But Nationally in America, The attraction to the NFL sky rocketed when this event was televised.
  7. Barring injuries, I like our chances moving forward, This year can solidify our return to contenders in the NFL.
  8. Well going as far as we did, after the 1-5 start, we had a few fans in here, bringing up the notion of tanking the season, that early. Thank god for the turn around. If not, and we ended up with a top 3 draft pick, there would be some who would be stumping to draft a QB, saying Luck is washed up. We still had a good year, all things considered, going into last season.
  9. So I guess hamburgers with poppy seed buns are probably on the NFL's banned list too. lol.
  10. It's the slow changing of the guard, as the new blood starts to trickle in, the media want to embrace them as, the future of the NFL. So when they have some success, naturally they want to sing their praises to the newer generation of fans. Look at NASCAR, drivers stuck around racing a lot longer years ago, but now it's all about investing in young new, and up and coming drivers. Your Gordon's & Earnhardt's, and now Johnson etc... are being weeded out. to make room for the newer generations to identify with.
  11. Durant was out about, before the NBA playoffs started, So not knowing the extent of his injury, other than the team report given, "A calf strain", each time it was brought up in the media, one wonders if they knew it was much more serious than the team let on. Being down 3-1 and seeming in a disarray, they seemed desperate. But being the competitor Durant is maybe he thought he was ready. But for him after being out so long instead of easing back in it, he looked like he tried to do too much too fast. We all know what happened to Luck when he tried to rehab ahead of schedule.
  12. There is no justification, as a defense for him if the video and dialog is true, to disgrace the wife & Child as a reason holds no water.
  13. Go Pats, I've haven't had any beef with you on this forum, But honestly, If you think that Irsay is the classless man that you think he is, Why on God's green earth, do you post in here? If god forbid, I moved to Boston, I would still only post in here, Because "I am a Colts Fan" If you are not, I don't see the point.
  14. I would say they both need each other, like comparing which of your parents, are more valuable.
  15. This is nothing new in the NFL, it has been going on for decades and decades, only the money has grown more.
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